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Key Skills
• Over 11 years’ experience with Real Time Embedded Software design (embedded C) for Automotive industry using MISRA standards.
• 11 years’ experience of working with multi-cultural, multi-lingual offshore teams.
• Over 7 years of experience dealing directly with on and offshore customers and suppliers.
• 8 years’ experience working with Freescale PowerPC processor and Lauterbach JTAG debuggers
• 10 years’ experience with ClearCase, ClearQuest, FTR code review tool
• 5 years’ experience with PC-LINT to develop MISRA compliant quality code.
• 4 years’ experience of continual investigation of system and software enhancements to BT connectivity.
• 8 years’ experience as part of the Change Control Board dealing with customer and internally found issues.
• 8 years’ experience as a Release Manager integrating and releasing complete software deliveries.
• Experienced in developing, managing and tracking system requirements.
• Experienced in developing complete system demos including initial concept, requirements capture, system and software design, implementation, testing, validation and maintenance.
• Experienced with MOST, IBUS, CAN and J1939 Automotive Protocols.
• Some experience of working with CDMA and GSM simulators.
• Completed Safe C-coding course, MSc Level Internal Combustion Engine course and Ford 8D training.
Management Skills
• I started my career by managing “Argus3” thermal camera project at Marconi Applied Tech. I have around 8 years’ experience of managing small on and offshore teams. I have worked as a Software Team Leader and a Release Manager being responsible for complete software deliveries directly to the customer while analysing and delegating the improvements required, to the team members. I have also been involved in the hiring and mentoring process for the new hires.
• Effective communications & customer relationship building skills. Excellent organisational skills with the ability to work to deadlines and use initiative. Ability to communicate effectively at all levels both verbally and in written form.
Software Skills
• Embedded C, CodeWarrior, Edge, IAR, Source Insight. Confluence. SharePoint. ClearCase. SVN, ClearQuest. JIRA. PC LINT. MISRA standards, Code reviews. MATLAB, VISU, Simulink, INKA, Lauterbach debugging tools, PROGPPC, System 9000, Visio, DOORS, FTR tool, Ediabas.
Work Experience
June 2011 to current Bang & Olufsen: Automotive Embedded software (6 months contract role)
Implemented the complete MOST application layer for the high end audio equipment options for Aston Martin, and Audi vehicles. Responsible for laying base framework for AMG and BMW MOST application layer. Complete software from concept, SW design, implementation and integration. Integration and tuning of SMSC Net Services and implementing complete function blocks. Participating in process and code reviews, and improvements in line with MISRA and SPICE guidelines.
Jan 2011 to June 2011 Mentor Graphics: Systems Demo Tech Lead (6 months contract role)
Role involved designing and implementing complete system demos to highlight the suitability of Nucleus operating system and various in-house drivers for consumer devices. Two complete products designed, A HMU (Home Management Unit) and a mote based medical device using Nucleus OS with Zigbee protocol.
26 Jan 07 to Dec 2010 Delphi Automotive Systems, Gillingham, UK (Job titles from current to past as below)
Senior Systems Engineer: Performing system level activities such as developing customer requirements, customer specific design, defining use and test cases, software-hardware integration testing using a suite of in-house tools, investigating faults, calibration and validation against the customer specifications at the system level in vehicles, hydraulic dynos, and lab cars.
• Actively involved in designing and enhancing Engine Management Control strategies for the future. Job included maintaining the immobilisers product on SsangYong and GMDAT projects while interacting with the Japanese suppliers, Korean customers and the Chinese applications engineers.
Software Team Leader: Working as a Release Manager while managing a team of 5 Software engineers.
• Responsible for Change Management and driving complete software releases for SsangYong ECU
software. Part of a large on and offshore team working on projects such as a Daimler Chrysler, VW, GM Daewoo, Honda, Ford and SsangYong for their light duty diesel vehicles.
Senior Software Engineer: Implementing application level software while working with various teams around the globe. Implemented the immobilisers for SsangYong and GMDAT vehicles. Performing full software development life cycle including design, design reviews, C coding, testing, debugging and taking part in code reviews.
• Responsibilities include dealing directly with the customers, estimation, developing requirements and specifications, implementing software from specifications using manual and auto-coding methods.
1st Oct 01 – 25th Jan 07 Motorola ACES – Automotive Telematics Product Dev, Basingstoke, U.K
Senior Software Engineer (Embedded C)
• Bluetooth application expert of a proprietary BMW automotive protocol for a Telematics Control Unit
(TCU). First point of contact for all Bluetooth related customer and internal validation issues.
• Took part in CCB’s which were attended by senior BMW members, Motorola validation and senior members of the Motorola team. This involved looking at defects found by BMW, deciding if these were really issues with our code and then to decide priority and severity of the issues.
• Responsibilities included organising, analysing, performing diagnosis, either delegating or fixing all in- car Bluetooth related issues and enhancements.
• Responsible for complete software design cycle (incl estimating, planning, implementing, testing and reporting) and maintenance of Bluetooth application software based on HFP, A2DP, AVRCP and DUN for automotive applications.
• Involved in assisting the Marketing, Systems and Requirements team for my area of expertise (MOST, IBUS and BT), in the customer’s requirements definition and description. Often invited to review requirement changes or new requirements by the BMW Systems Team Munich. It was also my responsibility to ensure that the final software solution meets and exceeds the customer’s expectations.
• Responsible for incorporating core Bluetooth stack releases. These releases were based on CSR stack, and were updated as I found the root cause of issues, and where the code change needed to be in the core software. It was my responsibility to make sure that the changes made in the core and CSR stack software would plug in and function correctly with the application layer.
• Part of the job was to review changes made in the BT CORE code, or other phone related code.. These changes were not only specifically checked for BMW project but for other teams such as Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo too.
• I was involved in Formal Technical Reviews for design documents and code changes made by other software engineers, in other code areas.
• Responsible for Interfacing with 3rd party BT stack Supplier CSR and helping to specify contractual requirements, ensuring effective integration.
• Main point of contact for the Bluetooth SW support for technical issues and the pre analysis of potential defects. Hence interacting continuously with the offshore teams; the testing department in the US, and validation teams in Russia and China.
• Good customer facing experience via conference calls and visits. Successfully demonstrating new products to representatives from BMW. I was responsible for defining and implementing the Bluetooth Application for the BMW 1,3,5,7, Mini-series and Rolls Royce vehicles while continuously working with BMW.
• Responsible for ensuring that the BT SW releases are completed on time with no outstanding high priority/severity issues which involved having to deal with tight deadlines. The releases were delayed if the software did not meet the expected quality level to ensure that the customer receives only high quality software.
• I was a backup release manager and have carried out a number of full software releases to BMW.
• Productivity rated “Outstanding” (top 10%) by manager for 2005 annual review.
• Completed two years of IEE Graduate Training in Motorola during the first two years of work.
Sep 00 – Sep 01 Marconi Applied Technologies, Chelmsford (now e2vTechnologies).
• Project Manager for “ARGUS 3”Thermal camera. Completed one year of IEE Structured Graduate Training.
References provided upon request
I speak, read, and write fluent English, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi. Good reading writing knowledge of Arabic and a basic knowledge of Greek. Currently learning German and Chinese. Confident at learning new languages due to a multi-cultural back ground.