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Interim CIO / CDO: Transformation - Restructuring - M&A - Sourcing - Offshore - Improvement

Firma: C-Level as a Service |
Abschluss: Dipl. Informatiker & Executive MBA
Stunden-/Tagessatz: anzeigen
Sprachkenntnisse: deutsch (Muttersprache) | englisch (verhandlungssicher) | russisch (Grundkenntnisse)




IT Management & Governance, Change Management, Program Management, Transformation Management, Digitalization & Innovation, Nearshore / Offshore Outsourcing, Sourcing & Vendor Management, Cloudification, Talent & Skill Management, Agile & Scrum, SAP, SAP4H, non-SAP, M&A, post-merger-integration, Carve-out, Due-dilligence

Engineering, Manufacturing, Aviation, Aircraft Interior, Public Sector, Banking, Energy, Utilities, Renewables, Biotech, Pharma, Business Services Center

International work experience:
Bulgaria, Romania, Sweden, UK, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, France, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, India


01/2008 - bis jetzt
Project History (highlights from recent years)

CIO Services

  • Interim CIO for a mid-sized business unit of a global enterprise. Designed and implemented a new IT TOM based on decentral steering under group governance and high level of outsourcing and strong, lean Retained IT incl. Vendor mgmt. 9 M, 2019
  • Designed new IT delivery model, based on high level of offshore delivery, strong retained IT, and distributed agile development teams. 2 M, 2017
  • Transformed an international IT organization and complex application landscape towards increased near- and offshore delivery from locations in Asia and CEE. 12 M, 2012
  • Designed, negotiated, and implemented right-sizing of headcount in close collaboration with local co-determination bodies of different countries, including reduction programs and creative staff shift models towards strategic partner companies. 2012
  • Designed, transitioned, and transformed an integrated IT organization, moving 2000 em­ployees, 1500 contractors into new target model from CMO to CMO+ into FMO, across Europe, covering 4000 application landscape, incl. multi-million cost-cutting. 12 M, 2011
  • Headed CIO organizations from Bulgaria, Romania, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden. Leadership and mentoring of local CIOs and IT managers towards global collaboration. 2009/10
  • Organizationally developed and transformed a multi-national IT function into a global in-house IT service provider with functionally integrated steering across whole Europe to bundle functional skills and build center of competencies. 9 M, 2008

Enterprise IT Management

  • Introduced SAP S/4HANA in a greenfield approach in mid-sized industry company, covering corporate as well as industrial functions, incl. predictive maintenance. 7 M, 2019
  • Established Sourcing and Vendor management function to cope with global outsourcing and ensure stable operation of group. 3 M, 2015
  • Managed data privacy and national security protection across company boundaries to fulfill legal requirements of EU, NATO and non-NATO states, incl. audit management. 5M, 2013
  • Introduced global Project Portfolio Management to steer project budget towards increased business outcome whilst reducing CAPEX spend by at least 15% annually. 15 M, 2011/12
  • Designed and established Enterprise Architecture Management. Created transparency across application landscape of more than 3500 applications globally, gradually harmonized and standardized. 24 M, 2011/12

Digitalization & Agility

  • Steered corporate Digital Incubator: Challenged, developed, and introduced Digital means around Industry 4.0 towards operational workforce and industrial sites as well as Digital improvement, tooling, and enabling of admin workforce. 9 M, 2019
  • Coached for cultural shifts in global function towards agile organization and co-creation between Business and IT, established agile delivery and new way of working, roll-out of Design Thinking in joint teams with Business and external partners, and trained whole leadership team in Management 3.0 approach. 2015/16
  • Set-up of Digital organization, including creation of local, onsite development teams incl. DevOps as well as distributed agile teams across European and Indian teams to allow digital tool development in short sprints. 8 M 2014/15
  • Introduced skill management tool and process in close collaboration with works council to support transformation and create transparency for Digital talents. 6 M, 2015
  • Operated Innovation Management with broad portfolio of digital innovations based on dynamic budgeting process to get maximum business value and fail fast. 20 M, 2013/14


Sourcing Optimization & Offshore Delivery

  • Optimized Procurement/IT collaboration by increased Procurement efficiency for purchasing all kind of IT products by streamlining process, organization, defining corporate rules, and elaborate IT housekeeping means on IT side in mid-sized company. 3 M, 2020
  • Designed public tender approach for infrastructure outsourcing from on-premise into public cloud environment for mid-sized industrial company. 2 M, 2020
  • Tendered full scope of managed service to deliver IT at target quality. Build-up according Vendor mgmt. capability and operational integration in mid-sized environment. 4 M, 2019
  • Headed application outsourcing and offshoring design program, addressing 75% of the land­­scape, including cloudification, in collaboration with all affected business. Global multi-lot tender achieved three-digit million Euro annual optimization in OPEX. 12 M, 2017
  • Established central operational Sourcing Service to support IT functions around the world in working offshore and outsourced IT services from strategic vendors via micro tendering, reduced order lead time by more than 80%; increased offshore ratio. 5 M, 2016
  • Consolidation of IT suppliers and contractor base saved two-digit million Euro value after one-year, sustainable savings across whole group guaranteed. 4 M, 2011

­Mergers & Acquisitions, Carve-outs, Due-diligences

  • Led several technical due diligences for potential M&A deals and protected the corporation against unforeseeable technical risks during inorganic growth phase, particularly in Russia, Turkey, South America, Asia. 2010 - 2014
  • Managed several carve-out deals across Europe, beside others longer projects in Italy (major Business units), Spain (whole country exit), Hungary (B2C Business), Germany (regional energy company, power plant), and UK (power grid).  > 6 M each 2013/14
  • Managed several TUPE processes in Germany (§613a) and in Hungary in close collabora­tion with co-determination bodies in accordance with corporate values. 2013
  • Managed post-merger integration programs to properly integrate new acquired businesses into global corporation, beside others intensive and longer initiatives in Bulgaria, Romania, Netherlands, Sweden. 2009/10
  • Established and led a dedicated central team of consultants to develop new countries and built-up IT functions on-site in Spain, France, Lithuania, Finland. 2009/10

Zeitliche und räumliche Verfügbarkeit

worldwide, especially Eastern Europe, Asia in context of sourcing / offshoring / M&A

Sonstige Angaben

Typical Scenarios and Service Portfolio:
  • Interim CIO / CDO or IT-Lead roles, eg in case of ad-hoc vacancies or NewCo scenarios
  • CIO as a Service: I fill the function of a global CIO as a Service at optimal capacity, speed and cost that suits your company best
  • M&A / carve-out deals: From due-dilligence, separation/merger plan and architecture, all around people transfer, take over of the Interim CIO function, post-merger work
  • Major transformation programs, affecting your whole organization, incl. people, technology, culture
  • Development of new Target Operating Models (TOM) for the whole company towards more digitalization or even towards platfor business model
  • Sparing for your IT Head / CIO to develop the organization through a major change
  • Sparing for your Procurement Head to set-up an highly agile IT-Procurment for people and services - in-line with your governance and the agile and speed requirements of your IT
  • Any outsourcing deal: From scoping, analysis, tendering and selction, contracting, set-up of retained IT organization, all aspects of people transfers in all European countries. Specialized on Indian and Vietnam offshore locations as well as nearshore from CEE.



Profilbild von KH Schulte Interim CIO / CDO: Transformation - Restructuring - M&A - Sourcing - Offshore - Improvement aus Hamburg Interim CIO / CDO: Transformation - Restructuring - M&A - Sourcing - Offshore - Improvement