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Andriy Tarasenko

Technical Lead, Senior Consultant, Lead Software Engineer

Profilbild von Andriy Tarasenko Technical Lead, Senior Consultant, Lead Software Engineer aus Puchheim
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  • Abschluss: Computer Science
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  • Letztes Update: 14.04.2020
Profilbild von Andriy Tarasenko Technical Lead, Senior Consultant, Lead Software Engineer aus Puchheim
Gitlab, CRM, microservices, Java 8, Spring Boot, versioning, Groovy, content management system, Continuous integration, Docker, Adobe Experience Manager, Java, OSGI, Django, Postgres, API, MongoDB, sharding, Redis, caching, iOS, App, Öffnungszeiten Pro, itunes, Elasticsearch, code coverage, algorithm, POI Database, POI, mongo, RabbitMQ, Spring, DOM, angular-dart, PostGIS, OpenStreetMap, building, Ruby, Rails, home automation, iPhone, iPad, Mysql, bootstrapping, Selenium, UI, Kanban, Youtrack, jQuery, TeamCity, C#, PHP, Golang, Python, Objective C, TypeScript, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, DevOps, Protobuf, gRPC, Spring Framework, Gradle, Maven, CouchDB, PostgreSQL
  • 02/2016 - 05/2018

    • SE
  • Technical Lead
  • Full development cycle of the office tools and online shops from the concept to deployment.


    * Development of various microservices (Java 8, Spring Boot, Nomad)
    * Improvement of international shops architecture, stability, user experience and performance
    * Development of the Assets management portal with support for images, video and documents
    * Development of the Authentication/Authorisation portal for rights/roles management
    * Development of the Content management portal with white labels management,
    internationalisation support and versioning
    * Integration of the international shops into existing infrastructure (Groovy)
    * Complete redesign and implementation of the checkout process

  • 12/2014 - 02/2016

    • eggs unimedia GmbH
  • Senior Consultant
  • Development of the custom modules for the content management system


    * Automation of a rollout process at BMW (Ansible)
    * Improvement of the internal infrastructure. Continuous integration and deployment (Docker,
    Docker private registry, consul)
    * Development of the company website (Adobe Experience Manager, Java, OSGI)
    * Backend Development of websites for major customers (BMW, Siemens, HUK, Fraunhofer)
    * Migration of the existing legacy website to the newly created one. Supporting/developing/
    maintaining complicated migration process.

  • 12/2012 - 12/2014

    • Happy-Bits GmbH
  • Lead Software Engineer
  • Development of the top 100 most visited sites in Germany


    * Developed a weather widget for travel portals and*

    Developed an opening times portal. (Django, Postgres, etc.)
    * Significantly improved API performance. (MongoDB sharding, Redis caching)
    * Developed iOS App "Öffnungszeiten Pro"
    * Redesigned an API for iOS App.
    * Improved search user experience (Elasticsearch)
    * Wrote unit tests from 0 to 80% code coverage.
    * Developed a "clever" algorithm for searching duplicates in our POI Database (several thousand of
    data sets)
    * Developed an "anti-crawling" system to prevent steeling data (Redis)
    * Developed a service for analysing statistics about frequently requested POI (mongo, RabbitMQ,
    * Currently experiencing with Dart. (Making selling process better. Making Opening times widget
    more maintainable.) Making some tests with shadow DOM, angular-dart.
    * Developed DHL Packstation crawler (Spring)
    * Developed Address validation and address suggestion software for project
    * Experience in PostGIS geo-queries (Project
    * Experience with Open Street Map (Project
    * Developed an iOS App "OSMhunter - OpenStreetMap building editor"

  • 10/2010 - 12/2012

    • EMERCS
  • Software Developer
  • Accomplishments

    * Developed a platform "Morgen in meiner Stadt" (Ruby
    on Rails)
    * Developed an iOS home automation App (iPhone, iPad). https://
    * Developed a Financial Controlling (FiCon) tool for internal use in (Django,
    * Participated in an emergency Team for bootstrapping a startup (Gigalocal)*

    Wrote Selenium tests for testing UI in the FiCon project.
    * Developed a Kanban board on the base of Youtrack REST API
    youtrack/ (Django, jQuery)
    * Brought in the continuous integration build system (TeamCity) for testing already developed
    projects (Morgen in meiner Stadt, FiCon)

  • 10/2009 - 12/2010

    • DATEC pro GmbH
  • Software Developer
  • Accomplishments

    * Designed and partially developed distributed print system for Daimler AG (C#)
    * Improved performance and prepared for selling one popular German forum platform (PHP)