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Jan works currently at DB Systel as Technical Principal with more than a decade of experience in the creation of large-scale and distributed applications with a soft spot for internet of things and extreme programming. He lead multiple teams with up to 35 members in the last 5 years. Jan has a deep background in agile product management as well as in product and infrastructure development. He was involved in projects with various domains, ranging from telecommunications, transportation, insurance, real estate and retail. 

Buzzwords I can identify with:
  • Software development, IT strategy, requirements analysis
  • Agile, lean and design thinking methodologies 
  • Project management
  • Consulting
  • Emotional intelligence, Lateral leadership
  • Programming languages: Java, Swift, ObjC, JavaScript, Clojure
  • Enterprise architecture, web services, mobile application development, web applications, microservices, enterprise software, SOA, PAAS, distributed systems, cloud computing, big data
  • Extreme programming, test driven development, continuous integration, continuous deployment, devops, pair programming
  • Internet of Things
  • Public speaking (conference talks at buildingIOT, XConf, Code.Talks, meetups)
  • Domains: retail, telecommunications, insurance, transportation, logistics, real estate
  • Certifications: ADA, Lean Kanban University Certificate
Technical Principal; DB Systel - IoT Cloud
March 2018 – now 

Jan is leading the technical implementation and architecture of the DB IoT Cloud. DB IoT Cloud, Deutsche Bahn's central IoT platform, aims to enable the business units within the Group to implement their digitisation projects from the asset right through applications and processes (end-to-end). Market-leading technologies like AWS, Azure and IBM Watson are made available in the form of building blocks for the implementation of various applications. The system includes various products, ranging from connectivity, data storage, data visualisation and data access through the digital representation -- the digital twin. Jan setup different feature teams of overall 50 cross-functional team members. Together they implement the platform DB IoT Cloud and client projects. In the role of technology lead Jan is also representing the unit DB IoT Cloud. He is responsible for the stakeholder management.


Head of Development; ORBIT
October 2016 – February 2018 

Jan founded and lead ORBIT's technology and digital transformation unit with a yearly multi-million euro turnover and overall 20 people involved. This also included a subsidiary in Barcelona. He worked with multiple cross-functional teams across different clients across different countries (Germany, Spain, France, Poland, Netherland). He was providing technical and product driven advises to the teams. In his day-to-day job, he collaborated closely with clients and teams as a sparring partner and leader. He introduced agile and start-up methods into client teams, moderated and facilitated workshops. As a partner for technology, he had also responsibilities like sales, business development, recruiting and people development.


Tech Lead/Product Owner/Scrum Master; DB Cargo (ORBIT)
June 2017 – February 2018 

Jan was collaborating as a tech lead and product owner with multiple teams helping the team to transform the clients business. DB Cargo is distributing IoT devices to locomotives (2,5k) and waggons (80k) to automate maintenance processes. The system involves IoT, Big Data (Splunk), Cloud (AWS) as well as backends (Java) and frontends (JavaScript). Jan was introducing new agile product and programming methodologies, served as Scrum Master as well as supporting the program leads operationally. 


Tech Lead; Multichannel Transformation; Provinzial (ORBIT)
March 2017 – February 2018 

Jan was leading both - technology and business team transforming the clients business. It involved a discovery phase ending in a successful pitch to the CxOs and the following developing initiative. The system will replace the current leading insurance system. He was introducing agile to the client and the teams along with agile product and development methodologies. He was also technical sparring partner.

Lead Developer; Multichannel Transformation; E&V (ORBIT)
November 2016 – February 2018 

Jan lead a team which was transforming the clients business in both of – b2b and b2c. The system includes microservices (Java), mobile apps (iOS/Swift/Android), mobile web apps, infrastructure (gcloud) and devops (CI/CD). The system is replacing the current monolithic system with the purpose to scale and quickly launch new products to adopt to the market needs. Jan helped the client to shape their business strategy, following up with a product vision and software development initiative.


Lead Developer; Multichannel Transformation; Metro AG (ThoughtWorks)
October 2015 – October 2016 

Jan was assigned as lead developer and supported the program as organizational - overall the team included 35 members. He was one of the responsibles for a b2b multichannel transformation which included the sales and driver channel. The system included micro services (Java, k8n), mobile web apps (JavaScript with React) and was replacing a monolithic, heterogeneous system in 31 countries. The team was distributed in Dusseldorf, Chennai and Shenzhen. In his day-to-day job, he collaborated closely with the client and the team.

Links: (Founded later by Metro)

Lead Developer; Connected Internet of Things Device; Tchibo AG (ThoughtWorks)
June 2014 – September 2015 

Jan was assigned as lead developer for the period of 16 months and was responsible as a lead developer to work closely with the client and third-party vendors to build a connected coffee machine (, an iOS app as well as corresponding ecosystem. The system includes backend services (Java), 2 mobile apps (iOS/Swift/Android), an admin front end (JavaScript with Angular) as well as contract tests and a “fake hardware” (BeagleBoards + JavaScript with Node). The team involed 22 people - in Hamburg and Chennai. 


Lead Developer; 1&1 United Internet, Karlsruhe
April 2013 – May 2014 

Jan lead a team with 4 developers and was responsible for WEB.Cent (, an incentive platform of United Media written in Java. In addition to the maintenance and redesign he implemented a self-service for third party incentive reports using Spring Integration and Jenkins. He was also vicarious lead developer of the homepages (Java) (, 

Developer; 1&1 United Internet, Karlsruhe
October 2011 – March 2013 

Jan designed and implemented a company-wide development and deployment system for Apache Wicket Markup – which changed the working mode for all collaborators. 
He was responsible for the java library and a self-service system (Jenkins+Puppet) which enabled all parties (all-in 10 projects), especially web designer to work on a running java frontend. He also maintained the product searches (Java) ( 
Developer/Corporate Student; 1&1 United Internet, Karlsruhe  October 2008 – September 2011 
Jan implemented the migration of the product search (Java) ( from JSP to Apache Wicket. Major focus of this migration was the support for 11 brands and 8 languages. He also enhanced the caching infrastructure of the contact management system, a companywide Java satellite application using Memcache and EhCache. 

Junior Developer; 1&1 United Internet, Karlsruhe
February 2008 – September 2008 

Jan joined the Infrastructure team of 1&1 where he maintained and automated multiple Jenkins installations for more than 200 developers. He was also responsible providing basic infrastructure tools like Git, SVN, Nexus and Artifactory. 

Technical Product Manager/Student Trainee; 1&1 United Internet, Karlsruhe
July 2007 – January 2008 

Jan was involved in the conceptual phase and the implementation of the social media platform As a technical product manager, he was responsible for an administration tool which was built upon Xoops in PHP.