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Test Development Engineer, Embedded Software Test Engineer, System Test Engineer

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regression, logging, debugging, test framework, Python, bugs, decoding, protocol, DigRF, RFFE, LTE, Python scripting, Linux, CTP, ETP, OTA(Over the Air, Labview, TestStand, VST, TDD, MMO, IOT, Modems, modem, memory dump, memory leaks, UL_DL, FTP, UDP, 2G, Lauterbach, Interoperability, Android, mobile device, requirement analysis, regression testing, databases, Unix, XML, Scrum, OAM, Wireshark, CRTM, EasyAnalyzer, Spirent, Ixia, DHCP, IPSEC, IPv4, IPv6, IBM, HP Quality Center, SDH, Ethernet, ISA boards, RFID, multiprogramming, Telecom, Optics, Telecommunications, readers, tagID, RF, RAT, SQL language, Jenkins
  • 11/2014 - 09/2017

    • Nokia Networks
  • Test Development Engineer
  • Nokia Networks Timisoara, Romania

    Part of Supply Chain Test Engineering Team supporting Small Cell and Metro Cell
    products (Nürnberg& Timisoara):

    - RF Measurement Equipment Lab Owner: CTP,ETP, Test Fixtures (Agilent
    and Rohde& Schwarz)
    - Design tests for RF Modules; Radio Boards; OTA(Over the Air Tx/Rx); BurnIn
    - RF Characterization& RF Performance Tests(All)
    - Test development based on Analog Devices RFIC(AD9373
    Mykonos)&Evaluation Board
    - Tests development in Labview& TestStand
    - Tests developed using NI-PXIe, NI-MAX,MXA-MXG(Keysight) or NI-VST Hw
    - Field performance throughput monitoring & reporting of the products
    - RF products manufactured: LTE RRH (Remote Radio Head), Small-Cells&
    Metro LTE FDD&TDD MRO,MCO,MBO,MMO Base Stations
    - Close collaboration with SW& HW Development teams
    - Production Yield Support& Improvement for factories
    - Technical Support for EMS factories(Flextronics Timisoara, Foxconn
    Shanghai, Sanmina Mexico, Einea- Eu France )

  • 10/2013 - 10/2014

    • Ericsson
  • Embedded Software Test Engineer
  • Ericsson Lund, Sweden

    Test development & execution & IOT & reporting for Ericsson BU Modems products:
    M7450(Radium)- Embedded Systems
    Customer: Samsung

    System Stability & Performance Team, in charge of the following activities:
    - 4GModem(embedded systems)& Host(AndroidOS)Testing
    - Debug logging level preparation& collection& analyze
    - Perform Regression tests planning& execution
    - Python scripting for new& already settled test cases
    - Layer1 test& decoding& analyses(UE-RAN)
    - Perform Carrier Aggregation tests(preparation, execution, report)
    - Find as many as possible modem crashes (memory dump, memory leaks,
    - 3GPP performance tests(throughput UL_DL,FTP, UDP, radio bearers)
    - Define test scopes according to requirements
    - Exploratory testing of modem capabilities
    - Setting of static and mobility routes in network simulators for
    - Lauterbach tracing
    - Agile environment
    - Report & monitor software bugs
    - Aging tests for modem SW& apps
    - Interoperability testing(IOT) &GCF

    Job related skills:
    * Good knowledge in analyzing UE& Network side logs(protocol, DigRF,RFFE)
    * Good knowledge of kernel(Android) logs on mobile device side
    * Good knowledge of 2G,3G,4G network side(protocols, architecture)

  • 06/2012 - 10/2013

    • Alcatel Lucent
  • System Test Engineer
  • Alcatel Lucent Timisoara, Romania

    TEST PRIME (make estimations, requirement analysis & improvement, test strategy,
    test execution, test reports) for different telecom network features.
    - 3GPP PM counters testing
    - Non-regression testing for new implemented software features (manual,
    automated using Easytest-Python)
    - Commissioning of LTE-4G Alcatel-Lucent telecom equipment's (eNodeB-
    - Macro& Metro LTE testing
    - Good knowledge of Service Aware Manager(SAM)& NEM(Network Element
    - Design Network Telecom equipment databases(using Unix, Radiofrequency
    theory, XML techniques);
    - V-Model, Waterfall, Agile-Scrum, KanBan (LKU applied)testing development;
    - OAM(Operation Administration Maintenance)of RAN
    - Technical support offered for XFT
    - Implement, integrate new software& hardware telecom features
    - Transport Network tools good knowledge(Wireshark, CRTM ,EasyAnalyzer)
    - Transport telecom testing(using Spirent,Ixia,DHCP,IPSEC,IPv4,IPv6)
    - Call flow handling& monitoring(using Qualcomm-QXDM,LG)
    - Build& run automated test cases (Python)
    - Linux good knowledge
    - Track& trace software bugsDCT(IBM)
    - Define& Follow results with HP Quality Center

  • 10/2010 - 06/2012

    • Optics; Flextronics
  • Test Engineer
  • Flextronics Timisoara, Romania

    - People Management: manage a team of 8 shift technicians
    - Project Management: CFT(Customer Focus Team) Engineering
    - Technical Trainer: external(delivery of business segment)(China, Italy,
    Germany) internal: teaching new business segments(for CFT)
    - Primary task of my job was to assure 24h by 24h technical support during the
    test, integration and commissioning process of SDH& Ethernet& ISA boards,
    equipment's and networks (Alcatel-Lucent 1642EM& 1662SMC& 1660SM&
    1650SMC& 1678MMC& 1850-Tss100& 160& 320).
    - Second tasks: Plan, design and implement FAT (factory acceptance tests) for
    OMSN(Optical Multi Service Node) products networks from Alcatel-Lucent.
    Also, plan & design and implement integration final solutions regarding the
    functionality & capacity of the OMSN products.
    - Other tasks: prepare technical trainings plan, implement it for ALU OMSN
    products like: 1642EM& 1662SMC& 1660SM& 1650SMC& 1678MMC& 1850-
    Tss100& 160& 320

  • 08/2008 - 10/2010

    • Wittronic
  • Junior Test Engineer
  • Wittronic, Romania

    Primary task of my job was to assure technical support in any step of the process,
    especially in testing/validation field.
    Second task was to install, maintain and troubleshoot RFID systems and functional
    test systems from our clients. Third task was to make testing/validation reports, make
    process improvements and assist clients into research and development of some
    Other tasks:
    Make projects for multiprogramming system (ELNEC);

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