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Fullstack Engineer with focus on web development

Profilbild von Martin Kireew Fullstack Engineer with focus on web development aus Berlin
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Profilbild von Martin Kireew Fullstack Engineer with focus on web development aus Berlin

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SKILLS is a startup building a platform for artificial intelligence. I implemented different features from the backend to frontend and data labeling engines. The biggest challenge was the development of new engines and complex Uis for current customers on-demand with a tight schedule and quick project planning.
Another challenge was the migration of the labeling web application from Angular to React with an incremental approach of using web components. 
At, the technical debt was kept low, and the quality of code very high.

Trade Republic
Trade Republic is Germany's first mobile broker. I was working there as the only frontend engineer. It was a very challenging time because I implemented custom solutions for a blog, a help center, and maintained at the same time the website and back-office for the internal usage of banking processes. The back-office was a full application with frontend and backend, both written in Typescript. In addition to that, I was in charge of the deployments in Kubernetes.

Schütze is a consulting company mostly working with the public sector. Here I developed complex applications with Redux with integrations like Google Maps. For example, I was mainly working on the Kita navigator (, an application for Berlin's parents to find a kindergarten spot. I also did work on the components library for various applications. In addition to that, I also maintained an enormous Java application for managing the complex relations between Berlin, the employees working in the kindergarten system, and the parents. 

ITP is a consulting company based in Berlin. They are mainly working on digitalization. I started there in a maintenance project for the Berlin Sparkasse, where I primarily worked on Linux machines and maintained several scripts. After that project, I worked on PoC for the Finanz Informatik. The project was a Java spring application with several banking processes to calculate a historical simulation.
The next project started in August 2018. It was an enormous project to redesign the risk management application for all customers of the Finanz Informatik. I began to model all banking processes related to risk management, especially market risk and liquidity risk. In addition to that, I also implemented several PoCs for performance benchmarks with established software solutions. I also worked on the UI with the internal OSPlus framework. Besides that, I reviewed concepts and created designs for the new risk application.

Visual Studio Code, Jetbrains Software, TablePlus, Notion, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Final Cut Pro, Figma, Jira, Confluence, MS-Office, Google Docs
Programming Languages
Typescript, Javascript, Java, NodeJS, SQL, NoSQL, Go, Rust, Swift
React, Redux, VueJS, Vuex, GatsbyJS, Express, GraphQL, Spring, Tailwind, Bootstrap, SwiftUI, RE:DOM, Java-GraphQL
Scrum, Jira, Git, Bash, Docker, AWS, Serverless, HP QC, AEM, Netlify, NetlifyCMS, GraphQL, Kubernetes