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Consultant DevOps in Cloud, UNIX / Linux / AIX Senior Engineer / Senior Business Intelligence Consul

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  • Letztes Update: 02.02.2020
Profilbild von OuldHammou Sofiane Consultant DevOps in Cloud, UNIX / Linux / AIX Senior Engineer / Senior Business Intelligence Consul aus Erding
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DevOps, Puppet, Cloud, Google, GCP, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, AWS, IBM Cloud Computing, IBM PowerVC, IBM CalCloud, IBM Open Deploy Server (ODS), IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager (TPM), IBM Build Server (AIX), IBM ILSC, Data visualization, Grafana, Kibana, Prometheus, Icinga2, Big Data, SAS, Cloudera, Apache Hive, Hadoop, azure hdinsight, Apache Spark, Agile SCRUM, Jira, Kanban Board, Container technologies, Docker, Vagrant, Kubernetes, Git, Subversion, UNIX Administration, Linux (REDHAT, SLES, Debian, Sun Solaris Administration, IBM AIX Administration, NIM Administration, VIOS, HP-UX Administration, Windows XP/NT/2000/2008/2012 Administration, VMware infrastructure 5, X (ESXI, ESX) Administration, Shell, Bash, KSH, PHP, Perl, Yml, HTML, XML, Java, Python, TCP/IP Network support, DNS, IMAP, SSH / LDAP, SSL, HTTP protocols, IBM Tivoli Security Compliance Manager (SCM), IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager, TEM, Middleware, Tomcat, Wild Fly, WebLogic Server administration and support, Database, Oracle Database administration and support, PostgreSQL Database administration and support, IBM DB2 Database administration and support, SQL Server administration and support, Azure, Linux, Google Cloud, Solr, SaaS, Veritas Cluster Server, Gemalto, VMware, Apache Storm, Apache, zookeeper, UNIX, AIX, IBM, gov/services/calcloud, IBM Cloud, RedHat, Suse, Service Pack, Amazon EC2, Maximo, UNIX/Linux AIX, Systems administration, AIX 7.2, 7.1 .6.1, AIX systems, IBM AIX, MongoDB, Couchbase, Operating System, Windows, programming
  • 02/2019 - 02/2020

    • adesso
  • Senior Consultant Cloud (Azure, Linux)
  • Design & Implementation new monitoring on platform Cloud (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure) for customer like Signal Iduna, Conrad & Munich Re.
    Design CDP process for customer
    Maintain Infra of customer on side of OPS (Hadoop & Solr ..)

  • 08/2015 - 01/2020

    • IBM Watson Health
  • DevOps Engineer
  • I worked with Sofiane for several years. He is a hardworking and very dedicated
    to get the job done; result oriented and willing to work extra miles, extra hours
    to meet the deadline. He is so eager to improve his knowledge to support the
    work that he has to accomplish. He is a team player.

  • 08/2015 - 01/2020

    • IBM CIC
  • IT Department Manager
  • As manager of Sofiane I can say he is very professional and responsible at his
    work. He performs all his tasks with high quality and is always ready to support
    other teams and persons. He takes challenges and new assignments which was
    the case with his latest role. I'm glad to work with Sofiane and recommend him
    as a team member and technical specialist.

  • 04/2015 - 01/2020

    • Craig Monroe; IBM
  • Staff Engineer
  • I have worked with Sofiane at IBM for over a year. During that time, Sofiane has
    always impressed me with his strong technical skills and attention to detail. He is
    always willing to help, and is also willing to take advice as well - both important
    attributes. Sofiane possesses a wide range of IT skills, including OS Testing and
    Qualification and Operating System Provisioning and Administration on a
    number of platforms such as AIX, Windows and Linux.

  • 04/2015 - 01/2020

    • Craig Monroe; IBM
  • IBM IT Architect & Systems Engineer
  • Sofiane is easy to work with, very thorough, and high efficient in his job duties.

  • 09/2011 - 01/2020

    • Sebastian Szary
  • Linux / DevOps Consultant
  • Sofiane is very dedicated to his work, have very strong UNIX skills, always ready
    to share his knowledge.
    Additionally he have strong programming and network skills and he always
    Supported me in programming tasks.
    Without any problems I can recommend him to work as UNIX Specialist and very
    Good co-worker.

  • 06/2018 - 12/2018

    • Amadeus
  • Consultant
  • Write Automation Playbook using Ansible + AWX for implementation Cloud private of
    Amadeus in platform Software as Service (SaaS).
    Automation of VCS (Veritas Cluster Server) to maintain Kernel patching of the OS in
    Cloud (Paas)

  • 12/2017 - 05/2018

  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Moving solution of customers to Public Cloud
    Help to create Docker Images of Customer to move it to Hub

  • 09/2017 - 10/2017

    • Gemalto
  • Consultant
  • Implantation of Projects Mobile ID and Mobile ID Sign (move solution of customer from old
    Environment on VMware to public Cloud
    Installing Kafka and creating topic
    Installing Apache Storm single node and Apache zookeeper
    Create Monitoring for instance Docker via Kubernetes and Grafana

  • 12/2010 - 09/2017

    • IBM
  • Senior Engineer (UNIX / Linux / AIX)
  • Project in production:
    Project Intern IBM automation in Cloud (Project CalCloud) :
    Project worldwide Automation of Installation AIX OS last TL and SP via Cloud
    (Project Internal for all customer of IBM.)
    Project IBM DoOnce Tool (Automation solution run on IBM Cloud for security)
    Project IBM PowerSC security and compliance (Automation IBM PowerSC in Cloud)
    Project ODS (Open Deploy Server is a automate solution for Cloud to Build VM machine
    In cloud with support of OS like RedHat,Debian, Suse)
    Project IBM BuildServer (Automate Tool to set Auditing of OS + automation Build new
    Machine and LPAR via Cloud solution
    Project IBM Global Images (provide last solution of IBM Cloud with last Service Pack and
    Technology level)
    Project Darwin (Translation of images run Amazon EC2 to IBM Cloud)
    Project Maximo (Add Plugin to the Maximo) more detail can see link on below:
    UNIX/Linux AIX Systems administration
    Packaging ISO+MKSYSB TL and SP for AIX 7.2, 7.1 .6.1
    Troubleshooting, Problem tracking, AIX systems administration and support
    IBM AIX (UNIX) Systems Programmer

  • 12/2009 - 09/2010

    • IQRASOFT COMPUTERS; 3W Design Team
  • Software Development Engineer

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