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Pouyan Rafieifard

AI & Data Science Consultant | Full-stack Developer

Profilbild von Pouyan Rafieifard AI & Data Science Consultant | Full-stack Developer aus FrankfurtamMain
  • 60322 Frankfurt am Main Freelancer in
  • Abschluss: PhD Computational Intelligence
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Profilbild von Pouyan Rafieifard AI & Data Science Consultant | Full-stack Developer aus FrankfurtamMain
  • Experienced business consultant with entrepreneurial mindset advising international clients ranging from idea-stage startups to global companies on data science, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence.
  • Highly detail-oriented data scientist leveraging domain knowledge, data analytics, effective communication, and data story-telling skills to generate actionable business insights across sales and marketing, aviation, life sciences, and human resources industries.
  • Innovative creator with 7+ years of industrial and academic background, managing data science and artificial intelligence projects resulting in over 5 million dollars in company revenues, 10 publications and 7 software frameworks.
05/2018- 04/2019  Accenture GmbH, Kronberg, Germany
 Consultant – Applied Intelligence (AI & Analytics)
  • Merchandising intelligence for international airline company: driving customer analytics (pricing analytics) for the aviation client using big data, visual analytics and machine learning technologies: Python, R, Tableau, Machine Learning, SQL, Hive.
  • Human resources analytics for global information technology services company: developing a framework for tracking user behavior and digital analytics for a HR talent search engine using technologies: Azure, Kubernetes, Python, ETL, SQL, Restful API, Flask, Machine Learning
  • Financial analytics for European financial institution: developing a finance dashboard for the visualization of historical trends along with forecasted trends of economic KPIs: R Shiny, Machine Learning.
  • RfP response preparation for European railway company: business develop activity leading to the winning bid involving: use case definition, algorithm design using machine learning and advanced analytics, research, project planning.
  • Big data architecture planning for global life sciences company: strategic planning, big data architecture, project management.
  • Business analysis for global aviation company: use case identification, research, business requirements analysis, aviation industry analysis.
  • Industry analysis for the assessment of the digital transformation maturity of Swiss companies using technologies machine learning and visual analytics technologies like: Python, R, Tableau.
02/2015 – 04/2018   Technische Universität Dresden, Dresden, Germany
 Machine Learning Scientist (Ph.D.) and Associate Lecturer
  • Predictive modeling of consumer behavior: conducting two large-scale research studies concerned with predictive modeling of human decision making (consumer behavior) based on tracking the visual input. Activities involve: machine learning algorithm development, exploratory data analysis, statistical modeling, data visualization, big data acquisition and data preparation. Technologies used: Python, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, seaborn, eye tracking, self-developed advanced machine learning algorithms, approximate inference, MATLAB.
  • Resulted in 3 academic publications in renowned academic journals and conferences.  
  • Managed a team of 5 scientific staff for acquisition of big data (~100,000 entries) from more than 120 participants in consumer behavior study.
  • Strong presentation skills with expertise in training over 150 university students for programming, statistical thinking, data-driven approach.
04/2017- Present  Independent Consultancy
   Consultant – Data-driven Marketing and Digital Analytics (Part-time)
  • Offering consulting services for data-driven marketing strategy to startups and solo entrepreneurs.  Technologies used: Google analytics (GAIQ-certified), social media analytics, marketing automation.
11/2016 – 05/2017    Whyapply, Leipzig, Germany
 Data Scientist and Natural Language Processing Engineer (Part-time)
  • Advanced analytics for innovative recruitment platform: assisting the company to generate actionable insights for clients as well as developing an advanced analytics dashboard for extraction, integration, and visualization of data from internal and external sources. Used natural language processing and web analytics. Technologies used: Python, NLTK, pyQT, Google Analytics, Google Cloud Platform.
07/2016 – 09/2016    The SaaS Company, Berlin, Germany
 Data Engineer (Part-time)
  • Automated ETL pipelines for data-driven B2B sales and lead-generation: built an integrated data pipe-line for extracting, integrating, cleaning, and aggregating, and visualizing insights from a big data-set of 270 million entries. Technologies used: Python, PostgreSQL, NLTK, regex, matplotlib.
11/2012 – 11/2014   Universitätsklinikum Tübingen
  VR Technology Specialist & Data Analyst
  • Virtual reality software for movement rehabilitation: developed a virtual reality software providing real-time feedback to users for specific hand movement exercises using computer animation, machine learning, motion capture technologies like: C++, Ogre3D, Libsvm, MATLAB, data glove.
  • Data analysis and data acquisition for robotics and virtual reality projects: conducting data acquisition and data preparation for large scale EU projects concerning robotics using virtual reality and motion capture technologies like: Adobe Motion builder, Vicon Nexus, Ogre3D. 
  • Software framework for real-time analysis of human physiological data: developing a software framework for real-time tracking and visualization of human physiological data using ECG. Technologies used: C++, MATLAB, ECG, signal processing.
  • Automated data pipeline for tracking and visualization of hand movements: virtual reality framework applied in movement rehabilitation. Technologies used: C++, Ogre3d, TCP/IP.
03/2013  – 11/2013    Max Planck Institute Tübingen
   Machine Learning Researcher
  • Developing software frameworks in machine learning and human-computer interaction in 2 research projects. Technologies used: Python, Matlab, optimization algorithms, neural networks.
03/2012  – 12/2012   Sooren System Sharif Ltd.
    Business Development Consultant
  • Driving business development activities like preparing RfP responses, closing international partnerships, client and partner negotiation, and content marketing.
  • Closed 3 large-scale clients through RfP response process for developing enterprise portals.
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