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Profilbild von Yasin Kara Facebook Marketing Expert aus Erkrath
Who am I?

Hi my name is Yasin, I´m 21 years old and I`m a digital marker and owner of an online business (Social Media Marketing Agency) and I just started my career as a freelancer. In my everyday life I help businesses maximize their brand awareness, visibilitly and their ROI with Facebook and Instagram Marketing. Oh and I do a lot of sport.

I startet my online marketing career three years ago during my work and study bachelor in direct marketing at Vodafone Germany. It didn´t take long until I noticed my passion and my talent for online marketing. Since then I steadily improved my skills through my work, seminars, several masterminds and masterclasses that are led by the best german online marketers.

I know I´m not the most experienced guy regarding my age but I learned from the best, I know their strategies and now I have similar skills. 

Now I could sit here and waste your time talking about myself, but I’m sure that’s not why you are reading this. I know that you are interested in finding out how I can help your business with Facebook advertising. And I´m gonna explain it to you now.

The difference in my approach to Facebook advertising is thorough planning and data-based decision making. I know there are a million other Facebook Advertising services out there offering to run your ads and launch campaigns, but what are they actually doing?

If you work with me you get transparence, data based decision making and a skill set that is above average.  You will always know what I´m doing and why I´m doing this. What I offer is a quality over quantity service.

I will always do my best to deliver the best possible ROAS. But I want to be honest too. I can´t guarantee you that we will get to a very profitable campaign very fast. Facebook marketing is all about testing, learning and optimizing the adsets. It can take a while until campaigns become profitable.

What´s Included:
  • first of all honesty and transparence
  • In-depth strategy plans
  • market analysis
  • Pixel installation
  • Precision targeting and retargeting with ads tailored to audiences 
  • messenger marketing if it makes sense
  • Ads account management and optimization 
  • E-Mail Support
  • Weekly calls
  • Monthly Reports
Who is this not for?

Now my service is not for everyone. Above all because I know that I´m not the cheapest freelancer on this platform. 

If you have unrealistic expectations of Facebook advertising and do not understand the importance of planning, analysis and the right strategy this is not for you. Facebook marketing is an art form based on data and human psychology.

If you aren´t a risk taker, this is not for you. I have processes and procedures in place that might look strange on the first sight but I know that they work. I cannot be responsible for results if I do not implement my own strategies.

Who Is This For?

As I already said above I´m not the cheapest freelancer on this platform. But I can give you the results and that the majority can´t. 

So if you are a business owner who looks for an above average marketer where the knowledge isn´t out of cheap social media marketing agency online course or from Youtube, I´m the right guy for you.

My service is excellent for business owners that are looking for results and want to know what is happening in their Facebook Business Manager and why it´s happening. 

Get In Touch 

If you made it this far, you are probably interested in my services. 
Take a couple of minutes to contact me and we will arrange a date and time for a brief call with me to discuss how we can get started driving more sales and revenue for your business with Facebook advertising. The call is free and I can probably give you actionable recommendations and strategies you can start working on today.

I´m looking forward to our collaboration. 

Best regards,

- Finest Audience Masterclass Member