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Interim und Change Manager / Strategieberatung und Dialogmoderation

Profilbild von Sebastian Hallensleben Interim und Change Manager / Strategieberatung und Dialogmoderation aus Aachen
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Profilbild von Sebastian Hallensleben Interim und Change Manager / Strategieberatung und Dialogmoderation aus Aachen
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Programmmanagement, Projektmanagement, Change Management.
Schwerpunkt auf IT-Teams in Entwicklung, Infrastruktur, Daten und Support.
Aufbau effizienter Organisationen mit starkem Zusammenhalt.

Dialog und Strategie:
Konsensbildung und Aufbau von Commitment unter hochrangigen Stakeholdern aus Industrie, Hochschulen und Politik.
Brückenbau zwischen technischen und nichttechnischen Gruppen.
Gemeinsame Strategieentwicklung, v.a. angesichts disruptiver Veränderungen.
Organisationsumbau und -neuausrichtung.

IT / Digitalisierung:
Strategie und Roadmap für Digitalisierung.
IT-Architektur und technische Leitung.
Kompletter Software-Entwicklungszyklus mit unterschiedlichen Methoden (Spektrum agile - waterfall).

Finanzbranche: Algorithmische Handelssysteme für Futures, Forwards und Equities; kompletter Handelszyklus.
Politikentwicklung / Öffentlicher Sektor: Forschungspolitik (Dtl.), Wirtschaftspolitik (Dtl.), Infrastrukturentwicklung für Trinkwasser, Abfallwirtschaft, Energie (Afrika).
Telekommunikation: Fernkonfiguration mobiler Endgeräte, Mobile Portale, Service Network.
Forschung / Technik: Optik, Laser, Photokathoden, Lumineszenz, Ionenimplantation.

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Programme management, change management and project management.
Special focus on IT development, infrastructure, data, and support teams.
Reputation for building cohesive and efficient organisations.

Dialogue / Strategy
Multi-party mediation for consensus and commitment among top-level stakeholders from business, academia and politics.
Bridge building between technical and non-technical groups.
Joint strategy development, especially for disruptive change
Organisational change and refocussing.
IT / Digitalisation:    
Digitalisation strategy and roadmapping.
IT architectural and technical leadership.
IT recruitment.
Full software development life cycle with agile and waterfall methodologies.

Domain expertise:    
Finance: Algorithmic trading systems. Futures, forwards, equities. Full trade lifecycle (FO/MO/BO)
Public sector policy development: Research and economic policy (Germany),
Infrastructure development for fresh water, solid waste, energy (Africa)
Telecoms: Mobile device management, mobile portals, service network
Scientific research: Optics, lasers, photocathodes, luminescence, ion implantation
Project title: Project development for €100m+ drinking water infrastructure in South Sudan
Duration: 27 months (multiple parts)
Role(s) in project: Strategy Developer, Dialogue Facilitator, Government Advisor
Completion: 2017
Client: Government of South Sudan, Celler Brunnenbau GmbH
Industry: Water Supply (East Africa)
Contract type: Contract via Solysis Ltd
Locations: Celle, Berlin
Project description: Project development for a 100+ M€ drinking water project in South Sudan, including technical and policy analysis of previous failed large-scale proposals, formulation of policy advice and strategic roadmaps, selection of supplier and due diligence, multicultural stakeholder management and dialogue facilitation including delegation visits and high-level consultations.

Project title: Digital Transformation in Electric Mobility, Logistics, and Engineering
Duration: 14 months
Role(s) in project: Project Lead for Dialogue & Strategy Stream
Completion: 2016
Client: Siemens AG, Fortiss GmbH, Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy
Industry: Public Sector (Germany)
Contract type: Contract via Solysis Ltd and DDI GmbH
Locations: Frankfurt, Munich
Project description: Dialogue-based strategic study on disruption through digitalisation in the German economy with focus on international competitiveness and new business models in the context of Industry 4.0 / Internet of Things. Collaboration with technical and innovation specialists of Siemens and Fortiss to create a basis for economic policy development in the ministry. Budget responsibility for a 450 k€ work stream.

Project title: Solid waste management for cities in Kenya
Duration: 15 months
Role(s) in project: Interim Managing Director, Dialogue Facilitator
Completion: 2014
Client: Kisumu and Busia County and Nyeri Constituency (Kenya); UN Habitat
Industry: Waste Management
Contract type: Contract via MRE Ltd
Locations: Berlin, Kenya
Project description: Creation of a new business area centred on solid waste management for 3 million citizens. Strategy development (full cycle including collection, recycling, landfill closure and creation, biogas) and stakeholder dialogues both in Kenya and Germany. Supplier selection and vetting. - The unit reached 90 employees before political instability in Kenya forced a freeze of activities in late 2014 at the transition from successful locally funded pilot projects to a UN-funded full roll-out of a 150 M€ programme over 10 years.

Project title: Scientific Coordination for the Funding Programme “ICT for Electric Mobility II”
Duration: 12 months
Role(s) in project: Interim Project Lead
Completion: 2013
Client: Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy, VDE e.V.
Industry: Public Sector IT (Germany)
Contract type: Contract via Solysis Ltd, Deutsches Dialog Institut GmbH and VDE e.V.
Locations: Frankfurt, Berlin
Project description: Scientific coordination of a programme of 16 large publicly funded IT projects in the field of electric mobility with a total budget of 130 million euros. This included creating structures for collaboration, driving cross-cutting technical challenges, representing the programme, and reporting to the Ministry of the Economy. Creation of a successful concept and proposal for the subsequent third stage of the programme. Budget responsibility for 2.1 M€ per year.

Project title: Strategic Dialogues for Research Policy Development
Duration: 30 months (multiple parts)
Role(s) in project: Senior Project Manager, Technical Specialist (IT, Science)
Completion: 2012
Client: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Industry: Public Sector (Germany)
Contract type: Contract via Solysis Ltd and Grolman.Result GmbH
Locations: Frankfurt, Bonn
Project description: Strategic dialogues for research policy development at the Ministry of Research (Foresight programme). Topics included Secure Identity Management on the Internet, Industry 4.0, Open Innovation and Crowd Sourcing, Sustainable Production and Consumption, Campus Model for collaboration between SMEs and universities. Methodological focus on consensus building between stakeholders in academia, business, society, and politics.

Project title: Specialist Training/Methodology for IT Recruiters
Duration: 12 months (multiple parts)
Role(s) in project: Course/Model Developer and Trainer
Completion: 2010
Client: Various recruitment agencies, including Hudson, Advantage Resourcing and TAC Europe
Industry: IT Recruitment
Contract type: Contracts via Solysis Ltd
Locations: London, Frankfurt
Project description: Training and consultancy for optimising IT recruitment with special focus on more efficient methods for matching IT specialists to the needs of employers. Development of an IT recruitment model based on IT-specific working styles with assessment questionnaires and reporting facilities. Delivery of training to both new and experienced IT recruiters.

Project title: Creation and turnaround of IT teams
Duration: 25 months (multiple parts)
Role(s) in project: Interim/Change Manager
Completion: 2008
Client: AspectCapital Ltd
Industry: Asset Mgmt
Contract type: Projects within permanent employment
Locations: London
Project description: (1) Creation of a production team of 16 engineers with responsibility for all IT environments (live, development, test), support, and ongoing development across the whole trade lifecycle, including support for the 24/5 trade floor, STP chain, and data. - (2) Turnaround of a “failed” data and analytics team. Pruning of projects and systems, re-establishment of communication with the business at multiple levels, restoration of productivity by resolving a number of professional and personal conflicts and transitioning the previous team lead to a purely technical role

Project title: Process upgrades and audit/certification
Duration: 14 months
Role(s) in project: Change Manager; IT Coordinator
Completion: 2007
Client: AspectCapital Ltd
Industry: Asset Mgmt
Contract type: Project within permanent employment
Locations: London
Project description: Strategic responsibility for the IT area. Implementation of major changes in the way IT operated, in particular transition to a common project and architectural agenda, introduction of project lifecycle and robust change control, successful SAS70 audits.

Project title: Trading Systems Development Team
Duration: 31 months
Role(s) in project: Development Manager; Solutions Architect
Completion: 2006
Client: AspectCapital Ltd
Industry: Asset Mgmt
Contract type: Project within permanent employment
Locations: London
Project description: Creation of a software engineering team with responsibility for design, implementation, deployment, and support of all algorithmic trading systems. Recruitment and management of the team. Technical and architectural leadership.

Project title: Mobile Device Management Infrastructure
Duration: 30 months
Role(s) in project: Software Architect; Lead Developer
Completion: 2003
Client: Ericsson AB, Aepona Ltd
Industry: Telecoms
Contract type: Project within permanent employment
Locations: Burgess Hill, Guildford
Project description: System architecture and technical leadership for a major greenfield project in a team of up to 15 engineers. Introduction of J2EE with EJB, JMS, JSP, RMI and an RUP-based development process. Configuration manager for the project. Main technical contact for product and project managers as well as key customers.
Räumlich und zeitlich flexibel, insbesondere bei Mix aus Onsite- und Remotetätigkeit.
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