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Senior Manager / Architect / DevOps / Developer

Profilbild von Ulf Schiebener Senior Manager / Architect / DevOps / Developer aus BadHomburg
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Profilbild von Ulf Schiebener Senior Manager / Architect / DevOps / Developer aus BadHomburg
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multicore, Autosar, Linux, Yocto, Scrum, Agile Safe, Git, JIRA, Toolchain, Scrum based environment, API, V-model, NET, SPI, UART, application planning, Reverse Engineering, sensor, Firmware, Code Composer, MIB, Lauterbach, Visual Studio 2010, Rhapsody, Telelogic Synergie, VS2010, Cygwin, Canoe, GUI, developer tools, Excel, VBA script, C++, VBA, DOORS, Perforce, Mocca, Araxis, MS-Project, ARM9, embedded Linux, Linux Kernel, MP3, Codec, Windows based development tools, Borland C++ Builder, Bluetooth, Lauterbach Emulator, CM/CS Synergie, Diab Datacompiler, Tasking Compiler, Source, CMMI, Misra, Microcontroller, GPRS, Win32, Programming, MySQL, UMTS, RFID, access point, CAN-bus, TCP/IP, Atmel, PCB, OOP auf, VB class-development, database connection, SQL, ADO APIs, OCX, OOP, IFix C, VB Script, Profibus, Modbus, visualization, Texas Instruments, C/C++, MS-DOS, RS485
  • 03/2020 - 03/2020

  • Planning Engineer
  • Project as employer

  • 01/2019 - 03/2020

    • Continental Corporation
  • Senior Managment
  • Managment

    Since 01 / 2019 Initial start of a completely new concept by BMW
    Automotiv between the Cluster Instrument and Infotainment
    unit as one part. The challenge about the project
    Continental Corporation MGU21/IDC22 is, to combine Infotainment features
    with safety relavant funktions in one unit together.
    Senior Managment The task here is to coordinate the Continental
    relevant SW parts in a multicore Autosar and Linux
    environment, with different Tier 1 supplier.

    Find SW agreement between all Tier ones
    Ensure all legal aspects
    Determine milestones and identify with
    architects all SW relevant modules partsProfile Profile
    Built a resource plan, rampup international
    teams, Kick off
    Lead the AC Elektrobit Autosar part in a
    safety ASIL B environment
    Find for all GC SW relevant modules parts a
    meeting structur, based of a Yocto Linux file
    Built Scrum teams based on Agile Safe
    Manage structure of Git-HUB (Codecraft /
    Define JIRA tracking system with customer
    Handle different HW variants in one project,
    setup of a flexible built Toolchain
    Ensure all HLF and Requirments, assign User
    Examine all security aspects
    Define SW delievery packets in PDX format

  • 01/2019 - 03/2020

    • Continental Corporation
  • Senior Managment Solution Manager
  • Rampup Teams, Resource planing,
    Share with Audi and VW new concepts,
    define new innovationsProfile Profile
    Coordinate third party supplier
    Project budget estimations
    Determind about milestones and planning
    Define the workflow for a delivery process
    together with VW, Datamanager (API), VW
    HMI Toolchain and AU - HMI eSolution
    Responsible to ensure the ASpice / safety
    Find solutions in complexed technical
    Plan with the customer new HMI ADAS
    Requirmentsengineering and ensure the
    project managment handling (QA)
    Decided SW API Sync deliveries
    Planning of prototypes / ABC samples
    Preparation of series production, Gate
    Maturity Process
    Strengthening international cooperation
    Improvement the workflow processes in

  • 09/2016 - 09/2017

    • Continental Corporation
  • global SW Manager
  • Managment

    09 / 2016 - 09 / 2017 For VW /Audi I am the global SW Manager of the
    Automotiv MQB FPK full display cluster instrument developing

    Continental Corporation Coordinate cross function teams
    International team coordination in Singapore
    Global PM / Timisoa / Malaysia / Vietnam and German
    Solution Manager locations (resource planning)
    Share with the customer new concepts,
    define new innovations
    Coordinate third party supplier
    Project budget estimationsProfile Profile
    Determind about milestones and planning
    Find solutions in complexed technical
    problems, chaos manager
    Responsible to ensure the ASpice / safety
    Plan with the customer new ADAS concepts
    Improve the work process in Scrum based
    Requirmentsengineering and ensure the
    project managment handling (QA)
    Decided SW integration strategy
    Risk managment of technical concepts
    Planning of prototypes and samples
    Preparation of series production
    Interview candidates to join the team
    Improvement of workflow processes in
    terms of trainings

  • 02/2015 - 09/2016

    • Automotiv; Continental Corporation
  • Project lead regarding a new cluster instrument
  • Freelance Managment

    02 / 2015 - 9 / 2016 Project lead regarding a new cluster instrument
    Automotiv project for the customer BMW. Coordination and
    controlling of an international team with a team
    Continental Corporation size more than 110 members. Strongly ensure to
    hold the quality and milestones
    Global PM
    Taskforce lead International teambuilding in Mexiko /
    Singapore / Timisoa / Egypt / German

    Communication officer between customer /
    Vice President and the developer team
    Negotiate about milestones and planning
    Controlling of error ticket handling
    Requirmentsengineering, compliance about:Profile Profile
    safety ASIL skills/ tracability/ quality and
    Time scheduling about SW integration
    Fast understanding of complex technical
    problems (process architecture)
    Direct contact to the chip supplier NXP
    Responsible about the development third
    Assess HW errata consequences
    Planning of prototypes and samples
    Direct contact to the SW test team: system
    test, integration test and PVV
    Preparation to start the series production
    Management presentation skills
    Intercommunication part between CDS and
    CES (Conti internal engineering service)

  • 11/2010 - 05/2011

    • Jenoptik Robot GmbH
  • Corporate Firmware
  • Traffic engineering CAN-Boot-loaders for a radar traffic sensor. The
    SW licence was expired and no code or licence was
    Jenoptik Robot GmbH available.
    Dept. Sensorik Therefore a variety of analytical processes were
    necessary to analyse protocol and data
    transmission. The compatibility to the old system
    SW-Consulting must be guaranteed 100%.
    Corporate Firmware Developing the PC Flashtools by Vector CAN
    HW and Visual C
    Dualprocessor tms320f2812
    Development of the embedded SW for
    tms320f2812 with Code Composer Studio
    von TI
    Expanding the range of additional Features

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    Freelance leading and developing project

    07 / 2010 - 05 / 2011 Consulting of a BMW Project Radio 1.2 (PL7) for
    Automotive more software stability and adapted tools.
    International Consulting for the MIB-E Project
    Continental-Corporation (VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat). Script implementation and
    Dept. AV (Audio) development for the Lauterbach Debugger.
    International presentation und introduction for
    optimizing the development process-time.
    Development Tooling
    SW-Consulting PR-Analysis and implementation of the SW-
    SW-Development solution
    Freescale Processor: MCF5251
    Renesas Processor: SH2 7264
    Architecture of the media browsing concept
    for compressed files (CD/SD-Card/USB/BT)
    Adaptation of the audio-equalizing tool withProfile Profile
    Visual Studio 2010
    Target stability analysis with Lauterbach
    Power Tracer
    Presentation of improving methods for the
    MIB Project International
    Adaptation to the MOST-Audio-connectionmaster

    Consulting for error reduction and
    optimization for the Romanian staff
    Tools: Rhapsody, Doors, Source Insight,
    Telelogic Synergie, VS2010, Cygwin, Canoe,

  • 04/2010 - 06/2010

  • project developer
  • Automotive automatically generated Mocca hpp classes for the
    NBT (BMW) / MIB (Audi) / NTG5 (Mercedes).
    Harman Becker
    Concept and planning of the adaption of the
    Continues improvement of diagnostic GUI (DCL) for outsourcing and
    diagnostic platforms improved developer tools
    Jamming within the Mocca-framework for
    SW-Consulting the compiling-configuration
    SW-Development Creating Diagnostic Requests / Response
    through DCL
    Optimization and expanding the Multiuserplatform
    as GUI in Excel. The complete DCL
    tool-framework is based on VBA script and
    on the Excel-server as OLE programmed in
    Outsourcing of makros in AddIn's in VBA
    Further tools: DOORS, Perforce, Mocca,
    Araxis, MS-Project

  • 07/2008 - 09/2009

    • BMW entertainment systemProfile
  • project manager
  • Automotive PL2 plus.

    Continental-Corporation Architecture und SW development of
    Department: Broadcast Coldfire and ST10 processor, based on
    Freescale Core und Trio MP3 Codec
    Integration of radio diagnostic jobs over
    KWP2000 and UDS
    Implementation of flash over CAN /
    Adding new SW-loading of extra modules
    at radio project including signature check
    SW-Architecture Development of MOST-bus F-blocks and
    SW-Development shadows
    Consulting Further development of Windows based
    development tools on Borland C++
    Integrated of SDARS module for digital
    satellite radio in USB and DAB for Europe
    Implementation of communication
    module, design F-block (MOST) for USB
    and telephone with Bluetooth
    Optimising the OSEK Gateway
    processors with FlexOS
    Checking all BMW conditions with
    standard core 4 and 7
    Integration of the alignment of a dice 2
    Tools: Lauterbach Emulator, CM/CS
    Synergie, Diab Datacompiler, Tasking
    Compiler, Source Inside, Araxis Merge,
    CANoe, BMW-Tools, Most Optoanalyzer,
    Source Inside
    CMMI Level 3
    Misra-(QAC) and module check

  • 01/2006 - 06/2008

  • developer
  • Telematic vehicles with radio control.
    The control unit implementation on an ARM9
    DS-Control processors with embedded Linux inside. The
    extension of this module is possible with two
    New development variants of construction. The first way to transfer
    for series-production data over Internet is with GPRS/EDGE. WLAN with
    an access point is the other possibility.
    Connecting with vehicle CAN-bus system anybody
    Project leader can check all dates and measurement values and
    SW-Designer / settings. The bus protocol is KWP2000. The
    Development integrated web-server shows with HTTP-service all
    diagnostic data over TCP/IP.
    These projects were coordinated by DS-Control and
    cooperate with different SW developer team.

  • 10/2002 - 06/2008

    • KION Group
  • developer
  • Automotive - Telematic system, based of an embedded Microcontroller
    C167/XC167 for data recording of a forklift vehicle.
    KION Group The unit was stored and transmit all relevant data
    (Linde Material Handling) over antenna to a online server. The transmission
    system based over GPRS/GSM.
    I installed a external company for data reporting. I
    coordinate all relevant development processes for a
    web based platform.

    Project leader C/C++ on C166 Family incl. new XC886
    SW-Architect CAN Open driver-development for
    SW- Development segmented data transferProfile Profile
    Consulting KWP2000 Diagnostic
    CAN data based on Vector dB
    Adaptation of the controler of the V-Forklift
    series 39x (VW Motor) combustion motor
    Win32 class development for PC connection
    Programming the Config-/Boot-
    /Flashsoftware for the μC-System as well as
    the PC
    Data development through MySQL
    CAN Communication for the GPRS/UMTS -
    Phyton as Web-Script
    CANalyser from Vector
    RFID and IButton as access code

  • 05/2005 - 02/2006

    • Marshall GmbH
  • developer
  • Building services dialyse seat will be connected to the building
    engineering service engineering. In addition a small radio is
    Marshall GmbH accessible with a switch mode for TV.

    Atmel Atmega88 / Silicon Labs
    Win32 for flash and configuration
    SW-Architect Design PCB and circuit-diagram
    SW-Development Protocol-development PC/μC

  • 12/2000 - 01/2001

    • ZDF
  • Planning Engineer
  • Satellite and Major achievements:
    communication Projecting a new satellite up-and-down-link-system
    ZDF and developing the existing system.
    The satellite station was direct linked to the ASTRA
    Satellite-series and included the signal transmission
    for analog as well as digital TV channels.

  • 07/1996 - 06/2000

    • Marshall GmbH
  • PIC/ Basic-Stamp- Controller
  • Marshall GmbH development of hardware components as well as
    Mr Felix Praetorius the software-programming. These systems have to
    operate with a Master/Slave - Bus-system