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Portfolio-, Programm-, Projekt-, Krisen-, Turnaround-Management Governance (FixPreis,T+M; in Budget)

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Profilbild von Heinz Wehrli Portfolio-, Programm-, Projekt-, Krisen-, Turnaround-Management Governance (FixPreis, T+M; in Budget) aus Kuettigen
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Profilbild von Heinz Wehrli Portfolio-, Programm-, Projekt-, Krisen-, Turnaround-Management Governance (FixPreis, T+M; in Budget) aus Kuettigen
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Professional Experience:
25+ Years ICT + Industrial Automation: Program/Projects and all levels in Line- and Matrix Management, originally starting with Engineering and µP OS and Application Programming, Business Process Engineering

>20 Years Portfolio, Program + Project Management: ERP, HCM, Payroll, SCM/MRP, CRM, Oracle eBusinessSuite 10/ 11i / R12, SAP 4.x, PeopleSoft 7/ 8 / 9, Adcubum Syrius, Web, JAVA / J2EE Dev, DWH, Data Marts, Integrations, Upgrades, Migrations, IT-Architecture, IT-Center, SOA, Process Re-engineering, ISO9001 / TickIT certifications, Feasibility Studies, Upgrades, int’l Rollouts

Management Competencies:
10 years Line/Matrix Management, >20 years Project Management, both x-Location, x-Languages, Boards, such as Exec Steering Committees, Coaching, n-times multimillion EUR Budget and P+L responsibility (all successful), Bid, Risk and Proposal Management, Contract and Negotiations, Testing, Training distribution

Governance/Project/Implementation Methods:
PRINCE, HERMES, COMPASS, AIM, CDM, PJM, PMBOK; Quality/Compliance ISO 9001 / TickIT Certifications, TQM / EFQM, two times EQA-Finalist (Oracle Support), SOX, ICS..., COBIT / ITIL BS15000 / ISO 20000, Health Checks, Risk Management in Organizations and Projects BS 7799 / ISO 31000:2009
Other Fire-fighting, Crisis + Turn Around situations, unorthodox ideas/methods to achieve goals, Cross cultural affinity, with highly satisfied, convinced Customers.

Industries: Automotive, IT-Services, Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Manufacturing + Distribution, Media and Printing, Retail, Telecom

Trainer Programm, Project Management & Project Implementation Methods, Risk Management
Trainer Software Development & Application Implementation Methods
Trainer Governance/Quality Management, TQM
Management Coach of Excellence
Business Process Re-Engineering, Organizational Change Management

Chairman Club ex-Oracle: http://www.ex-Oracle.org/ (16500+ LinkedIn user)
Geneva Lake Executives, Fortune100 Coaches, Burgenland Association
XING: PMI, SAQ Software Dev Group, LinkedIn: ProjectManagers.net

Satisfied Customers and Successful Projects -> several Reference Letters and reference contacts are available – your request is always welcome!
Development and optimization of new process controlled multilevel go to market concepts in order to improve this whole Chinese based organization towards business excellence and to become a first class process and digital driven company.

Implementation, integration and transition to go live of a fully encrypted hybrid HCM Cloud solution, containing of staff recruiting, scheduling and rostering. Indian offshore process solution PaaS development with cloud integration. This is a worldwide, multiple sites and region oriented implementation for one of the major UN organizations with the main site in Geneva.

Coaching and supporting a transition program to improve the organization towards business excellence and to become a first class process and digital driven company in the Media, Commodities business - Multiple sites, PR China

For the other major Swiss Pharmaceutical Company planning and implementation for the Transformation of the global and decentral demand and portfolio management processes to a centralized solution, containing of centralized Governance and responsibilities.
Development of the initial global Program Management Method Manual for the Diagnostics Division of a major Swiss Pharmaceutical with orientation to the company’s existing processes and to the PMBOK 4th and 5th edition and PMI Program Management 2nd and 3rd edition. Additional supporting Lessons Learned CIP Process implementation. For the other major Swiss Pharmaceutical Transformation of the globale decentral demand and portfolio management processes to a centralized solution, containing of centralized Governance and responsibilities.
Situation analysis for a Medical Laboratories company of a Fix Price project in the Arab Region with its own specil culture. Coaching project team in terms of the project method and sustainable financing in a crisis situation. Multi-stage action recommendation for the project and the financing.
Turnaround Management with an ad hoc takeover of a new task force to ensure a fast initialisation by full operability for the daily business. Main focus: reducing the amount of tickets, improving the process of performance accounts for the active customer portfolio. Planning with milestones by taking into account the daily business plus the several running competing projects. Environment Linux, IBM Host, Core Processes EDI, SUMEX I+II, DWH, SYRIUS, eClaim, IRIS, Swiss DRG, Workflow/Office Integration CASD

Business Program Management for this Swiss health care insurance, with full business implementation responsibility by a high end-to-end process automation level. Going Live exactly in time after a successful re-launch. Program Size >100 People with Data Centre In-sourcing(!) and operation implementation. Planning the Project Portfolio for the next steps, containing e.g. Damage and Accident insurance part together with a DWH/BI. Linux Red Hat 6.x Enterprise, Intel x64 Blades, Citrix Clients, Oracle DB, AdCubum Syrius ERP Rel. 3, Abacus Finance and Payroll, Credit Collection, Mass Printing

Media, ICT-Services, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen. Business and Accounting processes re-engineering and consolidation, Coaching and Health Check and Security Review support for the group IT-environment. The project forms the major part of the customer’s ERP process optimization in the field of the Media Business containing bespoke Purchasing, Order Management, Inventory, Financials, Assets, HR and Payroll solution for the HQ and all branches in the country
Intel x86 + x64 systems, Linux, Windows, XML, HTML, PHP, JAVA/J2EE, Open Source CMS
Project Coaching and Support

IT Consulting Services, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Warsaw
Program Mgmt for and on behalf of this int’l IT Consulting Group. Complementary to the already certified branches have the subsidiaries in Poland, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia been added to the scope of the group’s international ISO 9001:2008 certificate. In time and in budget
LINUX, Windows Server 2008
Program Manager + ISO 9001:2008 Certification Asia

Automotive Industry, Stuttgart Region, Berlin, Sindelfingen, Rastatt, Bremen, Hamburg,
Program/Project Management with 3 Projects for an upgrade ( PeopleSoft 8/Tools 8.21 to PS 9 / Tools 8.49.x ) of a highly customized HCM/Payroll/Pension Capital Solution for ~250K employees, incl. development of new recruitment. Upgrade preference was where ever possible back to standard functionality, incl. migration, interfacing to ~40 other systems, rollout to the different sites. Fix Price~6 Mio. EUR in time and in budget
IBM 595 P6, AIX 5.3 ML4, IPW Payroll, DB Oracle 11g, PeopleSoft 9 HCM, People Tools 8.49
Program / Project Manager Upgrade

Automotive Industry
Moehringen/Stuttgart, Germany
Project Management Fit Gap Analysis (in total 10 work packages) for the upgrade of the highly customized current HCM/Payroll/Pension Capital Solution PeopleSoft 8.0 to 9.0 and PeopleTools 8.21 to 8.49.x by using as much as possible standard functionality. Fix Price ~2 Mio. EUR in time and in budget
IBM 590/P5, AIX 5.3, DB Oracle 9i, PeopleSoft 8 HCM + IPW Payroll, Tools 8.21
Program / Project Manager Upgrade

IT Consulting Services, Zurich, Amsterdam, Cologne, Las Vegas, Sidney, London
Program Management for and on behalf of the int’l IT Consulting Services Group. BPR of the country and the group processes towards ISO 9001:2008 for the Group, with special focus to Consulting Services, main scope to the different Assignment and Project types. Certification for the Branches in Zurich, Amsterdam, Cologne, Las Vegas, Sidney, London. In time, in budget.
LINUX, Windows Server 2008, MS Sharepoint Server
Program Manager BPR + ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Process Manufacturing Food Industry, Heidelberg, Berlin
Program/Project Health Check for this SOA oriented multi-site, multi-org/entity, multi-language Oracle eBusinessSuite 12 Implementation. Original initialized 12/2006 by Indian eBS Solution Partner, unfortunately with no progress. Recommendation with solution objective/approach towards a more advanced structure. Implementation is now part of Oracle’s early adopter program. In time, in budget.
LINUX, Dell Xeon, Oracle EBS R12: Process + Project Manufacturing, Supply Chain, iProc, Order Mgmt, Financials, CRM, Oracle 10g
Program Health Check Review

Financial Services Industry, Munich
Audit/Health/Compliance Check on behalf of a legal firm for a not successful implemented financials solution, not fully in line with the compliance expected by the authorities. The supplied solution was incomplete and partly not working as defined. Additional to this have critical performance issues been identified. The full solution environment, as it was, became a classification “business critical”.
Red Hat Linux, Intel Xeon Servers, eBusinessSuite 11i Financials with GL, AP, AR, FA and CM, Oracle DB10.2.x
Project Audit, Review and Health Check Expertise

IT Services, Financial Services Industry, Oberhaching
Analyze the faults of a by an Oracle Partner supplied incomplete, not fully working, SOA based, for few financial services companies hosted, Oracle eBusiness Suite 11i financials solution. Specially considered became the fixed assets depreciations (20 different types) and the balance sheet (US-GAAP, HGB and IFRS).
LINUX, HP Intel Xeon, SAN, Oracle eBusinessSuite 11i Financials, Oracle 9i
Compliance Audit and Expertise

Financial Services Industry, Object Leasing, Gruenwald, Pullach, Perlach, Duesseldorf, Berlin
Program and Project Management (7 Projects, up to 100 consultants from different suppliers) on behalf of the Customer (No.1 in EU for structured asset finances and investment participations ~36 billions EUR). Full SOA based replacement of existing financials and front end systems for up to 2000 companies (leasing objects/set of books) with automated generation of the balance sheets, Bank transfers, VAT, etc. Feasibility study for current + future IT-Environment within the group of companies, ICS, KPMG CISA and Audit financial services compliance attestations for overall solution. Fix Price ~23 Mio. EUR in time and below budget.
Intel Red Hat LINUX/XEON System, SAN, Oracle 9i, 10g, OAI, OID, eBusiness Suite11i GL, AP, AR, FA, CE, HR, OSO, Contracts, bespoke dev. in JAVA, XML, DHTML, Forms, AMI. DreCash, Orgaratio
Turnaround Program / Project Management

IT-Services, Hospitality, Bolton, Hamburg, Hannover, Warsaw
Project responsibility for a new Hospitality Solution, transition to the solution „Oscar light“, especially for the European market. Included marketing mix and sales channels development. Additional was the support organization build from the scratch together with definition of the related processes.
Project Management

IT-Services, Media and ICT, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing
Analysis, definition and implementation work for a bi-language (English and Chinese) business and shopping web portal for one of the main players in the Chinese media market. Complementary to this also feasibility studies/business projects for different new media “on demand” solution projects. To late, but in budget.
Intel x86 systems with W2K, Linux, XML, HTML, PHP, JAVA/J2EE
Project Management

IT-Services, ICT-Service Provider, Duebendorf
Conception Support for the implementation of the IT-Services SOA oriented new architecture around the Oracle Services solution
Windows Server 2003, SAP, Oracle eBS: CRM, Financials, INV
Coaching, Project Steering Committee

IT-Services, Financial Services, Zurich
Pilot implementation Project Collaboration suite, together with a Feasibility and TCO Study for a Global Banking solution.
Windows Server 2K, Oracle 9i, Collaboration Suite, Discoverer
Project Coaching, Executive Support

Manufacturing, Locking/Security, Zurich, Ruemlang, Herzogenburg
Project Responsibility, Solution and Conceptual Support, integration of SAP Configurator as a front end in a SAP based and SOA oriented environment. Feasibility study for additional countries: Sweden, Belgium, etc has been provided. . In time, in budget.
Server W2K, Oracle 9i, eBS CRM, Configurator, OM, Contracts, Financials, SAP, Discoverer, SOA oriented…
Project Steering Board

Transportation, International Airport, Geneva
Project Turnaround Management, Migration Oracle eBusiness Suite Financials and HRMS/Payroll from version 10.7 to 11i, additional implementation of Oracle iProcurement and several reports. Multi currencies CHF, EUR
W2K, Oracle 9i, EBS 11i, GL, AP, AR, FA, HR, iProc, Discoverer, Reports,
Project Turnaround Management

Pharma, Intermediate Goods, Barbengo/Lugano
Project Coaching to an Italian Oracle Business Alliances Partner, Implementation full Oracle eBusinessSuite ERP system with Process Manufacturing, Financials, HR/Payroll, FDA- Reporting, Full implementation responsibility for the Swiss HR/Payroll part. Member of Steering Committee
SUN 8xxx/Solaris, Oracle 9i, EBS GL, AP, AR, FA, CE, INV, PO, OM, OPM, BI, HR, Payroll, Reports, Discoverer
Project Coaching, Steering Committee

IT-Services, Financial Services Industry, Zurich, Basle
Global Accounting, Feasibility Study, prototype and implementation, for the Implementation of the Global Enterprise Accounting Reporting (GEAR) Datawarehouse/Datamart with the most advanced GL in the world. >10 mio postings/h, 30 accounting segments, up to 2**32-1 Code-Combinations / Accounts, reporting data export to the DWG/Data Mart in 35Mio. CHF in time, in budget.
Sun Solaris 8 and Windows NT, Oracle 8i, Oracle Applications 11.03 HRMS, Payroll, Projects, Financials, Oracle Discoverer, Reports
Program Management, int’l Rollout

Telecom, Mobile Solutions, Bern
Quality Coaching and Steering Committee support for this customer Data Warehouse and Data Mart Project. The major project consolidated the customer data from several systems and allowed Client Relationship Management and Customer support having all customer related data ie by a phone call online – this for approx. 3.5 million customer. . Fix Price parts >10Mio. CHF in time, in budget.
Oracle 8i, Discoverer, Oracle DWHB, different systems: IBM/AIX, SUN/Solaris, HP/Unix
Project Coaching, Quality Support Steering Committee

IT-Services, Pharma/ Microbiology, Geneva, Switzerland and in 30 more countries
Program/Project Recovery and Program/Project Turnaround Management for a recently sold Geneva Microbiology Company, international Manufacturing, Process manufacturing and Financials Implementation, using a new build template, approach for approx. 45 subsidiaries, e.g. Switzerland, Argentina, Spain, Israel, Japan, USA, etc. . Time + Material several Mio. USD in time, in budget.
IBM RS6000, AIX, Oracle 8i, Oracle Applications 10.7SC, GL, AP, AR, FA, PO, INV, Manufacturing, OPM, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Reports
Program Turnaround Management, int’l Rollout

BPR/IT-Services, Merchandiser, Zug, Dusseldorf, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Milano, and few more
Program/Project Turnaround Mgmt. with up to 70 consultants for an international Merchandising/Order Management (Y2K issue) Program with 6 Projects, containing of BPR, development/ implementation in Switzerland + UK. Rollout in countries like China, Hong Kong, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, India, Switzerland, UK, Germany. Online web training and production support 2st year. Fix Price >10Mio CHF, in time, in budget.
IBM SP2, AIX, data mirroring between Switzerland and Hong Kong, Oracle 8i, BPR, Forms, Reports, Discoverer, SAP+EDI integration, QC
Program Turnaround Management, int’l Rollout

IT-Services, Software Industry
Implementation of different EMEA Quality Management Systems ISO9001 and TickIT for the Business Lines Customer Support, Consulting + Education. ISO 9001, TickIT, Certification. 2x finalist EQA Award Business Excellence
Unix, Windows, Different Systems, Oracle DB, Oracle CRM, Remedy
Program Management

HRMS/Payroll, Retail/Store Chain, Geneva/Basle
Feasibility Study, Project Mgmt. HRMS implementation, incl. integration of the operating data, payroll, finance. Front end development personal budgeting for all employees of 80 stores and distribution centers in an advanced multi lingual environment. Time + Material > 1.5Mio. CHF most parts in time and in budget.
DEC Cluster/OpenVMS, Oracle DB 7/8, Apps 10.5-10.7HR, Discoverer, Reports
Project Management

BPR+ISO 9001, Manufacturing Kitchen Sink, Aarburg
Project Lead on behalf of the customer, Business Process Re-engineering and Implementation of a Quality Management System ISO 9001, certification (with SQS), for the two business units industrial parts and Kegs.
Intel/Windows, IBM AS400/MAS90
Project Management

Process Manufacturing, Molding, Reinach/Aesch and Philadelphia
Program Mgmt. with full budget responsibility on behalf of customer, with at least one dozen projects from IT, High Bay Warehouse, new plant building. BPR for plastic cap (e.g. mineral water) Production (5’000’000’000/Y). New cap printing facility, new high bay storage. Introduction of automated QC system for a with 60 machines equipped molding plant and for cap printing facilities in accordance with FDA, ISO 9001. ~25 Mio. CHF in time, in budget.
Intel/Windows, Micro Process Controller, C, Pascal, Clipper, DBase
Program Management Head of the overall Steering Committee

Process Manufacturing, Luxury Watches, Biel, Geneva
Project Lead, re-organization, engineering and implementation of an automated vehicle based transportation system (AGV) in the new Plant 4 in Biel for clockwork and watch bodies.
DEC MicroVax/VMS, Intel/OS-2, Modula, C+, SmallTalk
Project Lead

Printing, News Paper Center, Zurich
Overall Project Mgmt. for logistics and EDP: planning, engineering, RFP’s for logistics and controlling part for the in house AGV transportation, High Bay Storage, Conveyors, print role Storage, cylinder Storage and half and finished Goods Storage. Value ~60 Mio. CHF.
DEC VAX/VMS, diverse Micro Controller, Pascal, C+
Project Management
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