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  • Abschluss: Master of Science (M.Sc) in Computer Science, Major in Machine Intelligence, minor in Game and Engine-programming
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  • Sprachkenntnisse: dänisch (Muttersprache) | deutsch (gut) | englisch (verhandlungssicher)
  • Letztes Update: 10.01.2021
Profilbild von Anonymes Profil, Mobile app & game developer
Jens holds a master’s degree in computer science and has been active in technical
implementations of creative solutions since 2007. Jens functions well in a team and has the
technical experience to always be a contributor to the project. He has been deeply involved
with all the steps of the development process - from initial architecture design and
implementation, to publishing on app stores and post-launch maintenance and updates.

With his roots in computer games development, Jens has a special eye for UI
implementation and goes to extends to ensure a smooth user experience, which plays a big
part in his passion for developing apps.

Jens has both platform specific and cross-platform experience with mobile and desktop
development. Over the years Jens has developed 29 games and apps for clients such as
LEGO and Pandora as well as numerous inhouse productions.

Apart from being fluent in C#, Jens also speaks Danish, English, und ein bisschen German.
Please contact me for full list of previous projects and clients.

Code Some More - Owner
Consultant on various apps for clients while making self-developed apps

Appropos / Books & Magic - Software developer & game programmer
Consultant on various apps for clients, lead programmer on inhouse AR book/-game production

Guppyworks / Gupex - Game programmer
Lead programmer and lone gun on GuppyLife (game programmer, web developer, backend developer,
game designer, user data analyst, server admin, etc.)

Nordic Game Production - Game programmer
Making GuppyLife game, teaching Unity to the team

Serious Games Interactive - Game programmer
Developing various inhouse games and projects for clients