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Ivan Melnikov

Senior Software Engineer, Backend, Java

Profilbild von Ivan Melnikov Senior Software Engineer, Backend, Java aus Berlin
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  • Abschluss: Saint Petersburg State University, Master of Engineering (MEng), Mathematics, Computer Science
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  • Sprachkenntnisse: deutsch (Muttersprache) | englisch (gut) | russisch (gut)
  • Letztes Update: 24.08.2020
Profilbild von Ivan Melnikov Senior Software Engineer, Backend, Java aus Berlin
  • Programming languages: Java, JavaScript, groovy, C#, Scala, Python
  • Frameworks: Spring, Spring boot, J2EE(Servlet, EJB, JSP), JSF, GWT, Tapestry, Grails
  • ORM: Hibernate, EclipseLink
  • Operating systems: Linux, macOS, Windows
  • IDEs: IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, JBuilder, Delphi, C++ Builder, Monodevelop
  • VCS: Git, CVS, SVN, Perforce
  • DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server
  • Cloud: AWS, Azure
  • 12/2019 - 05/2020

    • Zalando
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • (6 m)
    Was working on Presto (high performance distributed SQL query engine
    for big data) platform as part of data lake solution for BI users.

    Used technologies: Presto, AWS, K8S, Databricks, Hive metastore, Java

  • 10/2017 - 11/2019

    • Deposit solutions
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • (1y 1m) Developed the platform which allowed Deutsche bank customers invest

    money into other banks without opening accounts.

    Full cycle of new features implementation and deployment. Live system
    on call 24/7 support.

    Used technologies: Java, Spring Boot, Dropwizard, MySql, Microservices,

  • 10/2016 - 09/2017

    • Zalando
  • Software Engineer
  • (1 y)
    Worked in a Big Data reporting project which processes millions of events
    per day and hundreds gigabytes of data.
    The goal of the project is to measure performance of advertisement
    campaigns. It gathers advertisement click and view events as well as
    shop products view and buy events and measure them against each
    other for different time periods to calculate uplifts.

    Spark jobs development, bug fixing, optimization. Microservices
    development. Database performance optimization. Integration with
    Google DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick for Publishers
    advertising services. Integration with Good Data BI service.

    Used technologies:
    Amazon Web Services: EMR, S3, EC2. Google BigQuery. Spark, Yarn,
    oozie. MySQL, Jruby, Git, Jenkins.

    Languages: Java, Ruby, Python, Scala, Clojure

  • 06/2014 - 09/2016

    • Bigpoint
  • Senior Software Java Developer
  • (2y 4m)
    Worked as backend java developer for Massive Multiplayer Online game
    with 70k CCU: darkorbit.com

    Full new features lifecycle:
    Concepts review, architecture and design, technical design documents
    writing, estimation, subtasks breakdown, implementation. Integration
    and unit tests development. Refactoring, bugfixing, performance
    optimisation of a highly multithreaded system, SQL queries optimisation.
    Took care of releases on production systems.
    Code review, new employees interviewing and education.

    Used technologies: Java8, MySQL, Liquibase, google guice, Netty,
    ZeroMQ, Jenkins, svn, Maven, Yourkit, graprite/graphana

  • 04/2012 - 05/2014

    • Informatica
  • Senior Software Java Developer
  • (2y 2m)
    Was working on web interface development for a data consolidation
    server. Applications expected to find and merge duplicates in a huge
    amount of entities and give the user interface to manage this data. I
    designed and implemented new features in the web user interface as
    well as in the backend part. Unit and integration tests implementation.
    The team worked by scrum.

    Used technologies :
    Oracle, EJB, JSF 1.2, Spring, Hibernate

  • 08/2011 - 03/2012

    • Sperasoft
  • Senior Software Java Developer
  • (8 m)
    Was implementing Sony QA portal development project.
    Was implementing Electronic Arts Vendors dashboard.

    Used technologies :
    JSF, Hibernate, Liferay, Tomcat, Glassfish, PostgreSQL, MS SQL

  • 07/2007 - 08/2011

    • Devexperts (devexperts.com
  • Software Java Developer
  • (4y 2m)
    Participated in a "GFT" (gftforex.com ) trading platform development
    project. Mostly worked in a server core part. Used: J2EE, Oracle, GWT
    Took part in a monitoring system development project.

    Used technologies : Swing, MySQL, Spring

  • 09/2006 - 06/2007

    • Actimind
  • Software Developer
  • (10 m)
    Was implementing web sites content processing application.

    Used technologies: XSLT, JSP, JavaScript

  • 12/2005 - 08/2006

    • Meyer & Nicca
  • Software Developer
  • (9 m)
    Was implementing a car insurance administration application.
    Used technologies: C++, Firebird

    Was implementing insurance application for reinsurance company
    (swissre.com )
    Used technologies: J2EE, Swing, Oracle, Tomcat