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Pawel Szymik-Kozaczko

IT Projektleiter / Wissensmanagement Berater

nicht verfügbar bis 30.06.2021
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  • Abschluss: sociologie und business administration
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  • Sprachkenntnisse: deutsch (verhandlungssicher) | englisch (verhandlungssicher) | polnisch (Muttersprache) | russisch (Grundkenntnisse)
  • Letztes Update: 26.11.2020
Profilbild von Pawel SzymikKozaczko IT Projektleiter / Wissensmanagement Berater aus Watt
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Projekt management
Knowledge Management
Busines Information Management
Documentation Systems (DMS)
Prozess Automatisierung 
Innovation Management
Business Analysis
I was fortunate to have Pawel on my team for approximately 2 years as a Knowledge Transfer Lead during a Global Transition of End User IT services from various existing suppliers to a new global supplier.
Pawel was very diligent, able to work autonomously and did an excellent job
of keeping this key part of the program under control in difficult circumstances. Pawel also demonstrated great flexibility, often helping others in the team in other areas such as testing and monitoring of critical infrastructure Changes.
Peter Bennett

I had the pleasure to work with Pawel for over a year on a major transition project
and found him to be an excellent project manager. While Pawel's official role title was Knowledge Transfer Lead, his involvement went far past the scope of this role. Pawel was regularly acting as single point of contact for any transition related queries and not only distributing such queries to the right partners, but keeping the ownership, tracking and chasing responses while maintaining overall supervision of all items
and activities throughout the project life-cycle.
No matter the request, nothing ever seemed to be too much trouble for Pawel
and he was always not only willing to support, but ensuring things are being completed as well. I enjoyed co-operating with Pawel very much.
I wouldn't hesitate a second to recommend Pawel for any project leading position.
Jiri Kovarnik

Pawel was a member of my team for nearly two years. During this time he proved to be a knowledgeable and independent professional. He has great listening skills and ability to understand complex requirements and transform them into tangible outcomes (e.g. process documentation). Pawel is also capable of grasping abstract concepts and putting them to practical use by defining frameworks and methods. On many occasions, his project management and organisational skills were keeping our team together and on track while we were iterating through the service development life cycle.
In a nutshell: fun, competent, responsible.
Lukasz Ulaniuk
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