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Profilbild von Mauritius Seeger videoreactive aus Berlin


C, C++, C# .Net, ASP.NET, Java, Objective-C, Fortran, Matlab, Python, PHP, javascript
OpenCV, OpenFrameworks, Processing, WPF, XNA, SVN, Git, mySQL
Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Mobile Development, Windows Phone, iOS  
Languages: German and English (fluent)

Owner, videoreactive, London and Berlin (2007-Present)
Concept, Design and Development of Custom interactive media installations.
?• Building high quality, fast and responsive interactive installations, projections, information points, mobile apps, games and data visualisations for advertisement, trade shows, art projects, and festivals.??• Developing specialised computer vision software with a focus on building camera driven user interfaces including specialised cameras or optics such as infra-red or Kinect. ??• Building software prototypes, technology envisionments and tools for artists.??• Researching and developing bespoke solutions which require specialised mathematical algorithms, image processing, physics simulations, machine learning or pattern recognition.
Freelance Employment
Fintech start-up, Investment advice (March 2016 -  November 2016)
Designing and building new securities investment advice platform. Development of algorithms and web backend technologies using PHP, mySQL, ASP.NET Core 1.0 and C#.
MPEG-TS real-time video splicing, Artists & Engineers, London (April 2015 - March 2016)
Developed server component for real-time, lossless and seamless switching of mpeg transport streams (DVB video). Implemented from scratch in C++ on Linux (with python bindings). Analyses and decodes TS & ES packets, finds GOP boundaries, splices and re-computes PCR and PTS timing values. 
Computer Vision and Machine Learning expert, DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH, Hamburg (June 2013- July 2014)
Developing Software for analysing passport photo standard compliance. Designing and training custom computer vision and machine learning algorithms for detecting occlusions, background, head pose, gaze, age, gender, expressions and reflections.
Developed in C/C++, C#, OpenCV and using libSVM.
Support Lecturer at Ravensbourne College of Design and
Communications, London (April 2008 - June 2009)
Teaching the processing programming ( language as part of a course on interaction design.

Full-time Employment
Senior software engineer, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, London ( April 2005 to August 2006)
Developed powerful, robust real-time user interface controls for camera based computer games (EyeToy games for PlayStation 2 and 3). Research and development of computer vision algorithms using methods such as 3D pose estimation, optical flow, tracking, machine learning, motion segmentation and face detection.  (C++,OpenCV)
Supervising intern student and set up a regular, site wide series of talks with external and internal speakers.

Image processing specialist, ImageSemantics, Cambridge (June 2002-October 2004)
Developed computer vision software for automatic face detection. Content creation tools and software for rendering, compositing and specialised typesetting. Designed software for customised image delivery to mobile phones.  (C#, C++)
Research Scientist, Xerox Research Centre Europe, Cambridge (March
1998- April 2002)
Inventing, developing and implementing new image processing and computer vision algorithms (C++, Matlab). Human computer interaction (HCI) research and user interface design for camera based document scanning. Developing a commercial software product (PageCam). Designing research prototypes and user probes. Directing and editing technology envisionment and scenario videos. Organising a formal series of scientific talks. Supervising university students.
Research Assistant, University of Kent at Canterbury (March 1997-April 1997)
Measuring and analysing 3D shape of small impact craters using Low-coherence interferometry. Image capture and analysis. Parameterisation of the data using Zernike polynomials.(C, Matlab)

PhD, Applied Optics Group, University of Kent at Canterbury : “3D Imaging using CCD based Low-Coherence Interferometry” (October 1993- February 97)
Developed and built a specialised 3D ‘microscope’ for imaging the structure of the human retina (in vivo) and the surface topology of inert objects.  Writing software for image processing, data capture, device control and data analysis. (C,Matlab)
B.Sc. (Hons) in Physics (Class two, division two) . University of Kent at Canterbury,  Faculty of Natural Sciences (1990-93)




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