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I have expertise in Synfony, Laravel and cakephp of php frameworks. In desing I am able to develop sites in Html5, css3, bootstrap 2 and Sass. I have also knowledge to develop logo design, web site template design.
Project #27
Client:                           Nashik Muncipal Corporation, Nashik
Topic of Project:             Encroachment (Encroachment details and tracking system)
URL:                             http://www.bit.nmcutilities.in   
Technology:                   Zend Framework, PHP 5.2,  Mysql, Ajax(website,CMS)
Description:                    Enchroachment  system is used by Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) getting and tracking information of nasik city. System collect two types of encroachment cases namely public goes under head town planning and private handle by corporation. Encroachment case is raise by any one of following officer listed as subordinate to supreme in position. Vis Inspector  => Junior Engineer => Deputy Engineer => Divisional Officer => DMC. Private case follow as way mentioned above and  public case follow like   Inspector  => Divisional Officer => DMC. Inspector , Junior engineer and senior engineer have authority to issue notices to detained party and forward case to his superior. Divisional officer and DMC have authority to send notices  as well as take action on it. Action like penalty one it, demolish encroachment and close case permanently. System include encroachment data entry form and generate reports like Weekly Reports, Action Taken Reports and Weekly Work Summary Reports.
Project #26
Client:                           GetSmart Trip
Topic of Project:             Search Holiday packages and online Air Ticket Reservation using TBO
URL:                             http://www.getsmarttrip.com 
Technology:                   Zend Framework, PHP 5.2,  Mysql, Ajax,JQuery
Description:                    System manage different type of holiday packages likes national and international trips. It have facility to search national and  international holiday package. System have facility to send email to registered users of his search results , packge details etc .System also integrate online Air Ticket search and reservation using TBO API (Travel Boutique Online ).
Project #25          
Client:                           AsiaEurope Football Consultancy
Topic of Project:             Manage Football player registration , team management
URL:                             http://www.xpanssion.com   
Technology:                   Zend Framework, PHP 5.2,  Mysql, Ajax(website,CMS)
Description:                    This web site is content management systems as well as it make registration of football player and football coach. System show details of football player and his social media connection like facebook, twitter, linked-in, youtube. System show the player management handle by admin side and also different type of sports news , videos and comments
Project #24
Client:                           Deshdoot
Topic of Project:             Daily News Paper of maharastra
URL:                             http://www.deshdoot.com 
Technology:                   PHP 5.2,  Mysql, Ajax(website,CMS),daily news updated
Description:                    This website show updates of daily news of maharastra and it regions. System manage daily news with category like sports news, national, international, editorial , political etc. And regional like nashik, jalgoa , dule, nandurbar and ahemadnagar etc. It also added facility of enews paper , ebooks, google advertisement etc. for social concern it has facebook connection like and comments facility. It also generate region wise xml file for rss news feeding.
Project #23
Client:                           Maharastra Business
Topic of Project:             Websites cluster
URL:                             http://www.maharashtrabusinesses.com   
Technology:                   Zend Framework, PHP 5.2,  Mysql, Ajax, JQuery (Create generic web sites )
Description:                    System have seven to eight type of html templates, which have facility to change data dynamically. For example Maharastra business client collect different type of client for website purpose. His client like electric shops, sweet marts, cars moll etc. Then admin select one template for one client and add these related information into site. System generation one url and show this information into the selected template which treat as separate website. 
Project #22
Client:                           Youth In Agriculture
Topic of Project:             Youth participation in agriculture
URL:                             http://www.youthag.com 
Technology:                   Zend Framework, PHP 5.2,  Mysql, Ajax(website,CMS)
Description:                    Youth In Agriculture is simple content management system, having photo gallery, social network connections, agricultural related news, about us and contact us information whit google map.
Project #21
Client:                           Nashik Municipal Corporation, Nashik
Topic of Project:             LBT (Local Body Tax)
URL:                             http://www.lbt.nmcutilities.in   
Technology:                   Zend Framework, PHP 5.2,  Mysql, Ajax,JQuery
Description:                    Local Body Tax charge by nasik municipal corporation instead of jakat. LBT is online system used for local body tax payment. System get LBT number and payment details of user , updated it with NMC account.         
Project #20
Client:                           Nashik Municipal Corporation, Nashik
Topic of Project:             Water Tax (Online water bill, receipt  and bill payment)
URL:                             https://watertax.nmctax.in/   
Technology:                   Zend Framework, PHP 5.2,  Mysql, Ajax
Description:                    In Water tax system from client side user can view his current bill demand, his bill payment and receipt detail in his admin panel. He/she can also make online payment of bill. Administrator side is one of domain control whole of water tax system. Administrator have control of user management, viewing reports. System generate water tax bill as per water usages type, pipe size and zone and ward wise. Admin user can accept receipt any wards.
Project #19
Client:                           Deccan Education Society , fergusson college, pune
Topic of Project:             Content management system
URL:                             http://www.fergusson.edu   
Technology:                   Zend Framework, PHP 5.2,  Mysql, Ajax(website,CMS)
Description:                    This is website having data of  college related information like  Home page, college administration  in which it show whole information about college management, principal , it departments , courses ,infrastructure and facilities etc.
Project #18
Client:                           AsiaEurope Social Web site
Topic of Project:             Social website with content management system
URL:                             http://asiaeurope.com 
Technology:                   PHP 5.2, Mysql, Ajax(Social website,CMS)
Description:                    This is social website having data of updated news, bollywood news, business and sport news, entertainment, lifestyle etc . Site list out most commented  data and also most viewed. Site also have facility to F-connect and  Twitters connections .
Project #17
Client:                           OhioCarbonBlank
Topic of Project:             Shopping cart with inventory control system
URL:                             http://ohiocarbonblank.com
Technology:                   PHP 5.2, Mysql, (Shopping cart,CMS, creditcard payment system)
Description:                    This is online shopping cart site which manage demand quote as well as order from client side. Price of product is vary of different material with different diameter with different tolarance or end-type. Product is metallic or copper rods or square or rounds.
Project #16
Client:                           Uplifting Designs 
Topic of Project:             Online shopping cart for swimwear, bras, mastectomy products.
URL:                             http://www.upldesigns.com/
Technology:                   CS-Cart, PHP 5.2, Mysql, Ajax, Smarty
Description:                    This is online shopping cart for mastectomy products like swimwear, bras, camisole, slips, leisure, night wear , breast forms and mastectomy accessories. For this site we used readymade shopping cart namely CS-Cart. It made on programming language as PHP-5, Smarty and mysql database. 
Enrich & enhance my knowledge & skills as well as work at my best for growth of an organization.
*          Worked on various type of web sites like social web site, dating site, shopping cart etc.
*          Responsible handling material management and inventory control technique on web system.
*          Have responsible of independent project handling and database management.