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Profilbild von Velina Angelova INDEX ONE ENTERPRISE SERVICES Ltd. aus Sofia
Index One Enterprise  Services Ltd. is a full-service web and mobile development company dedicated to building usable and efficient client-centric solutions. The company is registered in London, UK since 2012 and has an office in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The company has a multi-discipline team of project managers, technical consultants, software and web developers, testers and designers with more than 5 years of professional experience in software development, web development, web design and mobile application development on projects ranging from original code, upgrades and conversions.
Our Mission & Values:
At Index One Enterprise  Services we are acutely aware that information technology influences the performance and profitability of any organization, and we strive to offer the best solution for clients` unique requirements – enabling business transformation, growth, profitability and business continuity.
We endeavor to delight customers through quality, performance and innovation, employing best-of-breed practices and technical wisdom to not only deliver “best-fit customized solutions and support” but also a complete collaborative business experience.
Index One Enterprise  Services business values and shared standards are built around creating an environment of teamwork, fairness, security, integrity, dignity and respect, benefiting not only Clients, Partners, Employees & Peers but also influencing the business environment we operate in. It is our firm belief that these objectives can only be achieved through mutual respect and cooperation.
Project Management department:
The Project Management department is responsible for planning and executing the projects. It consists of a Project Manager and a variable number of Project Team members, who are brought in to deliver their tasks according to the projects schedule.
 The department manager has strong experience in IT service implementation projects establishing support model, process flows and delivery organization structure and is certified in PRINCE2, PMI, ITIL V3F.
Development department:
Our developers are the main force behind each project. They embrace challenges and open-source technologies. They are skilled HTML, CSS and JavaScript developers, and are experts in PHP and MVC frameworks, database engineering, web security, performance optimization and mobile technologies. ( PHP, MySQL/PgSQL, HTML/DHTML/CSS/XML, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery, JSON, Database architecture and design, MVC Framework (Zend, Symphony), Typo3, Joomla, Drupal, .NET, Magento, E-Commerce, Wordpress, Social Media, ERP/CRM, Application Development, Database Development )
Design department:
The design team ensures your project has everything it needs to appeal to your customers. They are all UX & UI experts and have excellent skills in prototyping, design and coding. They work with Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML5 and CSS3 to create attractive visuals and a great user experience.
Index One Enterprise  Services helps companies to fulfill their projects. Index One Enterprise  Services’ expert team help clients consider all the technologies and platforms to choose the most appropriate for the clients` project aims, size and budget solution. We always work close to the clients to reveal all the requirements and needs, including technology preferences. Our company takes care of all aspects of the product development cycle including R&D, prototyping, development, testing, maintenance, and support. Depending on the area of application, we adapt software products to multiple platforms, devices, and databases. Projects we work on range from large security and compliance systems to entertainment applications running on millions of handsets.
Custom Application Development:
We offer a full-cycle application development from requirements elicitation to product design and development, quality assurance testing, deployment as well as further maintenance. A team of professional IT experts assists in choosing the most appropriate solution in accordance with Customers’ needs.
Having successfully implemented number of projects for clients worldwide, Index One Enterprise  Services acquired a unique experience in custom application development across various domain areas, including:
- Retail
- E-commerce
- Construction and Real Estate
- Healthcare
- Media and Entertainment
- Telecommunication
- Banking and Finance
Web application Development
From simple online application to complete corporate solution, Index One Enterprise  Services offers a full range of services, including consulting, development, testing, deployment and maintenance. 
Index One Enterprise  Services develops versatile custom web applications for your business, including:
- Order management
- Rental solutions
- Loyalty cards solutions
- Business process management
- Corporate intranet solutions
- Client relationship management solutions
- Accounting solutions
- Cloud Computing and Cloud Services as well as migration to Cloud
Desktop application Development
Enjoy the advantage of desktop applications that provide security, control and reliability. Index One Enterprise  Services uses up-to-date technologies to develop rich, user-friendly and efficient desktop applications, including:
- Enterprise resource planning system
- Financial management system
- Human capital management system
- Document management system
- Corporate and personal planning systems
- Invoicing solutions
Our certified team designs and develops desktop applications with:
- Cross-platform compatibility (i.e., Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)
- Full access to local hardware and resources
- Security assurance
Software testing services:
Index One Enterprise  Services offers diverse pack of software testing services for projects with all levels of complexity.
Functional testing:
Index One Enterprise  Services team validates and verifies if the software meets all requirements and works as expected. The company offers full-cycle functional testing services to ensure that your software behaves as it was intended, in compliance with all functional requirements and business needs.
The functional testing services we offer are:
- Localization testing
- Test Automation
- Regression testing
- User acceptance testing
The testing levels are as follows:
- Module testing
- Integration testing
- System testing
- System integration testing
Performance testing:
Index One Enterprise  Services performance testing services guarantee that you won’t experience customer dissatisfaction or employees’ idle time caused by performance outages, unacceptable response times and system malfunctioning under heavy load levels.
Testing types:
- Load testing
Checks system behavior under a set of expected load variations that help identify a number of connections the system can handle while delivering a certain response time.
- Stress testing
Identifies the maximum operating capacity the system can handle in terms of extreme load, will it perform sufficiently if the current load goes above the expected maximum. This helps to plan the potential outrages that can result in new system connections.
- Scalability testing
Helps understand at which point the system stops scaling and identify the reasons for this. Results of scalability testing can be used to plan for future growth and avoid over-investment in hardware.
- Stability testing
Checks whether the system remains stable over an extended time span (including 24/7 operation) that help evaluate the risk of down time to plan maintenance activities.
Database Development:
A Database is the core of almost every application, it provides support to customer services, internal processes, sales and marketing. Index One Enterprise  Services with its considerable experience is eager to provide their clients with database related services ensuring high quality and performance.
- Database design
- Database development
- Database consulting
- Database performance testing
- Data warehouse
- Database analysis and reporting services
- Database migration
Mobile Development Services:
Mobile services provided by Index One Enterprise  Services are designed to bring the company’s mobile technology expertise to customers. Index One Enterprise  Services offers mobile software development services across such platforms as such platforms and technologies as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, WinMo, Symbian, J2ME, BlackBerry, etc.
Index One Enterprise  Services offers a wide range of mobile services to cover all Customer\'s needs including mobile application development and testing on existing mobile handsets and prototypes.
Internet and Social Media Marketing:
Index One Enterprise  Services helps you optimize clients` campaign by helping create a strategy, build strong SEO content, create inbound traffic through Link Building and SEO Links, build custom apps to promote your product or promote internal branding through social media.
We help clients take advantage of all possible online resources to help clients` business achieve its goals – SEO, SEM, online public relations, and social media.
Web Design Services:
Index One Enterprise  Services renders affordable and professional custom web design to let clients` business grow at a rapid pace. Our experts are specialized in building websites with logical designs that automatically attract the target customers.
We offer a wide variety of website design services, including:
- Graphic design services
- Dynamic website design
- Static website design
- Responsive web design
- Custom web design
- Corporate website design
- Web portal design
- Template design
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