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Full-Stack and Mobile Developer

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  • Javascript (current ECMA Versions)
  • Typescript 4+: generics, template literals, mapped types
  • React 16+: redux, redux-saga, MobX, hooks, context API, memoization
  • Angular: state pattern with ngrx, filters and pipes pattern with rxjs
  • foundations in Vue.js, Gatsby and Next.js
  • js libraries and tools: keycloak.js, axios, lodash, d3 (and other chart libs), Three.js (WebGL), rxjs reactive programming (observable patterns)
  • Styling: CSS3  (Sass, Scsss), Icons (FontAwesome, Icomoon, ...), UI-Libraries (MaterialUI, Ant Design, Bootstrap), styled-components, animate.css
  • HTML5, Pug, Jade, erb etc.

Backend, Infrastructure
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node.js
  • Docker
  • PHP, Laravel, Symfony
  • Database systems: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, SQLite
  • Query languages: GraphQL, SQL, Cypher, XQuery
  • foundations in Django, flask
  • foundations in Java
  • foundations in AWS: S3, RDS, EBS, EFS, EC2, ELB, ALB, ECR, ECS, Fargate, Amplify, SAM, Lightsail, CDK, CloudFormation, CodePipeline, SES, SQS, SNS, Lambda, CloudFront, Route 53, VPCs, CloudWatch
  • SSL certificates, DNS management
  • server management with bash, SSH, FTP
  • VM Ware, VirtualBox

  • React Native
  • foundations in Java and Kotlin Android app development (Android Studio)

Methods, Systems, Tools
  • git, git flow
  • Gitlab, Github, BitBucket and integrations to Jira, Confluence, Jenkins etc.
  • design patterns: singleton, state, reducer, facade, adapter and others
  • WCAG 2.0
  • architectures: microservices, monolithic
  • Authentication: OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, Keycloak
  • enviroments: develop, staging, production, feature branch deployments, runtime environments
  • naming conventions, coding guidelines, documenation, code reviews, pair programming, refactoring
  • agile project management (Scrum, Kanban), change management, release management
  • daily scrums, retrospectives, sprint planning etc.
  • TDD, BDD, test automation, unit testing, integration testing, end-to-end testing, jest, puppeteer, enzyme, rspec
  • Jira, Trello, Slack, jitsi, Teams, Confluence, MediaWiki
  • VSCode, Sublime Text, PHPStorm, PyCharm, netbeans, IntelliJ IDEA
  • foundations in eCommerce, Shopware, Salesforce (Apex), Intercom, Segment
  • single page applications, MVCs
  • yarn, npm, composer, bundler, gulp, webpack, TSLint, ESLint, Prettier, husky
  • UML Diagrams, repository structure analysis, architecture design, strategies, patterns
  • API documentation, Swagger
  • code quality: strict linters, ESlint, prettier, husky
  • Postman

Data Science, Data Representations
  • python: numpy, matplotlib, plotly, scipy, pandas
  • R, R Studio
  • Matlab, Matlab App Designer
  • yaml, json, xml, csv

  • LaTeX, TeXmaker
  • foundations in MS-Office, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP and other widely used multimedia software
  • neural networks (feedforward, feedback, convolutional, recurrent), python tensorflow, hyperparameter search
  • machine learning (statistics, pattern recognition, classification and regression problems, support vector machines)


02/2021 - bis jetzt
Senior Full-Stack Developer | Mathis-Nordegg GmbH (10-50 Mitarbeiter)
Full-Stack development, platform maintenance, database management, SEO, sitemaps, stakeholder communication, tracking systems, environment setup, loading time optimizations, deployments, server management

02/2021 - 12/2021
Frontend Developer, Researcher
Ogulo GmbH (50-250 Mitarbeiter)
Internet und Informationstechnologie
Frontend development, production app, releases, research, research presentation and documentation, rendering with Three.js and WebGL, rendering optimizations, lazy rendering, microservices, custom npm packages, plugin implementation, krpano scenes, scrum, daily and weekly, sprint reviews, refinements, plannings, documentation, communication with stakeholders, code QA, pair-programming, refactoring, CI/CD, clean code

10/2017 - 10/2021
Lead Frontend Developer
Virtual Vehicle GmbH (50-250 Mitarbeiter)
Automobil und Fahrzeugbau
Frontend development, UI design, MVP development, prototyping, production app, releases, authentication (OpenID), CI/CD, microservices, team coordination, code QA (code reviews, clean code, refactoring), coding guidelines, documentation, optimizations, lazy loading, caching, program modularization, access control, licensing system

02/2020 - 11/2020
Full-Stack and Mobile Developer
Tangelo Inc. (< 10 Mitarbeiter)
Internet und Informationstechnologie
Full-Stack and Mobile development, kickstarting, MVP development, offline and network handling, architecture design, UI design, database management, authentication, role-based access control, admin dashboard, CI/CD, deployments, code QA, documentation

06/2016 - 03/2019
Senior Full-Stack Developer
Zirkonzahn GmbH (250-500 Mitarbeiter)
Pharma und Medizintechnik
full-stack development, UI design, database management, installers, software for data migration and integration, synchronizations, adapters for databases, landingpage software, event management software, QR-code ticketing, custom CMS, role-based access control, authentication (OAuth, OpenID), mailing, admin dashboards, salesforce plugins, Elasticsearch, trigram search, work with sales and marketing, work with designers, CI/CD, deployments, code QA, documentation

05/2015 - 02/2018
Full-Stack Developer
Skoric IT GmbH (< 10 Mitarbeiter)
Internet und Informationstechnologie
full-stack development, chat system, websockets, web-crawling, PHP APIs, conformity to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, bash scripting, server management, database design and management, wordpress templats, documentation

03/2015 - 10/2017
Full-Stack Developer
Bizzons EMarketing GmbH (< 10 Mitarbeiter)
Marketing, PR und Design
full-stack development, Paypal webhooks, management of platform integrations, tracking systems, user analysis, croud funding, marketing campaigns


CEO (Gaurav Nisar)
"David was our first Engineer and helped build the app from scratch. It was a really complicated project since it required offline functionalities and we were using React Native to make sure we could use the same code base for Android and IOS. Additionally, we were on a strict timeline. David did great. I would hire David as a freelancer again in a heart beat."