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  • Abschluss: Engineer of Computer Science
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Profilbild von Robert Markovski Full Stack Engineer aus Cologne
I am a self-driven and passionate software engineer focused on client's happiness and success.

Hybrid (Cordova, Ionic, React) to Native (iOS, Android, Xamarin) LAMP and MEAN stack.

Whenever you have an idea for an app or an app I am sure I want to be the right choice for you.

 - NodeJS
 - AngularJS
 - Angular 6
 - Javascript
 - Typescript
 - PHP
 - HTML5
 - CSS3
 - Android
 - iOS
 - Xamarin
 - Cordova
 - Test Driven Development
 - Continuous Integration

To whom it may concern:

The following recommendation is for Robert Markovski who worked for Code Chemistry for 2 years and I recommend highly. He was working as a part of the development team on several projects early on, and later he took the challenge on being the Lead dev for a project. His responsibilities also included managing releases, architecture changes and team mentorship.

Since Robert started at the very start when the company was founded he needed to adapt to and learn a variety of technologies that were required and he was not familiar with at that moment. His ability to switch from technology to technology, quickly pick up the important parts and start producing a high quality code was of indispensable importance for us. Because he is working on a variety of platforms and technologies, because of his ability to quickly understand the business needs and map them to a software solution requirements he cannot be considered as a programmer/developer, but a Full Stack Engineer instead, a person who can grasp the business needs, choose the proper tooling and execute a solution.

Robert’s key responsibilities at Code Chemistry were:
? Design and develop components on various projects
? Story estimation
? Discovery, problem solving and proofs of concept
? Follow full SD life cycle
? Configuration and maintenance of the development, test and production environments

Robert provides a positive example for those who work with him and is a great team leader. He always goes the extra mile to give the best when required to meet deadlines and complete deliverables.

Feel free to contact me for further information in regards to Robert’s recommendation.

Costa Halicea
CEO at Code Chemistry Inc.
phone: +38971765848


To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to recommend Robert Markovski as a candidate for a position with your organization. In his position as Software Developer, Robert was employed in Sourcico DOO  from May 2015 to August 2015. He did an excellent job in this position and was an asset to our organization during his tenure with the company. He can work independently, and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done.

Robert was always willing to offer his assistance and had an excellent cooperation with the teammates and the colleagues from other teams.

Based on his performance at Sourcico DOO, I have no hesitations in recommending him for employment at your company. He would add value to any company and I recommend him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Ilija Stevkov
CEO, Sourcico DOO
I can always travel and meet the client or fix something on-site. However, I prefer working remotely from my office.
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