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Business Intelligence Berater und Implementierer, DeltaMaster

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  • Abschluss: Wirtschaftsmathematik Uni Kaiserslautern
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More than 15 years experience with BI-Projects in several branches. More than 25 years praxis as consultant, as well as responsible manager in line, in the areas of MRP II, Supply Chain, Process Management.
Several years expatriate in Arabic Countries.
Several years customer projects in West African Countries.
German native, English fluent, Arabic Basic
BI-Areas covered by me:
-          ETL
-          Datawarehousing
-          OLAP-Modelling
-          Frontend-Adaption Project- and Customer individual.
ETL – efficient Data-Workflow, set into action with scalable BI-Standard-tools from Microsoft
-   I offer support for design, realization, training and support of the entire process, starting from data extraction, via transformation till loading of data (ETL). Used technology are integrated tools from Microsoft out oft ha BI-area: MS-SQL-Server, SSIS, MSAS.
-  For central staging-areas I use MS-SQL-Servers to design Datawarehouses. Coding inSQL-Server for efficient OALP-modelling are done here, together with partitioning, Database management, scheduled Agent Jobs, etc. Basics for OLAP-Modelling are administered here also.
-  Base for accurate definition of OLAP-models, is i.e. Dimension-Measure Matrices (DMM). This is developed and managed with the high-efficient Bissantz-Modeller. Further OLAP-Scripting in MDX is done inside cube itself via Analysis Services.
DeltaMaster from Bissantz– KnowHow-Transfer
-  As frontend for all applications for reporting, planning and analytics, as a long-term partner from Bissantz I use DeltaMaster. For DeltMaster users, I offer consulting services for design, planning, application in management and support for all areas: Reporting, Forecasting, Planning and Analytics.