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Software Architect / interim Management

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  • Abschluss: Diplom-Informatiker (FH)
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Profilbild von Anonymes Profil, Software Architect / interim Management

Professional Software Architect and problem solver, experienced in all phases of software with an in-depth knowledge in architecture, agile methodologies, design patterns, process management and object-oriented principles.

Passion for quality products according to software craftsmanship standards and open source software exchange.

Interested in devising problem-solving methods for challenging tasks and learning new technologies and tasks if the need arises.

Architecture        Domain-driven-Design, Microservices and monolithic approaches, Cloud Ecosystems
Processes           Business Process Analysis, BPMN integration, BPM engines (Camunda BPM Engine etc.)
Leadership         Strategic consulting, Team lead, Mentoring and team development, Agile project management
Development      Java, Spring Boot, Go, Python, Jupyter, C++
Infrastructure     Build pipelining, Continuous deployment and delivery, Kubernetes Ecosystems, Cloud service provider

Personal Skills   Problem Solver, Thinker, Strategist, Philomath, Peace Keeper (High5 strengths test)
  • 09/2020 - 09/2020

  • Documentation repository for scientific and scholarly communities
  • • Implemented a search module for japanese language in the documentation repository software.
    • Pushed and implemented new concepts in the software development infrastructure (Continous Integration, Extreme programming ) for a more
    efficient and transparent development process.
    • The modules were running in a JBoss Java JEE environment.

  • 12/2019 - 01/2020

  • Proof of concept - BPMN microservice engine
    • Design of a prototype (Proof of concept) to use a BPM process engine in a service-orientated application.
    • Design and implementation of multiple Camunda BPMN process engines in an event-based microservice ecosystem.
    • Design of BPMN process flow examples according to clients' business cases.
    • Dockerized microservices based on Java Spring Boot and Apache Kafka as an eventbus.
    • KPI Tracking and inbound gateway security by grafana, prometheus and kong.
    • Successful completion within given timeframe.

  • 08/2018 - 02/2019

  • Plattform for processing recipe data
    • Data aquisition and analysis project with pharmacy e-prescriptions.
    • Preparing vision and high-level requirements with executive stakeholders and legal consultants. Preparing user stories with Product Owner.
    • Budget preparation, overview and tracking.
    • Technical consulting to secure data transfer of highly sensitive recipe data including anonymisation.
    • Design and implementation of an agile incident reporting system including SLA coverage based on JIRA Service Desk.
    • Architectural software consulting in designing and part-implementation of dockerized Spring Boot applications and data structures.

  • 10/2015 - 08/2018

  • Warehouse logistic system for pharmaceutical products
    • Analysis of all warehouse business processes with DDD design patterns and BPMN process views.
    • Installation of an agile projectmanagement work flow, along with relevant tools.
    • Responsible for a project budget of EUR 200,000.
    • Design and implementation of an on-premise HA-Cluster based on DC/OS and Kubernetes. Prototyping several techniques including CQRS, Spring Boot, Event-sourcing etc.
    • Design of a continuous migration plan to switch to a microservice oriented service cluster with a event sourcing data storage.
    • Professional and disciplinary guidance for a five person scrum team.
    • Implementation of several microservices with Java Spring Boot.

  • 08/2014 - 09/2015

  • Middleware system integration engine
  • • Design of service-orientated architecture using Apache Camel and Enterprise integration patterns
    • Test-driven Java implementation of several core modules in Java and the Spring framework.
    • Developed a test framework fully integrated in the development process using Continuous Integrations patterns.

  • 08/2012 - 07/2014

  • Core development at a process engine software
  • • Java development of several modules in core development of inubit BPM process engine.
    • Implementation of automatic testing routines in a Continuous Integration environment.
    • Updated build system from Make to Maven and restructured the import of the third party libraries.

  • 01/2010 - 07/2012

  • Java service for handling postal processes
    • Business analysis of the postal services in the company.
    • Implemented an interface modul from postal scanning facility to the IBM content manager system.
    • Software was written in Java JEE with message-driven beans. Software was deployed on a websphere application server
    • Restructured project management to agile principles for more efficiency.

  • 06/2005 - 09/2007

  • Aeronautical Service-Integrator for mobile phones in aeroplanes
  • • UML Design and C++ programming of modules with Magicdraw and CppUnit testframework.
    • Implementation of a software developing infrastructure according to aeronautical standards DO178B.

Berlin (GER) & London (UK) & DACH