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Principal Agile Coach | Executive Transformation Coaching

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Profilbild von Anonymes Profil, Principal Agile Coach | Executive Transformation Coaching
CV - Christian Naundorf

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Self presentation executive coach

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To inspire those who strive for bringing out the best in themselfes and others.

My calling is to inspire leaders on any level to create safe and high performance environments where people are highly committed and empowered to master the impossible in a VUCA world. It is my absolute passion to inspire senior executives and any other leadership roles to be obsessed with unlocking human potential and creating outperforming teams endorsed with a strong sence of purpose, saftey & belonging.
  • 09/2019 - bis jetzt

    • Adidas
    • >10.000 Mitarbeiter
    • Konsumgüter und Handel
  • Agile Transformation Coach, Mentor & Executive Leadership Coach
  • Drive and challenge transformation approach to a product-led organization for tech-enabled products with a scope of ~4500 people involved in several iterations (waves) on a global scale. Focus on Executive Leadership Coaching & Mentoring up to SVP level including product hierarchy roles and Product Owner mentoring.


    Project facts & achievements:

    • Prevailed in a selection process against 50 agile coaches
    • Created awareness for senior & executive management as the critical success drivers for the transformation
    • Creation & implementation of a concept based on successful “valley methods” to make OKR a performance driver
    • Conducted OKR big room formats for product domains
    • Challenged and formed the existing success framework towards KPIs critical to build up high performing teams
    • Created and conducted highly engaging and interactive workshop and training formats from team size to big room session with 50 pax+

  • 01/2018 - 06/2018

    • MediaMarktSaturn Retail Concepts GmbH
  • Lead Agile Coach
  • Responsibility:
    * Lead Agile Coach
    * Trainer

    Project Scope:
    SetUp of a product organization for MediaMarktSaturn group
    wide order management based on the McKinsey & Company
    lean agile approach. Target is to make sure that the paradigm
    shift not only takes place in structure and processes but also
    the more important cultural changes like e.g. the way of
    thinking, digital product approach and proactive collaboration.

    Project facts & achievements:
    * Personal capacity for project only two days a week
    * Successful Initiation and implementation of a best

    practice scalable collaboration workflow for six
    product teams and 80 FTE in total
    * Personal coaching of Lead Product Owner and
    leadership team
    * Definition and successful implementation of accepted
    lean agile product collaboration standards (e.g.
    o semantical product reference
    o product documentation standards (capabilities,
    features, business functions & e2e business
    o WSJF prioritization

  • 01/2015 - 06/2018

    • redblue Marketing GmbH
  • Chief Product Owner & Agile Coach
  • Responsibility:
    * Chief Product Owner
    * Digital Transformation Advisory

    Project Scope:
    Design, development and roll-out of dedicated customer loyalty
    programs based on a generic product platform for 14 countries
    and two brands. In addition to that restructuring of business
    and IT development units as a new product-led organization
    based on the agile / lean start-up approach.

    Project facts & achievements:
    * C-level management advisory
    * Supervision of specification and requirements
    management for all loyalty program mechanics /
    features of Media Markt Club and Saturn Card
    * Establishment of best practice specification standards
    and product catalog structure for documentation in
    Atlassian Confluence catering all relevant stakeholder
    * Implentation of Atlassian Jira as collaboration platform
    for both business and IT development
    * Creation and implementation of product-led
    organization for CRM division
    * Specification of value driven agile collaboration
    processes for overall life cycle / cross company

  • 09/2012 - 09/2014

    • Deutsche Bahn AG, Loyalty Partner Solutions GmbH
  • Principal Business Architect
  • Responsibility:
    * Principal Business Architect
    * Trainer

    Project Scope:
    Paradigm shift and performance tuning of existing Siebel CRM
    Marketing application for Deutsche Bahn AG with focus on
    realization of lean and state of the art push & pull multichannel

    marketing processes and high performance for high volume
    marketing campaigns.

    Project facts & achievements:
    * Business Lead for the whole load & performance
    testing and optimization
    * Detail specification for reconstruction of marketing push
    * Conceptual Design Lead for end to end pull campaign
    * Interface to customer, development and QA

  • 01/2012 - 06/2012

    • PAYBACK GmbH
  • Programm Manager Central Europe
  • Responsibility:
    * Programm Manager Central Europe

    Project scope PAYBACK Central Europe (CE):
    Programm Manager including business specification and roll
    out for Central Europe issues and critical data protection
    project. Due to strict data protection laws the deletion and
    archiving of personal related data of PAYBACK customers had
    to be implemented considering the whole loyalty application
    and peripheral systems.

    Achievements in project:
    * Reorganization and turnaround of CE program in critical
    * CE data protection law project - budget Responsibility
    of 1.4 Mio EUR and 15 people head count
    * Specification and implementation of application and
    process changes in extraordinarily short period of time
    regarding the whole loyalty system.
    * Avoiding loss of data protection seal of TÜV Saarland

  • 08/2011 - 12/2011

    • PAYBACK GmbH
  • Strategic Management Consultant
  • Responsibility:
    * Strategic Management Consultant for international
    Loyalty CRM Application design

    Project scope PAYBACK GLOBAL:
    The project originally started 01/2011 as key project for the
    PAYBACK international roll out. I got involved as Chief Product
    Owner and Project Manager. Project with 9,500 MDs and
    budget of 8.5 Mio EUR in total with six off-shore teams in India,
    two near-shore teams in Minsk and four on-shore teams in
    Munich. Specification was focused on lean processes and
    efficiency for a generic loyalty product as blue print for all other
    international business model roll outs. I was responsible for
    approval of development results and transition to dedicated
    country roll outs. Realized turnaround in critical project phase
    by setting up and enabling Business Analyst Team for the
    global roll out approach of the loyalty management system of


    Achievements in project:
    * Set up and enabling of Business Analysis Team (12
    Analysts / Product Owner) for global business model
    roll out
    * Realized turnaround in critical project phase
    * Standardization of specification and quality processes

  • 03/2009 - 07/2011

    • Deutsche Bahn AG, Loyalty Partner Solutions GmbH; Riverland Reply GmbH
  • Senior CRM Consultant
  • Responsibility:
    * Senior CRM Consultant

    Project Scope:
    Development and improvement of existing Siebel CRM
    application of Deutsche Bahn AG considering the customer
    card management of the BahnCard program over various
    releases and themes with focus on implementing lean and cost
    effective CRM / Loyalty processes to enhance customer

    Project facts & achievements:
    * Team size: Responsible for up to 12 Business Analysts
    * Won customer assignment about 7.5 Mio EUR (7,000
    man days in 1,5 years) in total for Loyalty Partner
    Solutions and Riverland