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Direktor Softwareengineering, Softwareentwicklungsleiter, Software-Architekt und Entwickler

Profilbild von Friedrich Koebler Direktor Softwareengineering, Softwareentwicklungsleiter, Software-Architekt und Entwickler aus Herzogenaurach
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Profilbild von Friedrich Koebler Direktor Softwareengineering, Softwareentwicklungsleiter, Software-Architekt und Entwickler aus Herzogenaurach
Disziplinarische und fachliche Führung von Entwicklungsteam inklusive QA und Architektur mit bis zu 250 Teammitgliedern
Durchführung mehrerer agile Transformationen sowie Neueinführung von DevOps und innovativen SDLCs
Aufbau von neuen Teams und coaching bestehender Teammitglieder
Budgetplanung und Risk-Management
Enge Zusammenarbeit mit dem CTO und strategische Beratung des übrigen Vorstands
Visionärer und innovativer Umgang mit neuen Trends (Technologie-Scouting)
Cloudcomputing in AWS und GCP sowie Containerization mit Kubernetes
Client -Server, Web Development, Mobile Development und Embedded 
C#, Java, C++, JavaScript, Swift
Microservices und DDD
03/2017 – 2017+ Director Software Engineering eCommerce, at adidas, Herzogenaurach Germany
Director Software Engineering responsible for development and enhancement of all
Adidas and Reebok online stores worldwide with focus on consumer experience and
omnichannel capabilities.
Principal duties and responsibilities
• Leading engineering team with up to 100 engineers (consisting of external and
internal workforce)
• Leading the insourcing activities to build up internal engineering teams from 5
engineers to 60 engineers on 5 different locations
• Driving the agile transformation of .com department
• Establish DevOps within department – e.g.: improving frequency of releases
of the eCom solution from 6 weeks to daily deployments which allows
significant better time to market, options to experiment, better feedback cycles
and far better quality while having less risk to deploy
• Define and establish Adidas Open digital platform - Kubernetes(k8s) based
environment running for adidas on-premise, AWS and Azure in order to
maximize productivity of Adidas developer community.
• Transition of all online stores from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to
microservice based architecture running on Adidas Open Digital Platform
• Current proof of concepts:
o Big data platform based on AWS Stack: S3, Glue, Athena, Redshift,
Quicksight and k8s
o ML pipelines based on Big data platform in combination with
• Managing the department budget and the relationship with vendors and SAAS
Adidas eCommerce just got recognized by L2 as Genius in Online Space -

• Other highlights are the fact that we managed to have last year
o 50% growth rate in business
o 90% reduction of production defects
o Reduction of page load times from 8 seconds to 3 seconds
04/2016 – 02/2017 Head of Platform Architecture at GFK, Nuremberg Germany
Technical architect working on new version of master data management system. Define
data ingestion system of GFK consuming more than 40000 different formats from POS
using Spark.
04/2015 – 03/2016 Head of Development and Operations at UMT, Munich Germany
Head of Development at UMT. We have been creating with our partner PAYBACK one
of the biggest payment platform in Germany which can reach 27 million users in
Principal duties and responsibilities:
• Overall responsibility for mobile payment platform development and
operations. Cloud-based backend.
• Build, manage and develop a cohesive team capable of delivering highly
scalable software to support and maintain the company’s leadership position
• Leadership, motivation, continuous development of team members by giving
behavioral feedback to promote agile team spirit
• Constantly monitor and improve the software engineering processes and
methodologies. Introduction of DevOps mindset into engineering
• Technical project responsibility for Payback Project
• Maintain intensive contacts with external partners and clients to identify
requirements and trends in mobile technology
• Improve the discipline of software technology and architecture
• Responsible for setup and maintenance of test and production environments
• Coordinate and provide technical support for customers and integration
• Support Technical sales organization and Business Development in Pre-Sales
• Monitor state of the art technology and identify the investment needs
• Reporting to the CTO
10/2012 – 03/2015 Senior Engineering Manager at Sicpa, Lausanne Switzerland
Senior Engineering Manager and Head of Project Engineering organization which
consists of more than 250 engineers, team leads and managers where located in three
competence center in Lausanne, Madrid and Kuala Lumbar.
Principal duties and responsibilities:
• Responsible for software, electronics, mechanics and printing technology
engineering teams as well as the execution of their corresponding projects.
Sicpa implemented large scale government project for Secure Supply Change
in order to optimize tax returns by following billions of consumer goods
• Responsible, in cooperation with Technical Department Director, to implement
and execute strategy of engineering organization
• Responsible to implement product roadmap. This included equipment as well
as supporting software solution (from embedded systems in equipment up to
backend server and mobile applications)
• Introduced agile methodologies in engineering organization
• Budget responsibility for amounts of double digit million dollars
• Responsible for 3rd level support and change management
• Responsible to provide business development with technical expertise and
• Technology steering and monitoring in order to stimulate innovation
• Reporting to the CIO
01/2011 – 09/2012 Engineering Manager at Sicpa, Lausanne Switzerland
Engineering Manager and Head of Software department (>30 engineers)
Principal duties and responsibilities:
• Lead and manage software engineers and team leads
• Responsible for development of standard solution. Acting as scrum master in
several projects
• Responsible to establish and continuously improve development process and
• Cost center management (>5 million dollar)
• Business Development Support
10/2009 – 12/2010 Site Manager for the Autodesk site in Guemligen and Software Development
Manager for AutoCAD Map3d, Guemligen Switzerland
Principal duties and responsibilities:
• Site Manager for the Autodesk site at Guemligen. The site employed more
than 45 employees from different departments like Software Development,
Consulting, Product support, Product design and Product Management.
• Overall project responsibility for a software development feature team as
Software development manager and “feature owner” which was tasked to
create a new feature set for AutoCAD Map (>100 million dollar product). The
feature team members were located in 6 different locations in three continents
(Europe, Asia and North America). The feature team contained members from
the following functional groups:
o Product Design
o Quality Assurance
o Product Management
o Software Development
o Software Architecture
I was the main project lead for the feature and acted as well as software
• Member of the Customer Advisory Board
11/2005 – 10/2009 Software Development Manager for Autodesk Topobase and Autodesk Utility
Design at Autodesk, Guemligen Switzerland
Responsible for two product development teams (22 engineers). Revenue of the two
products was around 20 Million Dollar.
Principal duties and responsibilities:
• Lead and manage an engineering team working on AutoCAD Topobase. 8
engineers located in Guemligen (Switzerland) and Ottawa(Canada)
• Lead and manage an engineering team working on Autodesk Utility Design.
14 engineers and 2 team leads located in Shanghai(China) and
• Software Development Manager and Project Lead, responsible for the
following major releases-in parallel acting as software architect for many main
components of the releases:
Topobase 3, Autodesk Topobase Client / Web 2007, AutoCAD Topobase
Client 2008, AutoCAD Topobase Client 2009, Autodesk Utility Design 2009,
AutoCAD Topobase Client 2010, AutoCAD Topobase 2011 (Web and Client),
Mapguide Enterprise 2011, Mapguide 2011 (Community Edition –
• Continuous coaching, training and development of the employees
• Screening and hiring
09/2004 – 10/2005 Senior Software Developer/Architect at Bosch Security Systems, Munich /
Principal duties and responsibilities:
• Team lead for a group of 4 engineers
• Responsible for the architecture of several subsystems of the video
management system BVMS
• Implementation of several sub systems – from low level up to GUI
• Participation in customer workshops
08/2001 – 09/2004 Software Developer at Dr. Staedtler GmbH, Nuernberg/Germany
Principal duties and responsibilities:
• Design and implementation of a graphical Leitstand, several hardware drivers
and Web components.
• Design and implementation of several access control system applications for
the Airport Munich
• Design, implementation of software as well as integration (software side) of
new access control terminals
• Design and Implementation of a database synchronization service for the
BMW Group
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