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Profilbild von Andre Schoppmeier Network & Datacenter Architect aus Oberpfaffenhofen
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  • 08/2018 - bis jetzt

    • Allianz Technology
    • >10.000 Mitarbeiter
    • Versicherungen
  • Datacenter Architect
  • Workout a solution Design (SDD) with Cisco during a 12 Month PDI Phase

    • Physical Fabric Design consideration for MuliPod/MultiSite Setup
    • Fabric Policies (Vlan pools, Domain , AEP, Interface Policies, Global Policies

    Switch Policies, Leaf Int Policies, Spine Int Policies, FEX profiles, POD Policies, System Policies

    • Logical Fabric Design (Tenants, Contracts, Subjects Filters ..)
    • BluePrints for Network Centric, legacy migration, Shared Services, Layer 2, Mainframe migration)
    • Fabric External Connections: L3Out with BGP to Core, L3Out with static routing on one interface to Firewall ( Service Graph (Policy Based Redirects)
    • ACI Integration: VMM, Container
    • Fabric Interconnections: MultiPod, MultiSide, MSO (Site, Schemas, Templates)

    MultiSide Disaster Recovery Options

    • ACI Management


    Create a Tender for the Migration and Operations of the new ACI Fabric by Service Integrator

    • Several Service Integrator where asks to participate in the bidding sessions for the scope of Implement, Migrate and Operate the new ACI Fabric
    • Requirements:
      • Support with ordering, installation, racking, cabling, basic config of Fabric
      • Support Automation ( Zero touch GUI approache) 
        • Full Automated deployment and operations of the ACI Fabric ( SDN, Infrastructure as a Code
      • Support with Automated Fabric Testing
      • Network migration support
        • Migration Planning
        • Migration Pre Testing ( LAB) (automated)
        • Migration support (automated migration from ACI perspective)
      • Service Management – Charge Back Model for ACI Fabric 
    • ACI Fabric PoC

    • Develop a PoC Setup with Customer and Cisco, which covers the business requirements
      • Multi-Pod, Multi-Site setup (Scaling issues 400+ Leafs per DC)
      • VMWare (vCenter) , Container Platforms ,Open Shift into ACI via VMM
      • Operations, Automatization with Ansible, Git ; CICD , Postman …
      • Network Centric and Application Centric Approach

      Hardware: Cisco Nexus 9xxx, ACI, Multi Pod, Multi Site IPN/ISN Network,


      Greenfield – Design and Scaling

    • 4 Datacenter Sites – with more than 70.000 Ports
    • 2 Sites per Fabric  ( 2 Pods per Site , Inter Site connection via ISN and MultiPod ( EBGP)
    • Setup Greenfield until end of 2019 , ready for use
    • 1. Step vCenter integration for virtual migrations 
    • 2. Step migration of Fabricpath Switches to ACI ( Network Centric) 
      • Reconnection of complete FEXes to save cabling effort to end devices
      • Firewall and Loadbalancer migration into ACI with Service Graph (PBR)

      Migration managed and coordinated by Service Integrator starting from Q1/2020


      Cisco Customer Prove of Concept (CPOC) with Customer in San Jose with Cisco – BU Datacenter (Sep 18)


      1st Phase ACI - HLD (High Level Design) for Management Approval 

      2nd Phase ACI – SDD - PDI – Prove, Design, Implement from Q1 / 2019 

      3rd Phase find a Service Integrator who will manage the whole migration topics.

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