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Tim Schoch

Freelance UX Interaction Designer - Portfolio unter www.timschoch.com

verfügbar (7 Bewertungen)
Profilbild von Tim Schoch Freelance UX Interaction Designer - Portfolio unter www.timschoch.com aus Thierachern
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  • Abschluss: UX Master Certification from Nielsen Norman Group
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  • Letztes Update: 26.12.2017
Profilbild von Tim Schoch Freelance UX Interaction Designer - Portfolio unter www.timschoch.com aus Thierachern
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UX/UI Design, Corporate Design, Unternehmenskommunikation, visuelle Kommunikation, Konzept, Webdesign, Fotografie, Freud am Läbe, Interaction Design, Human Computer Interaction
UX Designer und Business Analyst
Branche: Transport
Dauer: 9 Monate

Freelance Interaction Designer für HoloLens App
Branche: Universität
Dauer: 1 Monat

UX Berater 
Branche: Industrie
Dauer: 1 Jahr

UX Recherche und Konzept für ein Kundenportal
Branche: Versicherungen
Dauer: 7 Monate

UX Spezialist
Branche: SharePoint
Dauer: 2.75 Jahre

Webentwickler und Designer
Branche: diverse Agenturen
Dauer: 8 Jahre
Verfügbar ab Juli 2018 im Raum Bern
Vor Ort oder Remote
Bin bereit auch international zu arbeiten.
Ausführliches Portfolio und Kontakt unter www.timschoch.com

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Lead Frontend Developer ( Sven Schöni )

Our project started as a migration of a boring client portal. But with the help of Tim we instead build a new, fresh and modern client experience - in a very short time. As a developer I appreciate his friendly and forthcoming personality. And his brain doesn't think in Adobe and pixels alone but also in CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
- A developer in mind. :D


Developer and Solution Architect ( Pascal Berger )

Tim was responsible for introducing UX both to our dev department and the whole company in general. The workshops he conducted where easily comprehensible. The fact that he is rooted in web development made collaboration straight forward because we use the same lingo. Now we regularly rely on his experience when creating interfaces.

Alfred Müller AG

Project manager internal projects ( Urs Schenker )

The workshops where very well conducted and the results prove that it was well worth the effort. To be able to observe participants interact with the fictional interface of our paper prototype and solve tasks was an exciting experience. In my opinion such workshops have to be a standard part of any of our future projects.

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Product Owner ( Dario Füglister )

With few resources at hand and working on a demanding schedule, one of our biggest challenges was to quickly identify the right leverages to effectively improve the user interface. Since we worked on a migration project, backend services and business processes had to be treated as a constant.

Our designers didn’t waste a second to draw up a plan, talk to our customers, analyse the pain points and create a solid conceptual foundation. The concept for the new customer portal turned out to be not only scalable and future-proof, but also feasible and – most importantly – it performed extremely well in our usability tests.

Tim quickly grasped the essential insurance know-how and convinced with his conception skills, his elaborate ideas and his high understanding of quality standards. Furthermore, he proved to have a fine sense for the balance between a great solution and its feasibility – which was crucial to maximize the business value of our product.


Head of Development and executive board member ( Daniel Schnyder )

Tim was responsible for introducing UX within IOZ AG and was self-reliant in doing so. The User is the main focus in all of his work. His graphical skills round out his profile as a usability and user experience specialist in client projects and our own product development.


Project Manager ( Andreas Frei )

Working with Tim is pleasant and professional. As a project manager I'm responsible for the time frame and budget on UX projects and collaborating with Tim is always very efficient and successful.

At IOZ requirements engineering usually is the task of a project manager or solution architect. In projects with an increased focus on usability we normally rely on Tim to conduct the UX studies for us. As a result of those studies we gain significant insights that otherwise might not be identified with conventional methods.

Department of Justice and Security of Basel-Stadt

Assistant Head of Services ( Martin Zimmermann )

The UX study showed us the biggest flaws our intranet has from a user's perspective. The paper prototype helped us to quickly gain insight into how our users navigate the intranet and draw conclusions for the new solution.