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Associate Program Management Director, Senior Manager / Agile Evangelist, Project Manager, Business

Profilbild von Dieter Stefanowitz Associate Program Management Director, Senior Manager / Agile Evangelist, Project Manager, Business aus Landsberg
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Profilbild von Dieter Stefanowitz Associate Program Management Director, Senior Manager / Agile Evangelist, Project Manager, Business aus Landsberg
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Dieter Stefanowitz Profile - Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner

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I am a seasoned professional with a proven track record of successful
delivered projects. Over the last twenty years, I worked for clients of many
different industries and cultural contexts.
My strengths are strong interdisciplinary thinking and acting, the ability
to connect business, technology, marketing and design with the customer
and her needs. I can guide through ambiguity and complexity and like to
solve problems.
The mission I pursue with empathy every day: intrinsic motivated
individuals aligned by shared values and focused on meaningful goals
  • 01/2017 - 07/2018

    • UX Strategy, Omnichannel Strategy, Provider
  • Mobility Program Manager
  • Germany's largest mobility provider. That strategy work was based
    upon a customer centric approach and resulted in an omnichannel
    strategy across all digital and physical touchpoints, a translation into
    a mobile proposition prototype, the enhancement of the existing
    brand strategy with Digital and the organisational setup to
    operationalize the strategy (scaled Agile).

    Client: Product Owner (PO) Connected Products - IoT and API
    Manufacturing, management
    Germany Building new business opportunities heavily leveraging practices like
    (2016-2017) Design Thinking, Value Proposition Canvas, Lean Startup, Customer
    Validation and Prototyping. Helped setting up a digital lab. PO for
    one scrum team. Worked with Legal and Procurement to identify and
    source an API management solution for the group. Reported to CIO
    and Head of Service and Spare Parts.

    Client: Telco, Product Owner to build a new product proposition within a
    Netherlands, Italy digital transformation
    (2015-2016) Introduction of a business model canvas approach to identify new
    non-core revenue streams. Helped building the beacon project for
    the overarching digital transformation of the group. Reported directly
    to CEO and Board. Supported the mindset change from a Mobile

    Operator to Digital Player by initiating a product owner organization
    and customer engagement practices. Managed relationships with 9
    operational companies ("OpCos") especially the pilot market Italy (#2
    OpCo in revenues).

    Agile Coach to support the Agile transition of clients' group IT
    Client: organization
    Manufacturing, Creation and implementation of a lean transition model. Trained and
    Germany coached 6 Scrum and Kanban Pilot teams. Conducted executive
    (2014-2016) workshops and communication structures. Supported to build an
    Agile PMO. Reported directly to the Executive Board and CIO.

    * Build 6 stable pilot teams
    * Client organization committed officially to Agile Values, e.g.
    resulting in new job descriptions, roles.
    * Establishment of an Agile PMO
    * Increased collaboration with business organization
    * Improved employee morale and delivery quality.

    Agile Coach for re-launch of global website, video on demand
    Client: Telco, Dubai store, mobile app suite
    (2012-2013) Agile leadership for a 2-year engagement focusing on a major
    overhaul of the client's main internet presence, definition of the
    holistic user experience across all platforms and devices. CMS
    selection, development and integration into various legacy systems
    through 2 Scrum teams in a distributed manner. Agile PMO for 3
    associated working packages from 4-8 FTE. Coached the designated
    Product Owner to adopt and apply Agile mindset, values and tools.

    Scrum Master for New Product Development engagements
    Client: International Introduced requirements and scope management to client
    Optical Lenses and organization to develop solid product specifications. Setup and
    Frames Company, coaching of a Scrum team to deliver against highly aggressive
    Munich timelines and quality expectations - ready for international installable
    (2012) software rollout. Cut the release cycle to 2 week sprints/iterations
    with increased quality and team morale. Change management and
    client consulting to continuously improve the product and create
    new business opportunities.

    Scrum Master, Agile Coach to define next generation location
    Client: Mobile based services and drive organizational transition to Agile
    Startup, Sweden Interdisciplinary team of designers, business analysts, product
    (2011) owners, technical architects and visual/motion designers. The
    company was in an Agile transformation from waterfall to Scrum.

  • 01/2012 - 01/2014

    • frog Design Europe GmbH
  • Associate Program Management Director
  • (Unit Manager & Head of Project Management)
    frog Design Europe GmbH (Projects in: Germany, Italy, China, Dubai,
    frog is a global product strategy and design firm. We work with
    businesses to drive innovation, identify opportunities, and design
    meaningful products and experiences that grow brands and delight

  • 01/2005 - 01/2012

    • SapientNitro
  • Senior Manager / Agile Evangelist
  • SapientNitro (Projects in: Germany, India, Sweden, United Kingdom,
    and Singapore).
    SapientNitro is a global services company that helps clients transform
    in the areas of business, marketing and information technology. Sapient
    employs more than 11,000 people in North America, Europe, Asia and

  • 01/2001 - 01/2005

    • NetFederation GmbH; Provider
  • Project Manager, Business Analyst
  • NetFederation GmbH (Germany)
    Agency network focussing on internal and corporate communications
    as well as investor relations. Key project was the design,

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    Dieter Stefanowitz
    Organisational Development, Agile Transformation and Projects

    implementation and deployment Aventis global Intranet as well as
    annual reports for SAP and other fortune 500 companies

    Selected Projects

    Client: Industrial Product Owner (PO) Connected Manufacturing - Industry 4.0 /
    Manufacturing Azure Cloud Transformation
    (2019 - ) Scrum Product Owner in a nearshore project with Belarus.
    Orchestrated Business, UX, Service Technicians, Cloud Architects in
    Product Definition and Roadmap Exercises. Established Product
    Planning and User Acceptance Processes. Introduced Key
    Performance Indicators for Product Performance.

    Client: Energy Agile Coach - Agile Transformation, Introduction of OKRs
    Provider, Germany Agile Coach across various departments of one of Germany's top
    (Aug 2018 - Dec energy providers. Introduction of different Agile Practises in a
    2018) heterogeneous environment based on context and business
    demand. Kanban, Scrum, Scaled Scrum. Introduction of OKRs for
    Product, IT, Marketing and UX departments. Train the trainer (Agile




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