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Project manager, Product Owner, Business Analyst

Profilbild von Alesia Kunts Project manager, Product Owner, Business Analyst aus Duesseldorf
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Profilbild von Alesia Kunts Project manager, Product Owner, Business Analyst aus Duesseldorf
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My special skills are: Project Management, Business Analysis, SCRUM, Kanban, team leading, product specification writing, business requirements collection, scope planning, meeting deadlines, work within project budget, Jira, Confluence, German and English.
I am working as a Project Manager for about 5 years by now. 
At the moment I am a Project Manager/Product Owner/Business Analyst in Vodafone Germany in Düsseldorf.

Previously I was working as a Project Manager/Product Owner at trivago and was developing a Content tool with the team of 5 software engineers. I had an experience in development of content tool to build up the database that is used for the search on the front-end. I am sure you understand how difficult it is, on the one hand, to address all stakeholders’ needs and, on the other hand, to make development team happy.
When I was working as a Project Manager/SCRUM Master of another IT company in Belarus I drove from scratch the development of Brand new website built on new technologies. As the team was extra-international (development team and all stakeholders have been located in different offices and countries), I believe that my communication skills and creative approach to each member helped me in making the whole team to be on the same page.
On the other hand, my deep understanding of International Sales and Marketing mechanism, Analysis of Global Business, self-organization and structuring tasks and, of course, in a way how to build trust between oneself and users helped me in attracting, retaining and motivating newcomers on our platform.
While doing my Bachelor in International Economic Relations (Belarus) and Master in Project Management (Germany), I have found myself particularly excited about International Business and IT- Project Management. Steps that managers and directors are taking to “refloat” their business ship (a company), organizing project work and communication from scratch, inspire and motivate me to improve my knowledge and constantly move forward while participating in various workshops and conferences related to Technology and Project Management.
I am doing my best to push further the success of the company together with the team because of my pro-active approach in life and set of useful skills (analytical thinking, accuracy, focus, communicational skills and willingness to adapt quickly to new surroundings and changes).
As George Herbert once said: “Great ship asks deep water...” I couldn’t agree more with this quotation, I and hope, you too.
Please take a look on the references in my linkedIn profile
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