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I’m an expert Mixed-Reality and Mobile Developer that can create sophisticated interactive visuals for VR/AR Devices, Microsoft HoloLens and the Web.
IoT connected devices enriched with Augmented Reality or an impressive 3D-Configurator for your product, I can do all these things and more for you.
Furthermore I also have experience in consulting enterprises in the industrial and creative industry and I’m here to not just find the technical solutions but also challenge your ideas to transform them into successful projects.

My skills:
  • Cross Platform mit Xamarin Forms
  • Unity3d Expert (Teil der Community und AssetStore Publisher)
  • WebGL Expoert with three.js and BabylonJS
  • Augmented Reality (iOS, Android, HoloLens)
  • UX Mixed Reality Expert
  • Microsoft HoloLens Veteran
  • Vuforia AR Framework
  • UI/Motion Design mit Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
  • Azure mit App Services, Azure Clooud Storage, CosmosDB
Interactive 3D collaboration tool for Office 365 (for a Japanese tech-company)
Architecture - UX - UI/Design - Unity3d - Photon Cloud - Azure Active Directory - Microsoft Graph

Mixed reality pick and place HoloLens app for control cabinets
Development of a HoloLens App with Unity3D and PiXYZ Studio for assisting workers in equipping complex control cabinets.
Development in Unity3d, UI, UX, Bluetooth Handscanner integration and integrating PiXYZ for CAD conversions.

thyssenkrupp HoloLinc: HoloLens Staircase Measurement
My role was carefully planing the user workflow with regards to usability, researching interaction concepts and designing the UI (while taking care of company branding). Programming general workflow, UI (from zero), custom logging-framework, custom localisation framework, performance optimisations, custom gestures, graphics shaders and an internal CAD-like authoring tool. Also creating Materials, Textures, 2D Animations and dynamic 3D Animation with complex Paths for HoloLens and iPad.

NextGenSprites (Unity3D Shader-Suite)
NextGenSprites is a popular advanced 2D Shader-set for Unity3d and trusted worldwide by hundreds of developers and game-studios. The Shaders have been written in Nvidia CG for high-performance on desktop, consoles and mobile devices. Developers can also leverage NextGenSprites with its lean API, intuitive editor tools and comprehensive documentation in form of a Wiki and online Tutorial-Videos.
I’m a professional Mixed-Reality and Web/Mobile software developer with a talent for UI/Graphics design. Topics like Agile Methodologies, Programming Patterns and Usability Engineering are also no strangers to me.

Thanks to my broad skill-set, I can also create sophisticated UI ranging from complex animations to user interactive 3D-Scenes on any platform and format.

Further I support worldwide many game developers and studios with my popular shader-suite NextGenSprites for Unity3d.