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Lukas Plazovnik

Embedded Developer/Cloud and Innovation Architect

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Profilbild von Lukas Plazovnik Embedded Developer/Cloud and Innovation Architect aus Wien
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  • Abschluss: Embedded Systems Design/Master of Science in Engineering
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Profilbild von Lukas Plazovnik Embedded Developer/Cloud and Innovation Architect aus Wien
I'm an Engineer/Scientist/Technology Architect.

Do you have a problem that needs to be solved? I'm able to solve that for you in the most convenient technology there is.

I learned programming in C and such on a deep level.
I know how compilers are working and implemented one myself a while ago.
I even designed I tiny CPU with VHDL that run a FPGA as well as reimplemented the whole C++ Standard Library. I do not only know how to use frameworks and libraries but be able to rebuild them.

From there, I expanded my Programming expertise into different directions.
High-Tech Electronics Development (uController Development) and Server Based Technologies (Microarchitectures, Distributed Systems, ...)
Nevertheless, I'm not limited to tools and technologies.
As a rule of thumb, it takes me around 2 and 8 weeks to "learn" any new programming language, to a level, which is adequate for most industries.

Technology Stack overview:
Out of the box technology stack on a high level:

C/C++, Java/Spring-Boot, react-native, Bash, NodeJS, GO, docker, azure, Linux (User Level), Jenkins, Python, Silabs uController Stack, HTML, CSS, Data Devops and Server Infrastructures (e.g. Azure, Segment, Databases, ...), ...

Technology stack with 1-2 weeks to get into it deeper(again):
MYSQL, ATMEL/Xilinx Stack, VHDL, MATLAB, R, Assembly, Swift, ...

Most others, that have similar behaviour than one of the languages above, are usually well acquired fast as well.

March 2018 - Now
Blockchain Developer
 Apollon Investments Ltd
Cryptocurrency Developer and IT-Infrastructure C++, Bash, Docker, Jenk-
ins. NodeJs

Feb. - March. 2019
Entrepreneur in Residence
 TandemLaunch Inc.
Business Constructions, IP/Patents, Technology Research VC, Funding

Jan.-Sept. 2018
CTO Trackcheck
Establish a company for transport control
Development(C/C++, Android and Web),
management, financing, production and selling
(pre-funding stage)

April-June. 2018
Electrical Engineer
Re-creating electrical test platform for control unit of an Ion-thruster
Designing future manufacturing pipeline automatisation
jenkins, C/C++, bash, Documentation

July-Nov. 2017
Embedded Engineer
 IVM Technical Consultants at RUAG Space
Software Testing of a GNSS-module for a weather satellite
TCL-Scripting, Multi, Cantata, DOORS, GIT, C/C++
Testing of Protocols, RAM, Tasks, SpaceWire, States, Robustness

2016 April-2017 July
Software/RFID Engineer
 NXP Semiconductors Austria, Gratkorn
SmartCard and NFC Development
Host-Card-Emulation Development:Android/IOS Development
UHF Backscatter Analysis: ADB and Labour Measurements (OSCI, RFID-
Reader, ...)
Android Studio, XCODE, C++/Swift/C#, GIT/SVN

 Ars Electronica Center, Linz
Lego programming workshop for schools and groups

2015 Feb.-2016 Feb.
SoC Engineer
 IQOQI, Vienna
Development of a processing unit for quantum key distribution
SoC Unit with Linux, Using a Driver to forward analogue data from pho-
tons to create a quantum key for encryption
Xilinx TOOLCHAIN, VHDL, LINUX Toolchain (Driver, compiling), GIT

2014 July-2015 May
Software Engineer
 NXP Semiconductors Austria, Gratkorn
μC Development
RFID Application: Android/IOS Development
C/C++, Android Studio, Makefile Projects, NodeJS, HTML/JS, GIT
Wien, Zürich und München