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Chittaranjan Pradhan

Senior Consultant (S/4 HANA EWM Certified Consultant)

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Profilbild von Chittaranjan Pradhan Senior Consultant (S/4 HANA EWM Certified Consultant) aus AMSTERDAM

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EGR, Serialization, PI, slotting, Rearrangement, Kitting, Wave Management, VAS, EWM, SAP, SAP MM/WM, 4 HANA, Embedded EWM, ECC 6.0, MM, IM, WM, SAP SOLMAN, SAP SCM, EWM 7.02/ 9.0/ 9.4/9.5, TM9.1, SharePoint, MS Office, SCM De-centralized Environment, HANA, SAP MM, JIRA, unit testing, custom fields, test scripts, system design, data conversion, data migration, script, quality assurance, RICEFW objects, integration testing, regression testing, application integration, barcode, UAT, POSC/LOSC, WPT, WOCR, SAP WM
  • 02/2019 - 02/2020

  • Lead Consultant (SAP EWM)
  • Significant Project Assignment
    Client / Type of Project BMW-Germany / (EWM Upgrade and support)
    Role Lead Consultant (SAP EWM)
    Duration Feb 2019 to Feb 2020

    Responsibilities: -
    * Identified the permanent solution based on problematic issues along with a root cause analysis.
    * Resolved issue based on SLA during up gradation of EWM9.5 version.
    * Did configuration and testing based on new requirements as key CR activity in day to day
    * Helped to technical team and giving guidance along with sharing EWM skill to other resources.
    * Daily interact with business for validation purpose, status, quality review of documents based on
    PBI. Incidents and prepared user manual.

  • 10/2009 - 02/2020

    • Accenture India Pvt Ltd; Capgemini India Pvt Ltd
  • Senior Consultant (EWM) &

  • 05/2017 - 01/2019

  • Lead Consultant (SAP EWM)
  • Client / Type of Project LION-SYDNEY / (S/4 HANA Embedded EWM Implementation)
    Role Lead Consultant (SAP EWM)
    Duration May 2017 to Jan 2019

    Responsibilities: -
    * Gathered the business requirement and did fit Gap analysis as per SAP best practice which was a
    pilot Implementation as a non-automatic warehouse system in the beverage industry.
    * Lead on S4 HANA-EWM Integration, fine tuning with SAP MM, SD. QM, and PP Modules.
    * Did configuration on SAP S/4 HANA embedded EWM environment on Inbound, Internal and outbound
    processes and Prepared BPD and FDs as well.
    * Did detail design and Gaps documentation for WRICEF and worked on Fiori application.
    * Custom Development Design, Coordination and testing activity along with defect resolution Via
    * Did configuration on EWM Master Data, RFC connectivity, transaction data process flows
    * Worked on unit testing, SIT, Master data upload, prepared the TTT, roles/ authorization matrix
    and 3PL transportation integration activity.
    * Conducted the CRP (conference room pilot) along with business IT team.
    * Did configuration and testing on LOSC/POSC based on "storage control" for complex put
    away/picking process, configuration on WPT & POSC determination, storage process steps for
    storage step, external process steps, storage group, did set up LOSC, pickpoint, ID Points.
    Client / Type of Project NADRO-Mexico City / (S/4 HANA Embedded EWM Implementation)
    Role Lead Consultant (SAP EWM)
    Duration July 2016 to April 2017

    Responsibilities: -
    * Pilot Implementation for NADRO client at Mexico for non-automatic warehouse
    * Did analysis of current E2E processes of operations and evaluate/documented across several sites.
    * Identified the gaps, did FIT/GAP analysis and prepared detailed design document.
    * Did the set up based on SAP best practice scenarios in the S/4 HANA Embedded EWM system.
    * Resolved the issue during Unit/SIT / hyper care based on tickets. Worked on EWM*TM integration on
    CRP session and warehouse billing scenarios, DAS, Shipping cockpit.
    * Prepared the FDs, user manual, training document, process flow and coordinated between business
    IT team/core team a together like "3 in a Box".
    * Leading system build, Configuration and major enhancement to add custom fields and additional
    screens. Worked on change management procedure and template usage for testing & documentation in
    Share Point, & HPQC for any change request.
    * He has done the configuration and testing on LOSC/POSC for complex put away/picking process. He
    has done configuration on WPT & POSC determination, storage process steps for storage step,
    external process steps, storage group, did set up LOSC, pickpoint, ID Points.
    * He did on custom development design, coordination, testing, defect resolving, and training to

  • 01/2016 - 06/2016

    • ALJ-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (TOYOTA)
  • Lead Consultant (SAP EWM)
  • Responsibilities: -
    * Taken up the Leading responsibility during workshops to map high level business requirements on
    re-design activity with solution design for process standardization and optimization for our
    * Involved in the workshop and re-design based on gaps. Worked on FDs for RICEFW objects.
    * Worked on configuration, testing activity. Setting up along with configuration on the EWM
    landscape, serialization, optimized process, Integration processes on ID/OD/Internal.
    * Worked on data upload, prepared the test scenarios, test scripts, test steps based on execution
    process in HPQC, worked with BI team for report purpose, and did RFC connectivity with basis team
    to integrate between ECC to EWM.
    * Did worked on testing, Problem resolution, Fine tuning, Training, Cutover and Go live

    Client / Type of Project TK Daproh-Germany / EWM Implementation
    Role Lead Consultant (SAP EWM)
    Duration May 2015 to Dec 2015

    Responsibilities: -
    * As a SME, organizing and chairing workshops for process implementation in SAP EWM, gap analysis,
    system design, test plans, test scripts finalization, project integration, and test & end user
    * Provided solution as per sap best practice in workshop. Study the existing business process of
    the client and identify the Fit/Gap. I have prepared the functional design for the RICEFW object.
    * Explained the SAP standard best practice to the client team / process owners.
    * Coordinated with other SME to resolve the architecture issue. Prepared the configurational
    documents and tool kits.
    * Redefinition of the supply chain process with BPD preparation and factory deployment documents.
    Setup of interface mapping activities for EWM with ECC in the sandbox system.
    * Involved in the workshops relevant to SAP EWM data conversion/Migration pertaining to which are
    integrated to other modules like MM, SD, QM, PP.

  • 10/2012 - 04/2015

  • Senior Consultant (SAP EWM)
  • Client / Type of Project UNILEVER_USA/Germany / (Waterbury, Vermont, Heppenheim)- (EWM Implementation and support)
    Role Senior Consultant (SAP EWM)
    Duration Oct 2012 to April 2015

    Responsibilities: -
    * Participated in GLOBE Template (end-to-end) for deployment Unilever Pilot WH.
    * Analysis of "As-Is" business processes and systems in warehousing activity day to day business
    process and monitoring to tracking with report generations in the warehouse.
    * Completion of blue print design with proposed system solution. Provided multiple solutions to
    business during workshop.
    * Explained the EWM standard scenarios to the business and worked on Fit/Gap analysis. Did
    configuration, testing, given demos/training to the client UNILEVER team / process owners.
    * Worked on MFS layout design, BP master data set up, transaction data process execution, FDs,
    prepared TTT on MFS, prepared configurational documents, user manual, training to users
    * Prepared the roles and authorization matrix, worked on RICEFW, user Book, Cook Book, Flow
    presentation, TTT document, involved on master data migration objects (Conversions). Prepared the
    test plan, scenarios, script, and test steps. Write Functional / technical Specification for
    enhancements and worked on to build, trained and testing as well.
    * Did a coordination activity with SAP support (OSS) for resolving product error
    * Executed knowledge transfer of development projects to support team, including preparation of the
    knowledge transfer documents.
    * Performed a continuous quality assurance of the team's deliverable based on delivery of weekly &
    monthly reports and meeting KPIs.
    * Daily monitoring of inbound, outbound queues and re-process of error(s) in the production system.

  • 11/2011 - 10/2012

  • Senior Consultant (SAP EWM)
  • Responsibilities: -
    * Worked on CR, prepared RICEFW objects, involved to do analysis on new requirement,
    * Did unit testing, integration testing, did configurations, daily monitoring, pre-production
    activity, prepared the tool kit, configurational documents, user manual.
    * Resolved the tickets/incidents per stringent SLA guidelines and problem management resolution
    * Enhancement Estimation, Functional Spec, Design, Customization, Client meeting
    * Worked on handling problem tickets to find Structural solution for recurring issues. Handling
    Change Requests to have the adaptive changes.
    * Did configuration on WPT & POSC determination, external process steps, storage group, did set up
    LOSC, pickpoint, ID Points, configuration on POSC for deconsolidation activity etc
    * Worked with SAP online support system (OSS) for reporting product error and its resolution.
    * Created test scenarios, execution of integration/regression testing and user training documents

  • 01/2010 - 10/2011

    • COOP
  • Senior Consultant (SAP EWM)
  • Client / Type of Project COOP- Sweden (Bro and Vasteras) / (EWM Implementation and Rollout)
    Role Senior Consultant (SAP EWM)
    Duration Jan-2010 to Oct-2011

    Responsibilities: -
    * Leading solution design and leading workshops with business to help map high level business
    requirements. Create functional design and ensure developments are delivered in time.
    * Taken up ownership to gather the requirements and identified the fit/gap based on AS IS process.
    Prepared the IC document (implementation concept), FDs on inbound, outbound, internal,
    * Did configuration and give demos on best practice scenarios to the client COOP team / process
    owners. Involved in unit testing/integration testing. Prepared document like Train to the trainer
    (TTT). Given training to end user, data upload, defect resolving, and documentations.
    * Conducted user training workshops and hand holding in stabilization phase.
    * Performed Customization for end to end process integration with EWM to PP, QM, MM and SD
    application integration. He has done configuration on POSC determination, external process steps,
    LOSC like picking using pickpoint, put away using ID Points, POSC for deconsolidation activity.
    * Worked on EWM master data set up and data upload and validation. Worked in PPF configured for
    output determination, form and layouts, barcode & label design.
    * Conducted UAT and ensuring all break fixes in time and worked on rollout for new warehouses.

  • 11/2009 - 12/2009

  • SAP Consultant (SAP EWM)
  • Client / Type of Project ABPR-Internal Project (Boot Camp)
    Role SAP Consultant (SAP EWM)
    Duration Nov-2009 to Dec 2009

    Responsibilities: -
    * Worked on configuration and testing activity in the sandbox system which includes Master data,
    inbound process, outbound process, internal transfer, warehouse strategy, warehouse monitoring,
    POSC/LOSC, WPT, WOCR, Replenishment, Cross docking, RF, STO, PC, LM, YM.,2-step picking, PPF,
    Resource Management, EGR, Serialization, physical inventory, slotting, Rearrangement, Kitting,
    wave management, VAS. Returns process, optimizing process, deconsolidation, consolidation.
    * Did configuration on EWM*QM integration, EWM*PP integration, EWM*GTS integration, TM* EWM
    Integration. Involved in asset development for SCM Capability on business scenarios for ABPR.
    Taken up EWM Boot camp training as a EWM trainer internally for new WM resources in capability.

  • 05/2007 - 10/2009

  • Lead Consultant (SAP WM)
  • Client / Type of Project DHL/ASTELLAS/ Total (Harmonie, Turkey) / Support, Rollout and Implementation
    Role Lead Consultant (SAP WM)
    Duration May-2007 to Oct 2009

    Responsibilities: -
    * Did analysis on new requirements, identification of the gap and solutioning activity.
    * Worked on configuration for relevant to master data, transaction data.
    * Configuration of WM relevant inbound, outbound, internal process for our client
    * Solved the tickets from remedy tool based on SLA.
    * Prepared FD and configure WM organization structure, master data, transaction data, TO Print, PI.
    & transport of customization, integration testing with PP, QM, MM, SD
    * Prepared the Rough-Cut over plan & Involved in master data migration by LSMW.
    * Worked on CR. Involved in unit/SIT testing, prepared Cook book, User book, Flow presentation.

  • 08/2006 - 05/2007

    • Quinnox
  • Sr Consultant (MM/WM)

  • 08/2006 - 05/2007

    • Moduslink
  • SAP Consultant (SAP MM/WM)
  • Responsibilities: -
    * Solved the tickets based on SLA.
    * Worked on CR and handling the tickets related to MM, LE_WM.
    * Did configuration, unit, and integration test with other modules.
    * Conducted the Key user training material preparation, MOM, prepared user manual & PPT.

I am willing to travel across schengen country as i have valid work permit n Netherlands which is my base location at the moment  and always available for travel.