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Software Development and Consultant

Profilbild von Anuj Malhotra Software Development and Consultant aus Wien
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  • Abschluss: Masters in Computer Application / Advance Diploma in Software Engineering
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  • Letztes Update: 15.01.2016
Profilbild von Anuj Malhotra Software Development and Consultant aus Wien
CV English

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CV German

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Currently i am offering following services on contract basis ...
  •  Understanding and help defining customer requirement ( Onsite, Austria/Germany , Europe )
  •  Designing solutions ( Onsite, Austria/Germany , Europe )
  •  Software consultancy and after sale service/support ( Onsite, Austria/Germany , Europe )
  •  Providing and managing Hi-quality / Hi-Skilled Offshore Software Development ( India )
  • If required providing highly skilled and experienced offshore ( India ) software development team and project managers

More than 14 years of experience in Software Engineering and SDLC processes involving Desktop Apps, Web Apps, Mobile Apps and Server Side Automation Processes

During these years, i have been involved in following tasks
  • Preliminary cost analysis and estimates
  • Making high-level design
  • Creating technical specifications
  • Designing 3rd Party Application/Solution integration for existing large scale enterprise infrastructure
  • Designing B2B Interfaces for communication workflows
  • Guiding and Leading small development teams
  • Active Development
  • Following best SDLC practices and switching models if required ( due to time and resource constraints )
  • Participate in high level planning of project milestones and confirming their in time delivery and smooth execution.
  • Breaking down work packages meaningfully and later scheduling and assigning them.
  • Upgrading and redesigning of an existing application/solution ( due to technology change or platform change )
  • Designing solutions for GIS specific work-flows

Technical Skills and Experience ( Overview )
Practising Software Architect and SDLC using following technologies...

Web Applications...

Tools:- Classic ASP, ASP.NET
Language:- VB, C#, Java Script
Tools:- Eclipse, Servlets, JSP
Language:- JAVA, HTML, Java Script, AJAX, JQuery, DOJO, Tibco
Tools:- Notepad++, Aptana Studio
Language:- PHP, HTML, Java Script, AJAX

Mobile Applications ( On filed data collection )...
Tools:- .NET Compact Framework
Language:- C#
Tools:- ADT 4.0, ArcGIS Android SDK
Language:- Java

Server Side Automation ( Bulk processing )...
Microsoft Tools:- .Net, Windows Service
Language:- C#

Desktop Applications and extensions...
Microsoft Tools:- VB6, .Net, WPF, Win Forms
Language:- VB.Net and C#

Enterprise Apps.
SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle Mobile
Desktop Apps.
SQLite and SQL Server Compact
ArcGIS API for Silverlight Active Development:- 2011 Development Tools:- Visual Studio Development Language:- C# Framework and Technology:- .Net, Silverlight, WPF Remarks:-  
Wien umgebung , Österreich , Deutschland , Schweiz