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Profilbild von Sami Jaber assistant project management aus Geislingen
I have worked in many differenct contries which gave me the ability to work with many different cultures and backgrounds. in addition, my 8 years experience in different domains helped me ti develop my personal skills and to tought me how to overcome problems and conflicts at work and that team work should be always promoted to improve productivity.  I have bachelor in business and two master degree. One in Human resources and the second in sustainable mobilities. My education has improved my knowledge about many different topics and has boradered my perpsectives.
My volunteer experience for ten years with youth generation have developped my project management skills since i was responsible during these ten years for a lot projects to be implemented, well organized and to reach targets.
I have started my career at Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries at my home country Lebanon. I was responsible to implement project regarding satisfaction of customers. my taks was to receive customer's complaints and to develop project to decrease these complaints. In addition, i assisted in the implementation of a new product at the Bank called: tap to pay.
After 5 years, i moved to Saudi Arabia to work as project management coordination at a sales company, in HR department. i implemented a new poject evaluation system since the old one was not so up tp date.
Later i came back to lebanon to work as a project management assistant at Danish refugee council. my task was to contact stakeholders for the implementing of a new project which is sustainable livelihood project. i assist in the whole plan regarding kick-off, backlog, sprints, budget and monitoring.
Currently, i am an assitant project manager at WMF at IT department. i assist in planing budgets and cost. i am the responsible to prepare monthly report to the IT board. in addition, i support the project team to build quality assurance for the IT program and project.
I am willing to relocate to stuttgart, Germany or to middle east for a new challenge