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Freelancing IT consultant and developer. Focus on energy trading and risk management, having
contributed to projects of major energy providers.

Specialist with 11 years of experience in Open Link Endur ETRM platform and AVS / JVS development
with exposure to multiple levels of software projects such as requirements analysis, implementation and testing.
Also provided consulting services to maintain and optimize processes within energy trading, analysis and correction of faults.

SAP certified development associate - Process Integration with SAP NetWeaver 7.31

Educational background: Msc in Computer Science , degree in Physics/English of a German university.

Confident  in an international environment with full professional proficiency with the English language.

Seeking to contribute to IT projects nationally and internationally.

IT Profile                                                                                                                             

Programming Languages:

advanced/expert skills, professional use since 2001, participation in large-scale project, development of software in my spare time; full-time use as self-employed  developer.  Experience with MS Visual Studio, Borland C++ Builder.

intermediate to advanced skills, acquired by self-study, some programming tasks, Borland J Builder, JDBC, SWING. Refreshed and deepened knowledge by book on Java 8.
Developments in Java based JVS. Development of extensions for Market Data Data Base (Oracle).
J2EE / Java Enterprise
Novice skills, knowledge of Java EE 7 acquired by self-study. Exercise Project: programming of a web-store with glassfish 4 application server.

Visual Basic
advanced skills, development of a backoffice application during a term of 8 months.
Implemented automation of a front-office tool for refreshing market data.
Extensions of Excel reports.    

scripting language for enhancements in trading platform Open Link Endur. Based on C-syntax.
Expert skills, used AVS on a nearly daily basis since 2006.

Java-based successor of AVS, Expert Skills, used since 2015.

Implemented  extensions and adjustments of legacy code as well as new functionality in EWE's Market Data Database. Implemented changes and adjustments in the overall process-flow.

Object Orientation: Object oriented analysis (OOA), UML, Rational Rose

Databases: relational databases, entity-relationship modelling, Oracle , MySQL,
MS Access, extensive use of SQL.

Trading Platform: Open Link Endur (V.14)/ Findur, scripting language AVS / JVS, Endur Toolkit, Connex

Operating systems: Unix, Linux, IRIX, Windows, Win32

Networks: TCP/IP, Unix and Windows network administration

MS Excel: development of macros in VB ,e.g.for a deal-importer application, Apache POI

SAP Netweaver PI: joined introductory workshop and self-study of  SAP course material TBIT40 – “XI Fundamentals”;  monitoring tasks within project “Global Credit”.
Attended Course TBIT40/BIT400 “SAP NetWeaver Process Integration” at SAP.
SAP certified development associate - Process Integration with SAP NetWeaver 7.31            
Developlment tools:
Versioning tools MKS, SVN

Crystal Reports, HP Quality Center, HP Service Center


Agile Methods: KANBAN

May 2015 – Present
Freelancing Contractor at EWE, Oldenburg

Consultancy in the areas of Open Link Endur, Oracle-based Market Data Database (MDDB) and EfetNET for electronic confirmation management.

Open Link Endur (V.14):

Provided support to users of EWE Trading, analyzed functionality for faults or performance issues, developed and implemented solutions for front-, middle- and back-office. And implemented new custom requirements in JVS.

These fields comprised various reports and interfaces and miscellaneous functionality for power and gas, e.g.:

Gas Position Report
Power Portfolio Balancing (booking aggregated schedules to deals in internal portfolios)
Gas Schedule Correction (Reestablish any Schedule that has been inadvertently altered)
MTS Gas Nomination (new monitoring task for the interface, OP-service and plugin for automatic Reporting of nominated volumes, concurrency-control )
Improved performance of Power Deal Import, Middle-Office Reports.
Automation of Price uploads from trayport via an Excel-Tool
Task for rolling HCAs
Simulation Writer Plugin

Connex Services: Trayport, ESS Scheduling

MDDB Market Data Database:
central database for price curves at EWE Trading.
Rendered support and maintained daily processes such as data import, export, reporting, calculation of curve-data and overall process flow.
Implemented Extensions in Java and PL/SQL, restructured the overall process flow to cater for new requirements.

Implemented database views to provide data for EfetNET electronic confirmation matching.
And provided support to trading-users of this interface.

January 2015 – May 2015
Professional development:
refreshed and deepened knowledge of Java and C++ by self-study. Further development of an application in C++.
Self study of Java EE 7 and programming of a web-store application with Eclipse and Glassfish.
Self study of SAP Netweaver PI, attended courses TBIT40/BIT400 “Netweaver Process Integration” and TBIT 44 “PI Message Mapping and ccBPM”  at SAP / Walldorf.

Certification for “Development Consultant SAP NetWeaver Process Integration“.

November 2008 – December 2014
Freelancing Contractor as developer and consultant in the credit-risk related project „GlobalCredit“ at RWE, Essen.

The aim of the project is to  provide a platform for all companies within the RWE Group for unified credit risk exposure calculation and reporting for the portfolios of their wholesale customers.

Open Link Endur serves as the central platform where contracts of all RWE Companies are held.
Contracts and counterparty data are imported from the pre-systems on a daily basis within the end of day process. In the reporting process which is also part of the end of day process, exposures are calculated per creditrisk for all RWE companies and sent to a central reporting system.  In addition to the reporting process an approval process for proposed deals is implemented. Here the deal importer constantly monitors the staging tables for new deal data and imports them. The business user then calculates exposures of these deals and sends them back to the pre-system.
This is a time-critical process since the exposures serve as the basis of the decision whether or not a contract can be concluded.

My fields of activity were among these:

Deal Importer:

Implementation of major parts of the deal importer, code review and bug fixes.

Logic for Dealtranches:

Deal tranches within the scope of a master agreement can be purchased at various times in the future. The master agreement contains a volume that is the allowance that may not be exceeded by the total of tranches booked. While the price of the master agreement is preliminary tranches substitute  the price of the master agreement for their volume. This is achieved by the automated booking of counterdeals. Also tranche updates must be handled.

Counterparty Importer:

Implementation of major parts of the counterparty importer with support of dynamic  name- and hierarchy changes.

Credit Exposure Equivalent (CEE) calculation script:

adjustments and extensions, e.g. implementation of APR (advanced purchase restriction) -logic. APR results in a decrease of the exposure. Results that are not within the scenario date plus a given time period must not be considered. This requires adjustments of simulation results.

Settlement Exposure (SE) calculation script:

      script adjustments, code review, debugging and fixes.
e.g. correction for closeout since the closeout period was not correctly considered in the original   calculation.
Code review, debugging and correction of scenario-splitting logic.

Dynamic simulation splitting for CEE und SE calculations:

With increasing number of deals the simulations started to crash more frequently due to a memory overflow. Thus, the total number of deals that is processed in a simulation had to be limited. With the constraint that all deals of a creditrisk have to be processed within the same simulation, the number of deals per creditrisk is evaluated and creditrisks are grouped for simulation splits in a way that the number of deals per simulation is evenly distributed for best performance.

Concurrency control for writing calculation results to database tables:

For load balancing, calculations are run in parallel tasks within the end of day process.
When two processes try to write results into the same table simultaneously, data is lost since the Endur interface to Oracle does not support concurrency control.
As a remedy I implemented a proprietary logic using a control table and a stored procedure.
Miscellaneous tasks:

Development of Maximum Exposure calculation script
Development of Total Volumes Report
RWE Deutschland Portfolio: Setup and testing for cross-company calculation workflow
Development of market data import script: Prices, volatilities, correlations
Marketmanager: Market curve, volatility and correlations setup.
VaR Setup
Service Manager: setup of end of day processing
setup of products and pricebands
Deal Exporter for successor project KITS
Approval process “Pre Deal Limit Check” for proposed deals
VPDLC – Volume based Pre Deal Limit Check setup. Marketcurve setup, product setup, sample deals setup, Scripts
Support of the Live system, consulting with international business stakeholders and near-shore resources
Monitoring of interfaces with SAP PI.

April 2007 – November 2008
Freelancing Contractor as developer and consultant in IT projects of RWE Germany, a major power provider. Main focus on Open Link Endur, AVS development.
Activities in backoffice and risk area.
Main tasks:
Parallelisation of instrument fixing workflow to be run on the inhouse grid solution for performance optimization
Preprocessing Ops Skript for automatic deal distribution to subportfolios
Parallelisation of deal maturing workflow
Monte Carlo VaR script adjustments
Project GLOBE: Implementation of manual EU Numbering of VAT IDs and collection of data for settlement of coal deals  in Settlement Desktop. Also script reviews and stability improvements
Project “Automation for Clearing and Collateral”: Toolkit-application in VB to automate the formerly manual backoffice process.
Excel Macro for deal import

Jul 2006 – Apr 2007
Technical Consultant, software developer at Open Link International. Within a customer-project,  development of customer-specific extensions for their trading-software Endur / Findur  within the fields of commodity trading and banking.
internationally available, fulltime onsite