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Jakub Szepietowski

Senior Oracle DBA / Consultant / Exadata / OCM

Profilbild von Jakub Szepietowski Senior Oracle DBA / Consultant / Exadata / OCM aus Schwalbach
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Profilbild von Jakub Szepietowski Senior Oracle DBA / Consultant / Exadata / OCM aus Schwalbach

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Supported Oracle Versions: 9i/10g/11g/12c (Oracle Certified Master 11g)
Supported Operating Systems: Linux (OEL, RedHat, SuSE) (RedHat Certified System Administrator Red Hat 5), Unix(Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX), Windows
Supported Engineered Systems: Exadata X4,X5,X6(Oracle Exadata 11g Certified Implementation Specialists), ZFS Storage
Supported Middleware: GoldenGate 10/11(Oracle GoldenGate 10 Certified Implementations Specialists)
  • Administration: day-to-day database administration(Single Instance, Real Application Cluster RAC, DataGuard DG), creating backup strategy  based on RMAN, installation and configuration of Databases according to Best Practices, patching and upgrades, troubleshooting, administration Linux based OS and networks, implementation of monitoring solutions(GridControl, Nagios, self-developed scripts)
  • Migration/Upgrade/Replication: planning of migration processes, migrations with DataGuard, DataPump Transportable Tablespaces or GoldenGate
  • Integration and Testing: network layer, (back end) databases, operating systems, volume managers, storage layer, implementation and testing using Oracle Real Application Testing (or other tools like Quest Benchmark Factory, Swingbench etc.)
  • Performance Tuning: performance problems solving spanning database and storage layer, Oracle instance and SQL tuning, Oracle optimizer considerations(CBO)
  • Architecture: design, testing  and implementation of high availability (HA) solutions based on RAC, Data Guard and Oracle Virtual Machine OVM
Deutsche Bank AG (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) banking sector
Function: DBA, Oracle Consultant
Environment: Oracle 11g/12c (50TB+; 10000+ databases), Linux/Solaris, RAC, Data Guard, X3/4/5/6 Exadata Multi-Rack
Projects and tasks (see PROJECTS section on the subsequent pages for further details):
Key tasks:
  • Migrations with minimal downtime 10TB+ from Solaris SPARC to DHS Clusters(Redhat+ASM) with endianness conversion
  • Deep dive PerformanceTuning/Troubleshooting for mission critical OLTP/DWH databases(RAC+ DataGuard+ ASM+ ZFS)
  • Exadata Full Stack Patching including compute nodes, storage cells, Infiniband switches etc.
  • Exadata Maintenance, Storage reorganization on GridDisks/ASM level for production/UAT/Dev clusters
  • Consulting: Engineered Systems like Exadata and ZFS Storage, RAC, Backup&Restore, Tuning
  • Last level support(Global Oracle)
  • Outage Escalation
  • Support for application developers
Volkswagen Financial Services AG (Brunswick, Germany) banking sector
Function: DBA, Oracle CloudControl Consultant
Environment: Oracle 10g/11g/12c (5TB+; 2000+ databases), Linux, RAC, Failover DB, CloudControl, IBM TEC(Tivoli Enterprise Console)
Projects and tasks (see PROJECTS section on the subsequent pages for further details):
Key tasks:
  • Monitoring Migration from IBM TEC to Oracle Cloud Control 12c
  • Building Monitoring Templates for databases, clusters, hosts, WebLogic and OIM targets
  • Building customer specific Metric Extensions(ME: Agent-Site and Repository-Site) to extend Oracle monitoring capabilities
  • Creating reports based on ME data and CloudControl target-metadata
  • Creating Incidents and Notification Rules
  • Monitoring of performance degradation over time with AWR Warehouse and Repository Metrics(buffer gets)
  • Automatic identification of database configuration issues like: high number of redolog switchs, logfile sizing, Undo issues in clusters, failover databases monitored by wrong agent
  • Rewriting shell scripts to OEM format
  • Creating documentation in Confluence
  • Troubleshooting, performance tuning(sql-,instance-, storage-level) test/QS/production DB
  • Integration HP BSM with OEM trough Connector
Datev eG (Nuremberg, Germany) software company and IT service provider for tax consultants
Function: DBA, Oracle Consultant
Environment: Oracle 11g/12c (2TB+), Linux/AIX/Windows, RAC, Data Guard, Grid-/CloudControl, Oracle VM
Projects and tasks (see PROJECTS section on the subsequent pages for further details):
Key tasks:
  • Validation of enterprise backup/restore strategy
  • Creating, implementing and installation of high available environment for mission critical OLTP databases(RAC+ DataGuard, including Client Failover)
  • Consulting and support in area: Real Application Testing, Engineered Systems like Exadata, ODA/OVCA, Automatic Degree of Parallelism,
  • Creating company-wide procedure for installing and administration Oracle product according to Best Practices (orachk-tool)
  • Collecting prerequisite/coordination/realization of PoC: OVM as high available and consolidated platform (IaaS, DaaS) with new usage reporting model (Chargeback) and OVM-Integration with CloudControl for role-based separation
  • troubleshooting, performance tuning(sql-,instance-, storage-level) test/QS/production DB
  • data modeling with: RationalRose Model Integrator, MID Innovator, Embarcadero DB Change Manager and ER Studio DataArchitet
  • Third level support for the local team of Oracle DBAs
  • Technical project management
OPITZ CONSULTING (Cracow, Poland) Oracle consulting company
Function: DBA, Oracle Consultant of ProActive System Management
Environment: Large corporate systems based on Oracle 9i/10g/11g(10TB+), ASM,
Linux/HP-UX/AIX/Windows, RAC, Data Guard, GridControl, E-Business Suite, Weblogic, Oracle VM
Projects and tasks (see PROJECTS section on the subsequent pages for further details):
Key tasks:
  • Day-to-day Oracle DBA tasks(ticket system)
  • Backup, restore and disaster recovery procedures
  • Regular clones of production system for development and testing purposes
  • Designing/installation/configuration/adminitration/troubleshooting of production and development Oracle based systems
  • Designing and implementing of high availability (HA) and replication concepts for Oracle based systems (with RAC, Data Guard/Standby Systems, Oracle GoldenGate)
  • Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning, solving performance problems in the enterprise multi-tier environment (rdbms-storage level) using STATSPACK/AWR/Snapper, supporting Oracle developers
  • Engineering and documenting new solutions based on the Oracle newest technologies(Project Exadata/Flash Cache/Cards)
  • DB patches regression tests and installation
  • Technical project management
  • Third level support for the local team of Oracle DBAs and coaching new DBAs
OPITZ CONSULTING (Cracow, Poland) Oracle consulting company
Function: Junior DBA, Junior Consultant of Service Engineering Department
Environment: Oracle 10q/11g, ASM, Linux 10, RAC, Data Guard, Unix systems
Key tasks:
  • Day-to-day Oracle DBA tasks
  • Backup and recovery (with RMAN)
  • Maintenance and documentation tasks
  • Installation/configuration/administration/troubleshooting of production and development Oracle databases/ GridControl environments
  • Installation and configuration of small prod/test RAC/Data Guard environments
  • Administering of LAN/WAN environment
  • Translating German documentation
01/2007-03/2008 (permanent)
Telekomunikacja Polska SA (Krakow, Poland) – telecommunications company, employing approx. 55,000 people
Function: Help Desk Consultant
Key tasks:
  • Customer Service
  • Supervising and administering remotely clients computers and servers
  • Creating electronic documentation
  • Administering of LAN/WAN environment
  • Remote maintenance
Ab 1.05
Since 11/2016 OCM (Oracle Certified Master) 11g
Since 02/2013 Oracle GoldenGate 10 Certified Implementation Specialist
Since 01/2013 Oracle Exadata 11g Certified Implementation Specialist
Since 09/2011 OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) Oracle 11g
Since 07/2011 OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) Oracle 11
Since 12/2010 RHCT (Red Hat Certified Technician) RedHat 5
Since 12/2010 RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) RedHat 5

08/2016 Orace Certified Master Preparation Course (5 days, Bratislava, Slovakia)
06/2016 Conference BGOUG (2 days, Borovets, Bulgaria)
02/2015 Qlik Server and Publisher v.11(QlikTech, 3 days, Düsseldorf, Germany)
12/2014 Oracle Database 12c: New Features for Administrators(Oracle University, 5 days, Nürnberg, Germany)
11/2016 Conference DOAG(3 days, Nurnberg, Germany)
01/2014 SAS Data Integration Studio: basics + complex ETL-process(SAS Institute, 5 days, Nuremberg, Germany)
08/2013 MID Innovator: conceptional and physical modeling in relational databases (Datev In-House, 5 days, Nuremberg, Germany) 
10/2011 Performance Tuning 11g R2 (Oracle University, 5 days, Warsaw, Poland)
07/2011 Oracle Exadata (Arrow ECS, 3 days, Cracow, Poland)
03/2011 Oracle Database Administration I (Arrow RCS, 5 days, Cracow, Poland)
1/2011 Install Server (cobbler) (OPITZ CONSULTING Schulungszentrum, 5 days, Gummersbach, Germany)
12/2010 Red Hat Linux System Administration RHCE (Altkom Akademia, 5 days, Cracow, PL)
10/2010 Red Hat Linux System Administration RHCT + Certificate (Altkom Akademia, 5 days, Cracow, PL)
05/2007 Microsoft IT Academy: Programming with C# MS 2124 (Microsoft Academy, Elblag, Poland)
05/2007 Microsoft IT Academy: Designing Microsoft .NET Applications (Visual C# .NET) MS 2555(Microsoft Academy, Elblag, Poland)
03/2007 Microsoft IT Academy: Designing and Implementing OLAP Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 MS 2074(Microsoft Academy, Elblag, Poland)
09/2006 Microsoft IT Academy: Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with Transact – SQL MS 2071(Microsoft Academy, Elblag, Poland)

Interdatabase/intradatabase consolidation with Oracle Exadata IORM