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Fachliche und disziplinarische Personalverantwortung
Projektmanagement Redesign Network, IT Security, Roll-Out, Migration,
Deployment, Storage, Backup Systems
Mitarbeiterrekrutierung, Controlling
Vertrieb (technische Unterstützung)
Telekommunikationsumfeld (ISDN, VoIP UMTS, LTE, mobile Lösungen, CTI)
Redesign des Active Directory/ Redesign DHCP und DNS
IT-Security (Installation/ Konfiguration Firewalls, Virenscanner, Überwachungsanlagen)
Planung und Aufbau IT-Infrastruktur
Rollout Projekte
Migrations- und technische Restrukturierungsprojekte
Planung und Beratung zur Server- und Desktopvirtualisierung
SLA /OLA Vereinbarungen
LAN und WAN  Anbindungen auf Transmission und IP Ebene im
Datacenter und Core Transport Bereich
  • 01/2020 - bis jetzt

    • Vodafone Group Plc
    • >10.000 Mitarbeiter
    • Telekommunikation
  • Technical Lead / Teilprojektleitung
  • Create and run Infrastructure reporting by gathering and aggregating RAW data. Primary purpose is, to report the amount of enabled accounts assigned to each local market. The output of the data is used as raw-data to calculate further KPIs. Those will be processed by operations manager of infrastructure teams to present figures in service review meetings. Furthermore, customized reports for service managers, responsible for a local market, can be requested and generated by the reporting tool.

    Main objectives:

    • Create low level design for Admin account reporting
    • Create low level design for Functional and Service account reporting
    • Create testing protocol
    • Create a low level design document for the Active Directory User reporting considering
        • Local Market based reporting capabilities including
        • Describe Ad-hoc reports like export of service and functional accounts for Office IT internal use, like Functional Account reports, Service Account reporting, Admin account reporting
        • Segmentation of Internal / external user base
        • Identify technical impacts/dependencies with other systems, products, services, enablers, 3rd parties and suppliers if any
        • Document the list of necessary and available AD attributes
        • Provide a technical design description (Access Rights, Data Modell)
    • Uplift the Active Directory Reporting Infrastructure from Window 2008 to Window 2012 / 2016
        • Create Windows uplift plan in line with data centre standards
        • Perform Pre-Production uplift (Deploy new Infrastructure VM and SQL for testing)
        • Create test plan for Pre-Production
        • Perform testing according to plan
        • Deliver Uplift procedure for production environment
    • Update SQL Server to the latest supported version
        • Review Microsoft and Vodafone data Center best practice
        • Describe update procedure considering
          • Performance Management
          • Service Availability
          • Connectivity
          • Network zoning concept
        • Create step by step procedure to uplift SQL to the latest version within Change Control
    • Deliver a low level design for an in place upgrade from Windows 2012 to Windows 2016
        • Create Windows uplift plan in line with data centre standards
        • Create test plan for Pre-Production
        • Deliver Uplift procedure for production environment
        • Document compatibility risks
    • Create an uplift procedure from SQL 2012 to SQL 2016
        • Define update procedure
        • Document compatibility risks
        • Create a test plan
    • Create a low level design for a consolidated source code design
        • Describe available source codes
        • Define optimisation plan
        • Simplify where possible
        • Existing functionality’s need to remain with known, or better performance

  • 04/2018 - 03/2019

    • Vodafone Group Plc
    • >10.000 Mitarbeiter
    • Telekommunikation
  • Technical Lead / Teilprojektleitung
  • Create security improvement roadmap

    Main objectives:

    • Create a LLD design to Implement logon restrictions for privileged accounts
    • Create Domain controller connectivity matrix
    • Deliver connectivity testing approach
    • Create low level for Active Directory according to security zoning concept
    • Create AD reporting low level design for external accounts
    • Create AD reporting low level design for internal accounts
    • Create AD reporting low level design for functional accounts
    • Create low level design for Active Directory reporting integration to the Vodafone License Control tool
    • Create test plan for VLC reporting including success criteria’s

  • 06/2017 - 03/2018

    • Vodafone Group Plc
    • >10.000 Mitarbeiter
    • Telekommunikation
  • Technical Lead / Teilprojektleitung
  • Business Continuity & RTO reduction

    Main objectives:

    • Create and document connectivity requerments to reduce:
        • Domain Controller
        • Global Catalogue server
        • DNS server roles
    • Implement and created Reporting for File Services

             Reporting needed to decied on clean-up and migration activitys

      • Home Share Lifcycle

    Approach: Perform a one-time user home drive clean-up for    deleted user accounts. Launch a de-provisioning process  

        • Identification of the different file types and their size
        • Determination of the file volume
        • Prioritisation of actions in accordance with legal provisions
        • Creation of a decision basis for management level
        • Development of a strategy for implementation
        • Creation of a roadmap including a prioritization of the individual project steps
        • Execution of the individual project steps
      • File Service Strategy / migration
        • Remove old / unused files
        • Understand range of  file types according to defined strategy
        • Pre-migration readiness: Target platforms mapping, capacity,  security controls, search 
        • Migration to SharePoint / OneDrive

  • 07/2011 - 05/2017

    • Vodafone Group Plc
    • >10.000 Mitarbeiter
    • Telekommunikation
  • Project- and Demand Manager
  • Project- und Demandmanagement for Central Region Europe

    Main objectives of this role are:

    • Support central region account manager to manage customer account from major projects to minor configuration requests.
    • Preparation of regular service review meeting.
    • High level feasibility assessment of customer demands incl. clarification of customer requirements, impact assessments (for cost, time and solution), presentation of the offer, internal coordination and support to answer the customer request, quality assurance of delivered services.
    • Process management of demand management process towards local markets.
    • Demand process governance
    • Run the definition, deployment and evolution of Demand Management tools and repository within Network Engineering and Delivery.

  • 04/2014 - 02/2015

    • Vodafone Group Plc
    • >10.000 Mitarbeiter
    • Telekommunikation
  • Transition Manager
  • Delivery- and Connectivity-Manager for Offshoring-project
    Transition services which are managed by in-house personnel, contractors or outsourced contracts to two shared service centres (SCC) in Romania and India. In total, we’ve worked through 78 sets of transitions within two Transition-Waves.

    Main objectives of this role:

    • Managing all implementation tasks (routing, FW-rules, VPN, IP-Backbone,etc.…) triggered by a communication matrix and flow design to ensure correct implementation in agreed timeline
    • Provision of physical, network and application connectivity
    • Support workstream-members during the application deployment phase in order to ensure that defects are corrected and minor changes and new customization requests are fulfilled in this final project phase.
    • Support workstream-members  in all QA steps in order to ensure that the requested connectivity is working properly
    • Support infrastructure decisions and help to define the detailed infrastructure requirements incl. connectivity, draft costs and time with involved network departments.
    Collection of requierments like: Bandwdith-forecast, security approvals,
    communication-matrix, highlevel design from engineering teams available