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Peter Lauro

Software Engineer and Software Development Consultant

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Profilbild von Peter Lauro Software Engineer and Software Development Consultant aus Kirchseeon
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  • Abschluss: Dipl.-Ing.Univ Degree (Master) in Management Science and Informatics University of Zilina, Slovakia 09/1993 – 07/1998
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    remote work: 60 EUR per hour
  • Sprachkenntnisse: deutsch (Grundkenntnisse) | englisch (verhandlungssicher) | slovakisch (Muttersprache)
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Profilbild von Peter Lauro Software Engineer and Software Development Consultant aus Kirchseeon

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Embedded and Application Software Designing and Programming Skills:
o Multi-core programming based on coroutines (co-operative multitasking) and open Event Machine,
o Taking part in the design of LTE algorithms running on Multi-Core and Multi-Threaded systems,
o Focused on Cycle-based performance optimization and memory/cache optimization,
o Code Quality, Code Documentation, Unit testing,
o Good understanding of low-level software Drivers for Hardware platforms.
Strong in OOA, OOD (Design Patterns), TDD.
Strong in C++ (STL, Boost, Loki, ACE)
Experienced in C++ Meta Template Programming and C#.
Experienced in Designing Software for Telecommunication Systems LTE/UMTS using OOA/OOD Methodology.
Experienced in Agile Processes (SCRUM, TDD, Extreme Programming).
Experienced in Requirements capture and Interface specification Design.
Defining interfaces and hook points used in test environments to automate unit and module tests
Designing and Coding test cases environments/concepts for UMTS/LTE with multiple cores/CPUs
Designing and Coding test tools for the telecommunication systems LTE/UMTS.
Very good Documentation skills: Design and Test specifications.

Object Oriented Programming OOA, OOD, OOP (19 years), Agile Processes (Extreme Programming, SCRUM, TDD), Functional Programming

Visual Studio (5.0 – 2017), Eclipse, LabWindows, JBuilder, PC-Lint, ReSharper, Vera++, Purify, Coverity, Valgrind, DevPartner, Profilers, Enterprise Architect, Rational Rose, Real Time Design Studio, Bouml, SourceInsight, WireShark, DoxyGen, WireShark

Programming Languages:
C++ (21 years), ANSI C (23 years ), C#(6 years), Visual Basic (3 years), Perl (6 years), Java (4 year), Tcl (3 years), Pascal (5 years), Assembler x86 (4 years), Matlab (6 years), Lua

Boost, STL, ACE/TAO, Loki, WIN API, MFC, .NET, libdill, Open Event Machine, doctest


Configuration/Quality management:
ClearCase (18 years), ClearQuest, Bugzilla, RTC/Jazz, Perforce (1 year), git, Jira, gerrit

Operating Systems:
Windows (20 years), Linux (15 years), Solaris, MS-DOS

Real Time OS:
Windows Embedded (7 years), VxWorks (6 years), OSE (2 years), Linux

LTE/UMTS Test Equipment:
R&S CMW500 (7 years), spectrum analyzers and signal generators, HW debugger

x86 architecture, Power PC602, PowerQUICC II MPC8260, PPC405GPR, TI DSP TMS320C5x

CMW500, LTE, UMTS (NodeB, RNC), OOA, OOD, UML (by Rational Rose), UNIX - administration and maintenance, MFC/C++, MSX46020 (telecommunication network manager)
5G - SCT (System Component Test L2 – L1) Ulm, Germany 01/2017 – present
Position: Senior Software Development Consultant
• Analyse and solution proposal of full automatic BB2 installation and setup on Comp-nodes from the central control PC (netboot, PXELinux, bash scripts).
• Design, implementation and test of low-level framework (SCT FW/Tickler) for L2-L1 System Component Testing (5G – eNodeB side).
• Understanding of 5G Verizon specifications: V5G 201, 211, 212, 213, 300, 321, 331.
• Documenting features (wiki), providing a support to team members.
• Solving multi-core issues (co-operative multitasking, coroutines), code optimization.
• Agile Software Development.
• Design and Implementing (C++, Meta Template Programming, Lua) and testing of:
o Core functionality of SCT FW/ Tickler (coroutines, scheduler),
o Different SW/HW platforms and deployment,
o SW communication channels/queues (Syscom/ethernet/Sw/internal), messaging,
o Common concepts and examples of coroutines usage in SCT (System Component Test) TCs
• Eclipse, Linux, libdill, boost/context+coroutine2, doctest, Jira, git, gerrit, Jenkins, C++14/17, Lua, Open Event Machine, DPDK, Functional programming, gdb, gcc, cmake, clang

CMW500 – SW Signalling Adapter Munich, Germany 03/2010 – 03/2017
Position: Senior Software Development Consultant
- Using OOA and OOD to implement RF-LTE test cases (3GPP TS 36.521 and 36.508)
- Designing abstraction layers and commands classes in C#/C++ to control the test cases.
- Implementing the classes (C#) to transfer these commands through the SOAP channel.
- Implementing different handlers (Managed C++) on the SOAP side to process the commands.
- Mapping these commands to MLAPI LTE (Rohde & Schwarz wrapper around LTE stack) to generate the corresponding control messages on the LTE stack (RRC, PDCP, RLC, MAC and PHY).
- Understanding of 3GPP specifications: TS 36.101, 36.211, 36.212, 36.213, 36.306, 36.331.
- Documenting new features, providing a support to team members.
- Integration of SignallingAdapter with new versions of LTE MLAPI/Stack.
- Responsible for Code Quality (PC-Lint, ReSharper C++, Vera++) and overall SW Design of SignallingAdapter.
- Solving multithreading issues, Code optimization.
- Configuration Management (ClearCase).
- Agile Software Development.
- Design and Implementing (C++, Meta Template Programming, Perl, Tcl, Visual Basic script) and testing of:
o Core functionality of Signalling Adapter,
o Plugin Concept,
o support functional libraries for RF-Test Cases,
o UE Registration, Carrier Aggregation, eMBMS, IMS, LTE-U, RNTI search algorithm (UE and Common SearchSpace), UL and DL RBs allocation, UE Capability processing,
o Logging framework, UnitTest framework (Boost).

Car navigation (TomTom) Leipzig, Germany 02/2010 – 03/2010
Position: Senior Software Engineer
- Providing a functional analyse and SW-design architecture for new SW communication module between a car (truck) and Webfleet application.

Image Recognition Munich, Germany 05/2009-01/2010
Position: Private Project
- Transferring image-processing algorithms (C++ code) into NVIDIA (CUDA) parallel programming language.

RRH (Radio Remote Head) Munich, Germany 01/2008 – 04/2009
Position: Senior Software Development Consultant
- OOD, embedded development (ANSI C) and test of SW driver for RRH digital board (PPC405GPR; VxWorks and later OSE real time OS). SW driver provides the role of UMTS physical layer.
- Specifying, designing, implementing, and testing the following subsystems inside SW driver:
o VSWR Return Loss,
o Compensation of Rx and Tx delays caused by frequency and temperature,
o Measurement of Rx and Tx power,
o Power Efficiency of Tx power amplifier (temperature and frequency compensation of PSU PA Digital Voltage and DPD adaptation of PSU PA Digital Voltage).
- Application development: specifying, designing, implementing and testing the GOBSAI Tool – a SW to generate a flow of GSM and WCDMA user data over an OBSAI interface.
- Writing documentation: analyze, design and end-user documentation.
- Use of static source code analysis tools (Flexelint, Coverity and Purify) to remove defects from the code.
- Protocol analyzer (WireShark).

CHC96 (Channel Card) Ulm, Germany 11/2002 – 12/2007
Position: Senior Software Development Consultant
- Embedded/ application design and programming.
- Involved in OO Design (Rational Rose, Artisan RealTime Design Studio), development (ACE/TAO, C++, CORBA) and test of Channel Card’s O&M SW for NodeB (UMTS).
- Busses: CAN, ATM (Utopia).
- Walked through the whole software development lifecycle until the delivery of Channel Card to the market.
- Responsible for:
o the subsystem „BOM Control subsystem“ (O&M functionality),
o messages communication between DSPs (C64x) and controller CPU (MPC8260) via HPI Device Driver,
o messages and message queue (VxWorks) concept (BIF and BBS subsystems), its design and an automatic code generation (Perl scripts),
o Unit, module tests and system tests (HWTP – XML interface and remote control interface) of CHC96 on TADSIB board,
o Automation of module, system tests and regression tests (Perl application, based on HWTP remote control interface),
o Message Viewer (WBIT test application) - responsible for WBIT tools for a CHC96 testing – Evaluation of Power control and DSPs messages received via CMC. Gathering and evaluation of messages sent and received between controller CPU and DSPs plus DSPs' intercommunication. (C++, Windows, LabWindows, analyse, design, coding and testing).

UTRAN RNC O&M Munich, Germany 05/2001 – 07/2002
Position: Senior Software Development Consultant
- Radio Network Controller (RNC) – central network element of the Access Network the 3rd generation of mobile telecommunication networks (UMTS).
- Responsible for an implementation (C++, OS: SUN Solaris) of Transport Network Layer (TNL) functionality.
- Configuration of data transport between Network Elements on Physical and ATM Layer.
- Propagation of status and alarm information from RNC to Radio Commander.
- Conversion commands and notifications between CMISE Q3 and HMI.

XpressPass Manager (Siemens) Slovakia/Israel 11/2000 – 04/2001
Position: Group Leader/Senior Software Engineer
- Analyze, Design (Rational Rose), Implementation (Java), Testing and Configuration Management (Clear Case) for SW Download Manager for XP 3614x (ATM Network Element).
- The communication between Node Access Proxy (NAP) and network elements is via SNMP and TFTP.
- Group Leader of 10 team members.

Switch Commander (Siemens) Bratislava, Slovakia 09/2000 – 10/2000
Position: Senior Software Engineer
- Analyze, Design (Rational Rose), Implementation (Java), Testing and Configuration Management (Clear Case) for SW Download and Connection Manager for XP 3614x (ATM Network Element).
- Responsible for Connection Management over NAP.

OSS Mediator (Siemens) Vienna, Austria 05/2000 – 08/2000
Position: Senior Software Engineer
- Development of an additional SW package for the 45190 (Element Manager). The task of package was to mediate alarms and the communication traffic to/from 36190 (Network Element).
- Responsible for:
o A development infrastructure (Win NT, SUN Solaris, Clear Case, Samba),
o OSS Mediation daemon (OOD: Rational Rose, implementation C++).

Netgate SEM CDM (Siemens) Vienna, Austria 08/1999 – 04/2000
Position: Software Engineer
- Responsible for Design (Software Through Pictures - UML) and Implementation (C++, Visibrooker, Orbix) of the 46020’s equipment, partition and network on the SEM layer (Element Manager, Network Element, Node, Shelf, Card, Port, ATM TcAdaptor) Testing and Configuration Management (Clear Case) for SW Download Manager for XP 3614x (ATM Network Element).
- Windows NT, SUN Solaris, CORBA, ClearCase
München/Bayern oder remote
Dipl.-Ing.Univ Degree (Master) in Management Science and Informatics
University of Zilina
Zilina, Slovakia 09/1993 – 07/1998

Major: Information and Control Systems.
Annual Project: Image Recognition by using methods of Statistical Invariant Moments
Diploma Work: Experiments with Two-Dimensional Transformations in a Virtual Laboratory of Image Processing (DCT, Walsh, JPEG); Fachhochschule Dieburg, Deutsche Telekom (1998)

- Vice-Chancellor price, University of Zilina, 1998
- GrandPrix of Volksbank, 1998 (the price for the best students of Slovak Republic)

Professional Training: Fachhochschule Dieburg, Deutsche Telekom
Dieburg, Germany 03/1998-05/1998
- Development of SW Application VLIP (Virtual Laboratory of Image Processing).
- Responsible for analyze, design (UML), coding (Borland C++, WIN API) and testing of following functions and subsystems: Threshold, Quantization, Transformations (DCT, Walsh, FFT), Coding (Laplacian pyramid), Filtering, SNR, MSE, Deviations, Mean, Variance, Histogram, Entropy, Power, GUI, internal HTML viewer (light)