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Martin Rehder

Java Backend and Mobile Developer / Software Architect

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Profilbild von Martin Rehder Java Backend and Mobile Developer / Software Architect aus Flensburg
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Profilbild von Martin Rehder Java Backend and Mobile Developer / Software Architect aus Flensburg
I am used to work on large projects and in an agile development environment. My main experience is on Java backend and full stack iOS development. With twenty years experience in Java development and ten years in iOS development. I have a solid knowledge in Java EE and in the last two years I have primarily used Java micro services with Spring Boot.

My favourite project is a highly distributed backend system with messaging and RESTful interfaces. A bonus would be to be able to use my mobile development experience as well.

Since 2006 I have worked with agile methodologies, primarily with Scrum. I took a Scrum Master certification and have Scrum Master experience from various projects since 2008. I do prefer to be part of the development and as such I like the mixed developer / Scrum Master role.

Regarding technology and implementation, I was considered the “go-to-guy” from my team members in recent years. I am always open for questions and suggestions. I believe in team work and shared responsibility and if I spot communication or other issues within the team, then I will try to resolve those problems.

I work best in teams applying clean code principles with continuous integration and delivery. When a team is not experiences in this, then I will work on sharing my knowledge and lead by example.
Participated in the following projects during the last 5 years.

Integration of a cloud based planning system
The integration of a new cloud-based system with more than 20 existing systems from the University of Aarhus in Denmark was performed in the role of integrator and Java software developer with knowledge of RESTful Microservices and the OpenAPI standard.
Teach the other project participants by holding a course in RESTful technologies and principles.
Duration: Ongoing
Team: 20 developers
Role: Systems developer, System integrator
Main Technologies: Java Microservices Spring Boot, Subversion, Java, SOA, Oracle Service Bus, SCA, BPEL, REST, SOAP, Soap UI, OpenAPI 3.0

Microservices technology demonstration system
A system for uploading and processing images and data has been created for demonstration purposes at conferences, trainings and lectures. The front-end is a Java, iOS and macOS client.
The backend is a media server consisting of Java Micro Services and a MongoDB database.
The communication is encrypted and tokens are used for authentication.
Duration: 3 Month
Team: 1 developer
Role: Systems developer
Main Technologies: Java Microservices Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Zuul, Eureka, Gradle, Git, MongoDB, Java, Swift, REST, TLS 1.2, Docker, ELK, Filebeat, Zookeeper, Kafka

Gateway for data transfer between banking systems
The contract included system development and support for process management, release planning and overall QA improvement.
The project had to meet a fixed deadline. The task was solved within the time frame and with the highest quality.
During the course of the project, the candidate solved some other problems and challenges beyond the role of the system designer. Among other things, there were retrospectives and daily scrums, introduction and maintenance of release procedures as well as commit and review strategies.
An important part of the task for the candidate was code reviews of the entire code base and in particular code review of the security of the data transfer.
Duration: 5 Month
Team: 10 developers
Role: Systems developer, Scrum-Master-Stand-In
Main Technologies: Java Microservices, JBoss, Jira, Gradle, Git, SOAP, JSF, Confluence, DB2, WebSphere

Mobile communication platform and messaging server
The project included two products. An eGovernment system for secure communication and provision of the communication server to the customer. The second system is for the mass market (App Store, Google Play Store) with a self-hosted communication server.
Duration: 4 years
Team: 5-15 developers
Role: Lead developer, System architect, Scrum Master
Main Technologies: Glassfish, Java EE, REST services, iOS, Android, XMPP, Jira, TeamCity, Docker, eJabberd, ReactNative, Git, CocoaPods, TLS 1.2, RSA, AES, Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin

Big Data Projekt
Integration with different data sources and optimization of the data indexing for a fast free text search.
Duration: 3 years
Team: 4-7 developers
Role: Senior developer, Scrum Master (Part of projects)
Main Technologies: Glassfish, Java EE, Solr, ElasticSearch, TeamCity, Docker, Git, REST services, TLS 1.2