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Sérgio Gomes

Senior Technology Consultant

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  • Abschluss: Master in Information Systems and Computer Eng
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  • Sprachkenntnisse: deutsch (gut) | englisch (verhandlungssicher) | französisch (Grundkenntnisse) | portugiesisch (Muttersprache)
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Profilbild von Srgio Gomes Senior Technology Consultant aus Solingen
Sergio Gomes Technology Consulting Detailed Project Portfolio CV

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How can I help?
  • Roles like Team Lead and Senior Developer / Engineer (Software Engineering)
  • Technology focus: Microsoft / .NET / Azure
  • Backend, algorithmic and data-first projects
  • International atmosphere in direct contact with Client's teams, systems and core businesses
  • Locations: greater area Dusseldorf and greater area Frankfurt
  • Exclusively service contract partnership + all usual conditions to minimize contract risk (e.g. independence to set working times and locations)
  • Remote-first, results-oriented mindset


Consulting background with 10+ years international experience with Clients in Banking, Medical Technology,  Automotive, Logistics and Energy Trading. Focus on end-to-end Software Engineering: from Requirements to Delivery. Technical and non-technical activities including Team Leadership and mentoring. Driven by Client satisfaction and real value delivery.

Business and Technical Skills

Speaks the language of both technical and business side, bridging both worlds.
Takes responsibility for project plans, issue tracking and communication.
Collaborates with management, stakeholders (internal and external, national and international) and field teams to move the projects forward.
Supports HR, Business Development and Sales.
Masters analytical, visual and strategic thinking.
PRINCE2 and Scrum Master certified.

Served as Scrummaster in a agile project team.
Provided Technical Leadership of small to mid-sized teams (multi-country, international environment and remote).
Bootstrapped the foundations for a analytics practice in a company (developed business case, internal marketing and built the community)

Interpersonal Skills

Highly adaptable personality and quick learner.
Asks the "why" and seeks to understand the business context before technology is used.
Coaches and mentors others. Motivates and inspires. 
Continuously self-improves and assists others to improve - technically and non-technically.
Sets a high value on education, learning by doing and networking.

Entrepreneur and Business Mindset

Hands-on get-it-done attitude.
Manages freelancers, including recruitment, budgets, training and project coordination.
E-commerce hands-on experience: eBay & shopify, sales pipelines/funnels, marketing incl. client avatar, strategy, implementation (FB & google ads)
The full project list with roles, responsibilities, tools and technologies is available in the detailed CV (attached).

See my portfolio - as well as testimonials from clients and colleagues - at http://sergioabegomes.com
Preferred locations: (1) Greater Area Düsseldorf and (2) Greater Area Frankfurt
Depending on project and role other locations may be considered.

>> Get in touch via email (sergio at sergioabegomes dot com) as it is the quickest way to reach me.

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