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Berater Testmanagement, Agile testing

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02/2020 - 12/2021
Test Manager, Process Test Mein Magenta App (MMA)
Telekom AG
* Functional Process Test on IOS/Android from backend and Frontend requirements
* Management and delivery of Test Automation framework Rollout
* Monitoring the KPI for the Project
* Leading Project interdisciplinary Work packages and Teams
* Delivered Project Work packages across multiples streams
* Created test plans, test strategy and Solutions for multiple Projects
* Established and supported communities to promote understanding of Agile roles and to help Teams
develop into them.
* Set up Kanban board for Agile test and Tasks with the aid of JIRA
* Training, facilitating, mentoring, and coaching leaders and teams through the transformation and
provided the necessary training to enable the ideal management and Team structures
* Incident Management analyses and solution across Platforms
* Facilitated daily stand ups, sprint planning, product backlogs refinement, sprint review and team
* Creating test cases and test execution from user stories for the Team
* Logging defect, trouble shooting and weekly Defect Triage with stakeholders
* Business user test and support BUT
* Liaise with Product owners for release sign off

07/2019 - 01/2020
Test Manager, Process and Solution Test Phoenix Festnetz
Telekom AG
* Setting up Kanban board with confluence for agile task
* Executed End to end Test across 25 OSS backend systems for conformity
* Offshore team coordination on deliverables
* Setting up JIRA dashboard for management overview
* Performed Integration and regression test across test platforms
* Creating test cases and test execution from user stories
* Daily scrum to discuss task, impediments, progress and completion
* Documenting all versions of test results in Project folder
* Support in writing test automation scripts with Automation Engineers

01/2019 - 06/2019
Senior test Analyst Consultant in leadership and support
Opel Bank
* Creating high level test cases from business scenarios
* Defining quality gates and sign off for production
* Test Data creation through Miles System
* Defect Triage with stakeholders
* Technical support to production team on incident
* Creation of Customer credit analyses report.
* Liaising with stakeholders on software requirements and Change Request (CR)
* Setting up Test Automation environment.
* Creating test plans and defining Test strategy for the Project

03/2018 - 12/2018
Test Lead, Process test and Solution delivery Wholesale Portal Festnetz
* Creating of test plan and test strategy
* End to End interface process on solution test across 20 OSS systems
* Daily stand-up Scrum/agile procedure
* Providing technical support on incident raised
* Logging and Defect analyses with the aid of JIRA
* Test support on Web frontend and API's backend verification

03/2017 - 02/2018
Consulting Test Manager /SIT/SAT
Zodiac Aerospace Zodiac Inflight Innovations/TriaGnoSys GmbH
Worked on various Cabin connectivity systems and bundling for Major Airlines (Palestine Airlines,
Kuwait Airlines, Latham Air, and Avianca
* Managing and delivery of software releases for wireless in-flight Entertainment and
connectivity products
* Configured 4G Cellular and internet access for Aircrafts
* Creating Test Plans and Test Strategy
* Organising daily stand-up meetings with Scrum Team
* Creating test scenarios and writing of test cases and test scripts
* Creating test readiness reports and signoffs for software under test
* Defining Test quality gates on entry and exit Criteria
* Engaged in deployment of software upgrades, enhancements, and bug fixes
* Configuration of test environments using Python
* Log bundling analysis for various flights across specified global destinations
* Trouble shooting issues in flights from ground server
* Sign off Software versions for production
* Coordinating team members on deliverables
* Setting KPI's on deliverables
* Logging of test protocol in Atlassian tools (Jira and Confluence)
* Coordinating offshore colleagues in the United States

02/2016 - 02/2017
Test Manager/ System Integration Analyst BI CRM Campaign Management
Consult with client to ensure the Omni Channel Campaign (OCC) offers optimized and automated
communication channels for easy customer contact through the use events, triggers, and real-time
customer communication.

* Trained and on boarded new team members.
* Delivered the Project to stakeholder on time and in Budget
* Working strongly within an agile process comprising of stakeholders and development team.
* Project manage to meet objectives to time, cost and quality
* Delivered project to agreed methodologies and standards
* Maintained all project documentations through reviews and approvals
* Monitored and reported Projects KPI
* Created test strategy and test plans
* Creating and identifying user requirements, specification and test execution used for cluster
integration test in HP ALM
* Creating Campaign Data using the Siebel and SAS CI studio
* Test Data validation and transformation through ETL informatica was performed on flat files
flow through the Campaign System
* Querying the Oracle Database with Sql developer to validate test results
* Logging of defects and tracking of task using JIRA
* Set up of incident management procedure to capture and fix production issues
* Working on Java based driven backend applications on SAS management platform
* Performed regression test on the environment after every new deployment using the HP ALM UFT
for data load and analyses based on available information stored in the scripts
* Engaged in cluster integration test with Test data received from partner systems using the HP
* Adapted the Electronic Commerce (ecommerce) model on real time Campaign
* Ensured a full end to end coverage of requirement traceability matrix on test cases
* Project sign off with stakeholders after all quality gates were met

06/2014 - 01/2016
System Integration Test Manager
Worked on the Big Data Management Platform (BDMP) that supports self-service Business Intelligence
with a structured and organized Data Platform, Metadata Management (Data Catalogue) and standard
data interfaces for analysis. Mapped all functional requirements to test cases and acted as the
single point of contact for developers, business analyst and functional business users on test
progress and strategy.

* Mentored and Coordinated all Project offshore activities
* Created the HDFS directories for data acquisition from partner systems accessible through
Hives external tables, managed tables and associated view.
* Ran a solution test through all Business Intelligence Big Data Platforms using KNIME.
* Organized kick off meetings with all Project stakeholders
* Hands on testing on Hue, verifying the table structures using the Hives and Impala Editor to
query the database
* Using the Oozie (Python script) tool for data workflow and transformation between input,
acquisition and core layer platforms
* Migration of new Cloudera versions on the test and system environment
* Mapping of all requirement traceability matrix to test cases using HP ALM
* Ensured a Data Lifecycle Management policy on Big Data Platform
* Maintained complex parallel test environment
Captured and reported all traceability matrix before project sign off

02/2014 - 05/2014
Test Lead Data Warehouse Business Intelligence ETL Process
Led the Peeps and Rubicon data warehouses phase, engaged in the test process of IP migration of all
registered customers from analogue to digital line without contract change for all German land line
users. Logged and tracked all defects using JIRA Tool. Ran regression when change(s) were deployed
on the test environment to verify a zero effect on running software.

* Set up customer database used for backend information and source for data as well as a Cognos
frontend for data analyses through various dashboards.
* Ran cluster integration end-to-end test until data warehouse and presentation.
* Detailed reporting using Cognos GDS Web client function to generate all regional inputs for
* Setting up smoke test
* Validated checked in code for Automated testing on continuous integration from the source
control repository GIT, SVN and Team Foundation Server
* Validation of checked in code through an automated continuous integration unit test run
against new codes
* Validated using Automated test on continuous integration code merge from multiple Scrum Team
into a master branch and merged into a trunk daily at 16:00hrs
* Liaised with the Development team using Jenkins, Hudson to configure automated builds used for
continuous integration purposes
* Initiated a merge and release strategy for the various teams working on different code
fragment for the continuous integration
* Validated and processed the Magento retail digital ecommerce on the Telekom media platform
using the product change matrix analyses

05/2012 - 01/2014
Test Lead / Campaign Manager
Created all campaigns for key stakeholders; determined age of targeted consumers; and delivered an
end-to-end campaign to telecom customers. Acted as the Single Point of Contact for the business
users (SPOC). Liaised with the Project Management on release demand and themes.
* Maintained the test environment to avoid jobs from generating large logs that created the
* Running an End-to-End Campaign management through multi channels using Siebel frontend
* Logging of all deployment scripts /Protocols in a Rollout calendar.
* Provided technical and business support for Production issues
* Extensively used SQL Scripts/queries for data verification at the backend
* Participation in decision making and sign off for production
* Reading and understanding in the shortest period of time on all Test Objects available for a
release in order to support other Team Members
* Delegating Test task to each Team member with defined target and delivery
* Delivered Software in Test at the specified time to Stakeholders

10/2010 - 04/2012
Consulting Test Manager Customer Analytic Insight Data mart
Worked on CAIDM, a means for various partner systems to all integrate into a common data pool
platform, split into various DWH applications. Designed test plans for the project with input from
all data warehouse partner system. Performed integration test using the SAS datasets provided by
other partner system like the data warehouse mobile (DWHM), data warehouse Kunde (DWHK), and Sigma.

* Led a connectivity test to ensure that firewall rules were implemented correctly.
* Created SAS Datasets and SAS codes, as well as queried SAS Database with Proc SQL; created
scripts using the SAS wizard for data analysis.
* Directed a migration test from one SAS version to the most recent SAS application.
* Performed the sole test on the application DMRM due to offshore data security.
* Creating SAS Datasets relevant for testing purposes on CAIDM Platform
* Creating SAS codes for various SAS Libraries on AIX Platforms
* Using the Sudo command for Navigation on various CAI applications Systems
* Query of SAS Database with Proc Sql , also creating scripts using the SAS wizard for Data
* Logging, Ticket dispatch and assigning priorities to flaws in JIRA/DDTS (defect tracking tools
* Performing solution Test over various Data warehouse Systems to ensure a unique flow of
Dataset from each Project

08/2008 - 09/2010
Senior Test Analyst/ Offshore Team Coordinator (Integrated Customer Database IKDB)
Collaborated with the Project Manager and managed the activities of the offshore test team in India,
Eastern Europe. Acted as the onsite coordinator for testers across different German locations.

* Providing information on Tool license renewal to the Project Management
* Providing technical support and assistance for production issues
* Coordinated timeouts for environmental deployments from ICTO Munich and Slovakia
* Trained all new team members
* Request and collation of Data from partner Systems for Database validation through ETL process
* Risk analyses procedure is given on a weekly basis on each Demand been tested
* Supplying Test scripts to my Team to optimize test performance
* Usage of the SOA application components in request and responses through the Web services to
validate Campaign
* Logging of all deployment scripts /Protocols in a Rollout calendar.

01/2006 - 07/2008
Online Program (OP) Systems Integration Test Lead
Worked on the UBS Online Program (OP), a global program that targets enhancement of online
capabilities across online channels. Led the integration of the enhanced Order Fulfilment Solution
with the integration of UBS back office systems on ATG e-commerce platform. Liaised with developers,
as well as internal and external stakeholders.

* Wrote and executed detailed System Integration Test Plan (SIT); Functional Integration test
cases (FIT); and Functional Acceptance test cases (FAT).
* Executed E2E order fulfilment test scenarios based on Prepay and Post pay customer journey
using different order types.
* Performed data integrity checks on the received order/customer's details by cross-referencing
the XML received for processing to the test data.
* Executed E2E order fulfilment test scenarios based on Prepay and Post pay customer journey
using different order types


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