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Profilbild von Heiko Mock eCommerce Architect & Customer Experience Expert aus Duesseldorf

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IT professional with excellent client interaction and management skills. Experienced in working in large and complex projects. Also experienced in Agile (SCRUM) as team lead (ScrumMaster) in the largest Agile project in Europe and as Project Manager (Scrum Product Owner). Oracle Commerce (ATG and Endeca) expert with experience supporting developer, architects and operations.
Highly pro-active attitude with problem solving and analysis skills. Proven track record building relationships with clients.
Experience working in the following sectors: Telecoms, Retail, Media, State government, University Institute, Tourism and Graphics.
Oracle Commerce experience since more than 10 years. Working as an Oracle Commerce Consultant and Architect – liaising with external clients, reviewing their Company needs and making recommendations for the best Oracle product/system and giving also customized Oracle Commerce training on client site. Experienced in Oracle installations, system configuration and tuning, Oracle Commerce Solution Design, infrastructure
2017 - 2018       Deutsche Post AG (ORACLE Commerce 11)
  • Oracle Commerce Architect for the Deutsche Post eFiliale.
  • Responsible for adding new functionality in the current eCommerce implementation.
  • Working in a parallel stream to the actual system integrator with a team of 6 Oracle Commerce developers.
  • Analyzing and estimating given requirements and leading the team to best practice development.
  • Switch development environment to a best practice layout by changing module structure.
  • Oracle Commerce Architect
2016 - 2017       Deutsche Telekom AG (ORACLE Commerce 11)
  • Evaluation and review of current eCommerce implementation.
  • Analyzing backend integration and system landscape.
  • Oracle Commerce and eCommerce Expert
2016                 Deutsche Post AG (ORACLE Commerce 11)
  • Evaluation of functions and concepts of the eCommerce Platform Oracle Commerce.
  • Integration of the eCommercer Plattform into a CRM system.
  • Design of a possible end-to-end process for Marketing, Sales and Service.
  • Implementation of sample eCommerce processes.
  • Assessment of the chosen implementation approach and outlook on possible future actions.
  • Analysis and review of the current release of the eFiliale project and guidance on how to setup Oracle Coherence properly and how to make the system more stable.
  • Helping to transfer the current setup into a more best-practice-setup.
  • Oracle Commerce Expert and Oracle Commerce Solution Architect
2016                 Zumtobelgroup (ORACLE Commerce 11)
  • Solution Architect for the Zumtobegroup B2B-Shop.
  • Integrating Oracle Commerce with different backend system such as Oracle Sales Cloud, PIM and SAP.
  • Creating a new shop based on the Oracle Commerce Store Accelerator.
  • Using REST MVC to integrate with backend systems.
  • Creating a single page application using Knockout JS.
  • Responsible to ensure best practice Oracle Commerce integration and guiding an international team during the development phase.
  • Enterprise Solution Architect
  • Commerce Project Stream Lead
2015                 T-Systems MMS (ORACLE Commerce 11)
  • Solution Architect for the Deutsche Telekom B2B-Shop.
  • Integrating Oracle Commerce with different backend systems, such as SAP.
  • Replacing the existing shopping-cart functionality with Oracle Commerce functionality.
  • Integrating Oracle Commerce with an existing CoreMedia presentation layer.
  • Setting-up a complex pricing and product configuration architecture.
  • Responsible to ensure best practice Oracle Commerce integration.
  • Enterprise Solution Architect
2015                 ORACLE Professional Services (ORACLE Commerce 11)
  • Solution Architect in a world store project for a French Oracle client.
  • Guiding requirements definition over a series of workshops and investigating business requirements and comparison with product functionality.
  • Evaluation of the requirement complexity and assisting in prioritizing requirements.
  • Assisting with product queries, demos and document investigations and assisting with follow-up actions.
  • ORACLE Commerce Solution Architect
2014                 Dassault Systemes France (ORACLE Commerce 11)
  • Supporting the migration of the current internet portal of Dassault Systemes into an ORACLE Commerce landscape.
  • Guiding development team in ORACLE Commerce best practices, including providing development guidelines.
  • Responsible for the integration of ORACLE Commerce with WebCenter Sites and 3rd party applications (i.e. ExaLead Search).
  • ORACLE Commerce Architect
2013 - 2014       Vodafone Germany (ATG v9.2 and ATG 10.x)
  • eShop architect in a global Vodafone project.
  • Responsible to align the German project teams with the CoE (Center of Excellence) of the Group - single point of contact.
  • Guiding other architects to produce the correct integration between ATG, Webcenter Sites and other involved systems.
  • Providing all needed architectural documentation and best practice approaches for the solution design.
  • eShop and ATG Architect
2013                 Hewlett-Packard Spain (ATG v2006.3)
  • Supporting Hewlett-Packard in an ATG emergency situation in a long running project in Madrid/Spain.
  • Analyzing the existing problems causing system instability and providing a report of the outcomes, so the SI could use this to optimize und tune the ATG eCommerce environment.
  • ATG Solution Architect
2013                 Deutsche Telekom AG (ATG v10)
  • Helping Deutsche Telekom to understand ATG/Endeca/WCS architecture.
  • Providing integration approaches to integrate ATG with Endeca and/or WebCenter Sites.
  • ATG Solution Architect and ATG/Endeca Instructor
2013                 Vodafone Germany (ATG v9.2)
  • Supporting Vodafone in optimizing their Content Management Environment.
  • Reducing Publishing times und the time to export/import ATG data in 3rd party environment.
  • Optimizing catalog structure
  • Working with the operations team to stabilize the environment.
  • Guiding content administrator to optimize the course of action they should follow to create production data.
  • ATG Solution Architect and Product Specialist
2013                 ATG & Endeca Architect for Weigandt Consulting – Moscow (ATG v10)
  • A greenfield project for a Russian fashion retailer, starting his first online shop.
  • Performing various solution architecture, design, and development duties in order to implement Oracle Endeca and ATG products to meet the customers’ needs and expectations.
  • Interacting and integrating with other Oracle technologies within the enterprise architecture.
  • Providing direction to the delivery team, and specifically the Endeca and ATG developers during the initial and subsequent project stages to ensure quality solutions are delivered.
  • Acting as the team lead on projects, providing coaching, guidance and feedback to develop skills of team members.
  • Producing high quality Java code and related deliverables as needed.
  • Consulting with management and technical leads of customer organizations.
Since 2011       ATG Instructor for Oracle University (ATG v9, v10 and v11)
  • ATG Instructor for Oracle University in:
  • DACH
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • UK
  • Responsible for compensation classes and on-site training classes in, for example, Poland, Italy, Hong Kong
  • Working with Oracle University to provide ATG training to its clients
  • Delivering courses to both business and technical audience
2012                 Oracle - Munich (ATG v10.1)
  • Supporting Oracle in a RFP for a possible new eCommerce project.
  • Working close together with OBIEE and ERP experts to provide the best integration strategy of Oracle Commerce (Oracle ATG Web Commerce, Endeca Search and Endeca Experience Manager) with Oracle’s E-Business Suite, Oracle BI and Data Hubs.
  • Presenting Oracle ATG Web Commerce capabilities (Personalization and Multisite) to the client, so he could get a better understanding about the ATG solution.
  • Senior ATG Solution Architect
2012                 Vodafone Hutchinson Australia – Sydney (ATG v9.1)
  • Responsible for re-factoring the environment to be capable to publish catalog content and file assets to a staging and production environment. Bring the environment into a best practice setup.
  • Furthermore guiding operations and teaching people to understand how ATG BCC and Merchandising work.
  • Furthermore in focus of the position was to work as an ATG Architect to support the developers and other eCommerce Architects.
2011                 Conexus – Basingstoke (ATG v9.1)
  • Conexus needed an ATG Search Specialist in a project for Republic.
  • The scope was to configure the SearchAdministration and Search Engines and fix the not working index process.
  • ATG Search Specialist
2011                 Vodafone Australia (Remote) – Sydney (ATG v9.1)
  • Vodafone Australia asked for support to help them fixing their ATG BCC/Merchandising environment.
  • The scope was to support on-site developers in analyzing and understanding application error, to stabilize the BCC deployments/publishing.
  • ATG Merchandising/Deployment Specialist
2010 - 2011       CGI Spain/El Corte Inglés – Madrid (ATG v10)
  • The client El Corte Inglés requested a B2B website to be implemented as a Green Field Project.
  • The scope of this project was to build an ATG B2B eCommerce site with different roles and rights for users, based on the organizational hierarchies.
  • WebServices needed to be developed to be able to get a data import from the SAP backend.
  • All media items needed to be stored in SGDDocumentum: A mass loading tool as well as a WebService where needed to connect the data stored in ATG with the media items and to update the references everytime a Documentum reference will be changed.
  • ATG Commerce Architect
  • ATG Product Specialist
  • ATG Instructor
  • ScrumMaster
  • Scrum Product Owner

2010                 Kingfisher Information Technologies (ATG v10 and 9.1)
  • Two different projects for the client Kingfisher Information Technologies (KITS):
            1) Integration of Screwfix NEXTDAY.DIY.COM into B&Q DIY.COM
            2) BQDS – refactoring the B&Q eCommerce Platform
  • The scope was to create a Functional Design Document (FDD) for the needed ATG changes on DIY.COM. The basis was an existing Business Requirements Document (BRD). Changes in the SAP environment also needed to be considered.
  • Another part was to answer questions from possible SI partners regarding the RFP. And finally to make a decision which SI would be the best for this ATG/SAP project.
  • Kingfisher needed also a guidance in decision making of choosing ATG applications or 3rd Party products.
  • ATG Commerce Architect
  • ATG Product Specialist
2010                 El Corte Inglés – Madrid (ATG v2006.3 and 2007.1)
  • Customized ATG Outreach training course for the maintenance people.
  • The scope was to prepare and give a special training course, not provided by ATG themselves. After the training maintenance people without ATG background should have been able to debug ATG Outreach and understand the logging and the setup of the environment.
  • ATG Instructor
2010                 CGI Spain – Madrid
Project: ECI – El Corte Inglés
  • Two different projects for the client ECI:
      1) Development of a new eShop
      2) Solving issues with ATG Outreach
  • The scope was to support the developers setting up their environment and helping them implementing a new shops an new functionality to existing shops. The client also had several issues regarding ATG Outreach which needed to be investigated and fixed.
  • ATG Technical Lead and Architect
  • ATG Outreach Expert
2009                 Conexus - Basingstoke
  • Conexus asked for setting up the ATG Customer Intelligence application for one of their major clients.
  • Setting up LINUX environment with ATG ACI 9.1
  • Bugfixing support for Conexus ATG developer
2009                 Burberry - London
  • Initial phase to define requirements for the relaunch of the Burberry webshop with ATG 9.1.
  • The scope was to be the ATG Product Specialist and doing all the client communication during the workshop phase of this project.
  • ATG Product Specialist and BA
  • Supporting ATG Architects and Project Manager
2009                 Vodafone D2 GmbH
  • The client Vodafone requested me to join their team as subject matter expert to manage their data testing.
  • ATG Support for UAT (ATG Merchandising)
  • Training of UAT with the newest ATG and Vodafone Shop Functionalities
  • Supporting Vodafone employees as ATG Platform Specialist
2009                 Cirquent GmbH
  • ATG Architect for the Migration-Analysis of the Deutsche Post AG eFiliale
  • ATG Solution Design for the Concept of the Migration of the eFiliale
2007 - 2009      CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants (Germany) GmbH
Project: Vodafone eGarage
  • A large and fast paced Agile project with about 130 people.
  • The scope was mentoring new developers, interacting with Senior Clients, managing data migration projects and leading a development team.
  • ScrumMaster – Lead of a Feature Team and responsible person for the Implementation of
  • change requests and features for ATG Merchandising, ATG Knowledge and ATG Outreach
  • Technical preparation of Roles- and Rights-Concepts for ATG eCommerce Applications
  • Contact person for customer and architects regarding the ATG Platform and security questions
  • Responsible for Deployment- and GoLive!-Support
  • Subject matter expert for ATG Platform-Questions
  • Training of staff from operations, test, development and marketing on the ATG Platform
1998 - 2007     Rechenzentrum der Finanzverwaltung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Projectsize: 4 Consultant and 1 government employee
  • Erstellung von Testfällen und Durchführung der Tests
  • SQS-Administration
  • Test of the Client-Software on the Server-Systems HP-UX/RELIANT/WINDOWS NT/WINDOWS
  • Server 2003
SQS-Test-Cadett, SQS-Test-DAT, AWK, SED
  • Whitebox-Test (McCabe IQ)
  • Testautomation with Win Runner 8.2
1997 - 1998     Tourism Company
  • Database development and Reporting with MS-ACCESS
  • Template- and GUI-Design
  • Design and implementation of generic search-functionality
  • User support for the complete Office-Package
  • Networkadministration and support when networkproblems occur
  • Hard- und Software-advice for ca. 100 Hotels by telephone
1997 - 1998     Media Company
Employed in a second job
  • Systeminstallation
  • Purchasing of Hard- and Software
  • Design and wiring of a NOVELL-Network
  • Connecting of the NOVELL-Network to the telecommunications system
1996 - 1997     Student Research Assistant at the Computing Center of a university
  • Systeminstallation
  • Installation of Applicationsoftware
  • Maintenance, removal of computer viruses
  • Hardware-Diagnosis, if necessary replacement of PC-Components
  • Connecting PC to the locale institute network and the university wide network
1995 - 1996     Student Research Assistant at the institute of traffic economics of a university
  • Development task in the context of the research project "Volume of traffic and traffic allocation"
1992 - 1995     Graphics Company
  • Design and development of a publishing house application to administer customer and customer order management
  • Maintenance of a NOVELL-Network