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Boris Kajganic CV

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  • Project and team lead worked on specification, design, development, implementation, and maintenance of software for the functions in the power systems domain
  • International experience
  • Worked as a part of team for developing computer programs (C/C++), online and simulation systems (SCADA/EMS/DMS/SAS) numerical calculations (state estimation, power flow, contingency analyze) and protocols (IEC 61850, MODBUS, IEC 60870-5, DNP3).
  • Working on the design and analysis of power systems for load-flow studies and fault calculations in transmission lines.
  • Experience in functional software specifications, design, coding, testing, integration, customer testing and delivery
  • Experience in real-time software development for industrial control and communications/network applications.
  • Control algorithms development and simulation (Fuzzy and Neuro).
  • Real-time software device drivers’ development for fast data acquisition and communication protocols.
  • Experience with MS Visual C++/MFC/ATL/WTL, gcc and wxWidgets.
  • Knowledge of object design and concept.
  • Experience with object and relation databases, database design and development, data modeling and optimization techniques in the client-server applications, knowledge of SQL language and database administration.
  • Experience developing frameworks and standard libraries.
  • Extensive knowledge of power system, computing, computer programs and operating systems.
  • Ability and readiness to acquire new knowledge, good communicator and team player.
Independent Power System Consultant,                                                      May 2015 - present
Kajganic Energy Systems GmbH
Mannheim, Germany

SAS NetzAgent, Lanco Solar PVT, India
Developing of Substation Automation System based on IEC 61850.

SCADA tender documentation, Netz Leipzig, Germany
Work as consultant for SCADA/DMS/DATA EXPORT tender documentation.

Topology processor, BTC AG, Germany
Developing of topology processor for BTC PRINS SCADA system.

ZIV Protection, Enel (Ex Chilectra), Chile
Pilot project, DNP3 communication with ZIV relay protection and data collection (events, signalizations, measurements and COMTRADE files).

Small Station SCADA, internal project
3S is an internal project with the last state of the art in software development.

Project lead/System Architect/Software Developer,                       June 2006 – April 2015
ABB AG, Mannheim, Germany

Porting of DMS, JC China, Nanjing, China
Integration of DMS applications into PS600+ SCADA system. Porting, developing of interface, testing and coordination of two teams (Germany and China).

NetworkManager 6.3, Infrax, Belgium
Upgrade SCADA/DMS project from existing NM 3.6.

NetworkManager 6.3, City of Cape Town, South Africa
The project consists of upgrading the existing system (SCADA/DMS). I was responsible for DMS part.

NetworkManager 5.4, ESKOM, South Africa
ESKOM is composed of six different DMS control systems, one assigned to each area. I was responsible for whole DMS part in each control systems. The work was consisting of project organization, network analysis and modeling, workshops and consultant part.

NetworkManager 5.3, Stadtwerke Bochum, Germany
SCADA/DMS project, replacement of B40 SCADA

NetworkManager 5.3, Stadtwerke Dortmund Germany
SCADA/DMS project, replacement of B40 SCADA

NetworkManager 3.8, AET Bellinzona, Switzerland
The work was consisting of the integration DMS modules into existing system, network analysis and modeling, workshops and consultant part.

NetworkManager 3.8, Stadtwerke Wuppertal, Germany
Upgrade SCADA/DMS project

NetworkManager 3.8, Stadtwerke Leipzig, Germany
Upgrade SCADA/DMS project

NetworkManager 3.6, Infrax, Belgium
Network Manager SCADA/DMS is used to manage the operation of the electrical distribution network and the field crews assigned to operate, maintain and repair the network. Network Manager SCADA/DMS improves the utilization of the distribution network; increases productivity of the workforce; and enhances information flow between operations, engineering, management and customers. As technical lead for the power system part, I was responsible for coordination between customer and our software team, IAT, FAT and SAT.

Equipment Modeling, ABB, Corporate Software
The Equipment Modeling (EM) is an extension of Load flow calculation in order to get more realistic values. The extensions are roughly divided into these sections:
  • Active Power Flow Control
  • Generator Capability curves
  • V/P/Q Controller for remotely controlled tap changer
  • Tap controller for Shunts
General Save Case, ABB, Corporate Software
General Save Cases (GSVC) is DMS-N2A module for save/restore required set of data into XML or UDW (Oracle). The profile file describes (XML) the configuration set of data requested for export or import.

Trouble Call Management, VSE , Germany
The Trouble Call Management (TCM) observes the outage and the restore of the loads. Current status of the loads is stored inside Oracle DB.

System Architect/Software Developer                                                        November 2000 – May 2006
DIGSILENT GmbH, Gomaringen, Germany

PowerFactory for Monitoring data collection, SEC, Saudi Arabia
PowerFactory for monitoring (PFM) is an independent measurement system and it works as a front-end processor. Master station program scans all PFM and transfer data and log events to the master station.

NT Service for PFM, SEC, Saudi Arabia
Supervise PowerFactory monitoring system (PFM)

Tasnet Network Master for Substation Integration – Station Simulator, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
OPC client through the specified OPC custom and automation interfaces.

Online state estimation and dispatcher training simulator, NamPower, Namibia
OPC client for ABB MicroSCADA system and integration of network model with PowerFactory simulation and real time model.

Load balancing tool, ESKOM, South Africa
Load and cabling balancing tool provides automatic balancing techniques for all elements along the feeder.

ReticMaster import
ReticMaster is program for the radial distribution networks. The converter is able to convert both steady-state data (load-flow and short-circuit analyses) and the graphic data.

Matlab/Simulink interface
Developed interface gives the opportunity to model controller or very complex transfer functions using the Matlab environment and insert them as a block definition into a frame in the PowerFactory transient simulation.

ISU import
ISU project is related to the billing system data. Converter summaries measured load consumption over some time period for each customer and add data to appropriate load inside PowerFactory.

DGS import/export
DGS is the standard interface for interchanging data between PowerFactory and other data sources.

NEPS-W import
The converter converts steady-state data for load-flow and short-circuit analyses and the graphic data of a network.

UCTE export/import
The format is used for load flow and three phase short circuit studies and describes the interconnected extra high voltage network in Europe.

DVG import
DVG defines data formats for exchanging planning data between interconnected suppliers and it is used as input format for power flow calculation programs

Online state estimation and dispatcher loadflow, MLNG TIGA, Malaysia
Data interchange with The ABB Enterprise Historian (AEH) system.

Production Cost Monitoring, MLNG TIGA, Malaysia
Monitororing and summarize production costs and fuel consumption of generating units and compares these costs with optimal (minimal) production costs..

PSS/E export
Export of the network model in PSS/E format.

Cable sizing
The optimization process minimizes the annual cost of the network.

Optimal capacitor placement
Optimal configuration of capacitors; the algorithm uses the sensitivity analysis and different optimization methods to determine the locations and sizes of the shunt capacitors.

Team lead, Programmer/Analyst                                                     February 1994 – October 2000
Faculty of electrical engineering and computing, Zagreb, Croatia

Fuzzy controller, HEP, Croatia
Fuzzy controller detections bad measures and wrong signals from the power system network topology. As Project Manager I was coordinated all stages of the real-time software development projects. By establishing client’s objectives, I prepared detailed functional specifications. I did the project schedule, test plan, and design documents overview.

Statistics of operational events, HEP, Croatia
Transmission network describing parameters calculated on the statistical data set of the transmission network elements and consequences of delays in terms of interruption of power energy.

Communication development between PDP11 and PC in National Control Center, HEP, Croatia
Implementation of IEC 60870-5 for Windows and PDP 11.

Library development for IEC 60870 5 protocol, ALSTOM, Great Britain
Developing C++ library for IEC 60870-5 protocol. I did the application software design, communication device driver development, test procedure development, program module design, software module integration and final testing.

Protocol convertor DDE to IEC 60870-5, ALSTOM, Great Britain
Allows data conversion from/to IEC 60870-5 to Microsoft Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) used from many industrial SCADA systems based on the Microsoft Windows platform.
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