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Senior Unix / Linux - Architect / Systems Engineer

Profilbild von selwyn marock Senior Unix / Linux - Architect /  Systems Engineer aus Aachen
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Profilbild von selwyn marock Senior Unix / Linux - Architect /  Systems Engineer aus Aachen

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• Over 22 years experience within IT, of which last 10 years as Senior Unix / Linux Systems Engineer for some major Companies such as (IBM, Sun MicroSystems, CitiGroup, Statoil, GSK , HBOS)
• UNIX (AIX, Sun Solaris, HP –UX, and (Linux)/ Windows integration using CIFS, LDAP, Samba and NFS File Server for Sharing Files and Printers.
• Support for 2000 + UNIX Server (AIX, Solaris Infrastructure.
• Liaised with Samba Team and tested new Samba release on AIX (3.0.25b) and Red Hat Linux.
• Roll out of Open Source Solutions (Apache, Samba, Spamassassin, Mailscanner).
• Virtual Server – AIX LPAR, Vmware, Solaris Zones and Red Hat Virtualization
• EMEA 3rd Line Server Support (500 Unix Severs across Europe, Middle East & Africa).
• Experience in UNIX Shell (Bash, Korn) and Perl, Python Scripting.
• Unix / Linux Clusters - design, configuration, administration, repair
• High-End Servers (SunFire 6800 - 25k, HP Proliant Intel) - design, configuration
• Unix / Linux - design, configuration, tuning, hardening
• Experience in LAN / WAN ,DNS, TCP/IP, SSH, Telnet, FTP, SNMP, SMTP
• Databases – Mysql, Oracle 10g, 11g (RAC / Data Guard) – Admin, Install and configuration.
• File Systems – EXT2, EXT3 , GFS, JFS, JFS2, UFS, Veritas and ZFS
• Backup – Legato Networker, Netbackup, Tivoli
• Network Monitoring – BMC Patrol, Nagios, NetAct Global Reporter
• Implemented and supported various UNIX (AIX 5.3, Sun Solaris 8 / 9 / 10, Freebsd, Red Hat , Centos and Ubuntu Linux) solutions, DNS Bind8 – 9 , Sendmail, NIS, NIS+ and Apache Web Server, Websphere
• Hardware (raidctl on Sun Fire T2000) and Software Raid – (Solaris Volume Manager, Veritas Volume Manager) and Logical Volume Manager (Red Hat Linux 5 , AIX 5.2) – Administration and configuration.
• Automated Builds, Jumpstart, NIM and Kickstart (Cobbler and Puppet) experience.
• General aptitude and interest in I.T. Ability to organize own workloads, can work well under pressure and meet deadlines.

Sun Certified Systems Engineer (Solaris 10)
CCNA 2.0 (id CSCO10144747)
MCSE (ref: 1046962 )
Upon Request
From 15th Sept 2013 or 1 months notice
Currently working in Aachen , Germany , - Will finnish present Contract on 15th Sept 2013 or 1 months notice