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Profilbild von Astrid Kuehne Management Consultant aus Wallisellen
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All-rounded Strategy Consultant and certified Project Manager with experience in complex, international and multi-cultural projects related to change, communication and learning across various industries, business functions and countries. I have worked with start-ups, SME’s and FTSE100 multi-nationals on change, communication and learning strategies, talent management, strategic workforce planning, skill & competency management, operating models, R&D and process optimization, among others.
  • 6 years Consultant at Accenture Management Consulting
  • Co-Founder of several Start-Ups
  • Certified Project Manager & certified Prosci Change Manager
  • 12+ years Change Management & Business Transformation
  • 12+ years Communication & Conflict Management
  • 12+ years Learning und Development & Human Resources
  • 12+ years of Diversity & Culture Management
Certifications and further training:
  • Certified Project Management Associate: International Project Management Association (IPMA), 2009, Re-certified 2019
  • Zertifizierter Projekt Management-Berater: GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement
  • Von Lehm zu Beton und anderen Upgrades: Warum Unternehmen die Mitarbeiterentwicklung auch außerhalb des Unternehmens fördern sollten, in: Erfolgsfaktor Performance Management, Dr. Hansjörg Künzel, Springer Gabler Verlag 2015
  • Interkulturelle Teams: Neue Strategien der Globalen Zusammenarbeit Astrid Kühne, Gabler 2011
  • 01/2019 - 12/2020

    • UTU Food4Good
    • < 10 Mitarbeiter
    • Konsumgüter und Handel
  • UTU Food 4 Good: Co-Founder & Project Director
  • Leveraged large volumes of post-harvest loss to build a long life, low cost, healthy and ready to eat vegetable-based food product to address nutrition challenges for low income consumers in Kenya
    * Responsible for successful series A and B equity financing which secured USD 11M
    * Established and validated governance, HR, finance and operations structures and policies
    * Expanded, trained and led team from 2 to 10 full-time staff
    * Managed set up of first of its kind test kitchen in Africa
    * Managed development of 3 new recipes to be launched in East Africa

  • 06/2016 - 09/2020

    • 10-50 Mitarbeiter
    • Konsumgüter und Handel
  • Co-Founder & Project Manager:
  • Developed and bought to market a patented beauty bra that prevents cleavage wrinkles and relieves back pain (scientifically proven by „Hohenstein Institut für Textilinnovation“)
    * Received invitation to take part at “Die Höhle der Löwen” (German version of Dragons' Den) to pitch business idea to venture capitalists
    * Assessed global market and its drivers - derived top-line potential and market needs
    * Created Marketing material for stakeholders and potential business partners
    * Managed external communication including set up of website
    * Designed legal structure and organizational set-up

  • 01/2010 - 09/2020

    • 50-250 Mitarbeiter
    • Sonstiges
  • Co-Founder & Board Member
  • Co-Founded NGO to alleviate poverty and create sustainable livelihoods in rural Kenya (
    * Fundraised over USD 2M, with 100% of funds reaching the projects
    * Turned mud hut for 200 orphans and 7 untrained teachers into permanent kindergarten, primary and secondary school, orphanage, greenhouse and kitchen for 800 orphans and 90 trained full-time staff members with fixed monthly overheads of USD 10k
    * Set up first school for 30 disabled children in the area
    * Set up orphanage for 30 needy children with permanent care
    * Set up leavers program to support graduates with university and college fees
    * Distributed over 3 million free school lunches
    * Set up volunteer team consisting of up to 15 core team and 4 Advisory Board members
    * Managed over 120 international volunteers onsite
    * Established student volunteer program with University of St. Gallen

  • 06/2010 - 03/2019

    • >10.000 Mitarbeiter
    • Sonstiges
  • Manager at Accenture Management Consulting
  • Operating Model Design for global beverage company - Switzerland
    Supported project leadership and client-c-level in global transformation program shifting a vertical organization structure to a matrix organization, focusing on change facilitation for 6,000 employees in 30 facilities across Europe
    * Analyzed as-is and to-be operating model and identified and validated key opportunities and challenges
    * Recommended road map for reduction from 32 to 7 business unit leaders in Europe
    * Developed innovative change management toolbox for client that was show-cased within Accenture as best practice example
    * Developed internal communication strategy for all stakeholders up to c-level
    * Designed, organized, moderated townhalls, kick off & vision workshops for up to 300 employees in different countries with follow-up Q&A sessions and lessons learned
    * Defined new roles and responsibilities and reporting lines for leadership teams

    SAP Implementation for leading beverage company - Germany
    Implemented global learning and development strategy for go-live support of SAP HR which introduced new agile ways of working for 1,000 super users in defined pilot markets
    * Developed and coordinated training schedule of 100 trainings held within 2 weeks in 10 different locations for 1,000 staff members
    * Designed and moderated training sessions for SAP training in defined pilot markets for ongoing involvement and commitment for strategic decision makers and top management level
    * Designed and conducted train the trainer sessions for 30 functional heads and super users
    * Designed, implemented, managed and handed-over knowledge academy and learning network for 6,000 end users at operating level

    Shared Services roll-out for a global leading bank - Switzerland
    Defined strategy for roll-out of Project Management Office (PMO) as shared services across bank to enforce consistent PMO approach for 3,600 employees across Switzerland
    * Designed and supported implementation of target group specific communication strategy
    * Developed training program including stakeholder engagement, change impact analysis, training needs analysis and business readiness assessment
    * Developed KPI's and conducted 360 interviews to measure change readiness of employees
    * Launched internal monthly magazine "PMO Zoom" featuring leadership support, success stories, discussions which increased employee's buy-in from initial 8% to 72% in 5 months

    Cultural Diversity Office re-structure for global IT company - Switzerland
    Responsible for re-structuring and re-igniting the Cultural Diversity Office to enable and enhance cultural change for 8,000 employees in 3 countries
    * Developed culture cards with do's and don'ts for 25 relevant countries that have been distributed to 8,000 employees and are included in every new hire welcome pack, based on work developed during my PHD and published in my book on intercultural teams
    * Developed handbook "Creating Culture Change" to define approach and support client proposals which is still used (as of August 2020)
    * Developed a digital one-stop solution for new hires on relevant information (learning, training and support) and conducted induction trainings to coach and mentor new employees on diversity
    * Designed and delivered training sessions on cultural diversity and awareness

    Employee Engagement Increase at Accenture - Austria, Switzerland and Germany
    Supported internal campaigns to increase employee engagement and raise emotional commitment of 8,000 colleagues as well as external campaigns to strengthen and improve employer branding
    * Initiated and published an Employee Business Blog that within a few months became the most read blog across all 3 countries with most followers in the category below leadership team
    * Participated in campaign “Be Yourself - Make a Difference” to inspire current and future colleagues to follow their passion and dreams
    * Published articles on my experience as working mum to encourage women in leadership roles, among others, in “Edition F” and “Business Ladies”

    Conflict Management for German NGO - Northeast India
    Worked in rural India to provide trainings on institutional strengthening and capacity building to entrepreneurs, management and boards of the donor’s beneficiaries
    * Conducted several constitutive conflict resolution and team building workshops with donor and beneficiaries and reestablished friendly and constructive relationship after 3 months
    * Designed and implemented concept on Behavioural Change to optimise 25 vocational centres to become independent and financially self-sustainable from donor
    * Spoke as guest lecturer at schools on leadership topics like motivation, interpersonal relationships, communication skills, self-awareness, team spirit to groups of up to 300 students

  • 09/2014 - 09/2016

    • Freelancer
    • < 10 Mitarbeiter
    • Sonstiges
  • Consultant & Project Manager East Africa
  • HR Department set-up for several SME’s in East Africa - Tanzania, Kenya & Uganda
    Developed and implemented HR department structures in collaboration with shareholders, boards and management, and handed over to local staff for several for-profit companies
    • Designed and implemented HR policies and manuals, employer handbook, employee guidelines, job profiles and reporting lines
    • Implemented full talent management cycles (performance management, compensation & benefits, skill management, succession planning)
    • Set up knowledge management systems (design, development, delivery and evaluation of trainings, training needs analysis, curriculum design, knowledge academy and leadership coaching)
    • Facilitated talent strategy in the areas of hiring, on-boarding, staffing, succession planning, counseling, training, performance, employee engagement and KPI monitoring
    • Designed recommendations on governance including FTE sizing, budget and role charters
    • Trained and handed over new tools to local directors and HR team

    Leadership training facilitation for microfinance company - Tanzania
    Moderator & trainer for several workshops and training sessions
    • Conducted training sessions for over 30 senior client advisors
    • Developed, facilitated and conducted leadership trainings on management topics
    • Moderated team-building workshops on optimal inter-cultural and character-based team composition for C-Level

    Developed and implemented a toolkit to support in-country innovation to increase access to nutritious food for low income households in Kenya and Tanzania
    • Prepared a detailed stakeholder map, validated landscape analysis, identified potential partners, consulted with key stakeholders including Ministries and Prime Minister’s Office of Tanzania
    • Led the client team with 10+ project members

    Cost efficiency program implementation for HR department of insurance company - Tanzania
    Evaluated cost structure of HR department and defined strategic options for cost reduction
    • Designed and implemented project plan to realize 20% cost savings within one year
    • Identified organizational efficiency potentials of 20 FTE and restructured HR organization
    • Calculated business cases to assess and prioritize strategic options and evaluated impact on client
    • Defined new reporting lines for around 50 employees

    Communication strategy design for tourism company - USA
    Created online communication and marketing strategy for the US travel market
    • Developed market and industry trends analysis by conducting about 50 expert interviews
    • Performed quantitative modelling of market size, market growth and top-line potential

    IT Implementation for global car manufacturer - Japan
    Implementation of dealer in-house retail management system to increase the effectives of auto dealers
    • Supported with external communication for car dealers
    • Developed and implemented reporting lines for about 50 customer/ sales agents

    Landscape Analysis for local logistic company - Spain
    Assessed competitive landscape through competitor profiling, market share analyses and benchmarking
    • Developed and implemented communication and marketing strategy for family-owned business
    • Analyzed as-is capabilities, governance and ways of working, leading to a reduction of costs of 50%

  • 01/2014 - 12/2015

    • Financial Access Solution
    • < 10 Mitarbeiter
    • Banken und Finanzdienstleistungen
  • Financial Access Solution: Co-Founder
  • Developed an innovative, cloud-based financial solution to enable the poorest of the poor to become bankable in cooperation with a for-profit bottle recycling company
    * Used Human-Centred Design approach to develop an innovative cash-free, branch-free, paper-free microfinance model to promote financial inclusion of waste collectors
    * Set up loyalty program that Increased plastic waste collections from pilot group by 35 %
    * Conducted extensive research of bottle collectors, basis for the creation of collection app
    * Conducted several interviews with bottle collectors and leadership team of recycling company to understand pain points and user experience of new collection app
    * Assessed E2E customer and user journey and mapped key pain points for bottle collectors

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