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  • Abschluss: Graduate in Information Technology
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Profilbild von Sonia Saha Business Intelligence Developer aus NeuUlm

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Data Warehousing, Database, Oracle, MySQL, PostgresSQL, ETL, Informatica Power Center 9.6, Abinitio, Oracle PLSQL, SQL, Java, Python, Cloud, AWS EC2, Unix Shell Scripting, Version Control, Git, SVN, Maven, SBT, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, PyCharm, DBeaver, Toad, PL SQL Developer, Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition, Shell, script, Big Data, data model, Data Warehouse, data acquisition, presentation layer, PL/SQL packages, OBIEE
  • 11/2017 - 02/2020

    • IQVIA
  • Developer
  • Micro plus for IQVIA
    The existing project built using Oracle, Python and Shell script was being migrated to Data Lake for enhancing the
    transformation of huge files using Big Data Technologies. I have been working on understanding, analysis and
    creation of data model of the legacy code to enable to comprehend the logic used in formal validation of the
    supplied prescription data from Public and Private Pharmacies in Italy. The basic data in Micro plus is the
    information about the prescriptions presented by the pharmacies to obtain reimbursement from the National
    Health Service.
    Role: Developer

  • 10/2016 - 10/2017

  • Developer
  • ICDW (Integrated Multi Country Data Warehouse) for IQVIA
    It is a data warehouse application used for recording and reporting sales information of pharmaceutical products
    across European countries. Have gathered requirements, designed data model, developed ETL to load the
    reference and transactional data files from data acquisition systems after undergoing quality checks and loaded
    it into staging tables. Data in the staging tables is then transformed based on business rules and loaded into
    dimensions and fact tables. The data from fact and dimension tables are then extracted based on user
    requirement and the necessary data is loaded into data files. These data files are then transferred to the
    presentation layer for reporting. Data include Sell in data from Wholesalers; Sell out data from Pharmacies, Para
    Pharmacies, Hospitals, Mass Markets, Product information and Geography details.
    Role: Developer

  • 02/2015 - 10/2016

    • Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA) for Oracle Financial Services Ltd
  • Design and Developer
  • Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications (OFSAA) for Oracle Financial Services Ltd
    OFSAA suite provides an effective and efficient financial analytical solution to many Banks worldwide. This
    application has the agility required to rapidly address new business requirements by providing various kinds of
    outputs and reports. I have gathered requirements, performed analysis and also developed transformations to
    acquire Customer and Financial Data from the Al Rahji Bank, Riyadh in the form of Oracle and Flat files. I have
    developed mappings and workflows using Informatica Power Center 9.6 to extract, clean and transform the
    data. I have also developed PL/SQL packages and procedures to perform data transformation.
    Role: Design and Developer

  • 03/2012 - 02/2015

    • Merlin for Tata Consultancy Services Limited
  • Developer
  • Merlin for Tata Consultancy Services Limited
    Merlin is an Online and Offline Customer Care Agents management information system. It is involved in
    generating agent level performance reporting in OBIEE for British Telecom Call center agents. Based on these
    Reports increment, decrement and promotion of agents are decided by the top-level Management. It is a Data
    warehouse application that extracts call event data and generates measures that are visualized using OBIEE
    Reports. I was involved in development, implementation and maintenance phases of the application. I have also
    worked on enhancement of Abinitio Graphs.
    Roles: Developer