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Salvatore Scuderi SAP CO-PS Senior Consultant

Profilbild von Salvatore Scuderi Salvatore Scuderi SAP CO-PS Senior Consultant aus PeschieraBorromeo
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Profilbild von Salvatore Scuderi Salvatore Scuderi SAP CO-PS Senior Consultant aus PeschieraBorromeo
Salvatore Scuderi
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Telecom, Energy and Utilities, Oil Industry, Food, Banks and Assurances, Pharmaceutical companies, Cosmetics, Maintenance, Engineering and Construction.

Technical Skills

Modules: CO (CCA, OM, CO-PC, COPA) EC-PCA and PS.
CO and PS Integration for PM, PP, PP-PI, MM, SD, FI and AA.
Methodology A.S.A.P.


1987-1993 Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Milan).
1982-1987 Diploma as Accountant. (Istituto Tecnico Commerciale “F. Insolera” – Siracusa).


English: Fluent
German: Fluent
French: Fluent
Spanish: Fluent

Italian: Mother tongue


• SAP implementation and analysis
• Controlling
• Accounting
• Business consultancy
• Integration Controlling-Logistics
• High communication skills
• Hard working
• Team working


Salvatore has 18 years of experience in SAP (15 years of experience within The SAP consultancy), mainly focused on Controlling and Project System but also integration within others SAP modules giving him a global vision of the solutions. He has a few roles in his career such as senior consultant team lead support.

Experience Summary

September 2011- Up to now HT High Technology (SAP Senior Consultant)
He is implementing the CO module for some chemical and pharmaceutical companies such as Euticals, Elantas, Humana Pharma International, Nuncas, Cosmo, Abbvie and Merck.

April 2009- August 2011 Fincons SpA (SAP Senior Consultant)

He was dedicated to new implementations projects such as CRB (Cosmetics), SINA Services (Plant Maintenance), SBB Cargo International (Transport) and application management activities for ISAB srl (Oil Industry) and Enel (Energy and Utility). These activities consisted of creating new developments and programs for these customers and sometimes in reviewing their business processes.
Moreover for Enel he coordinated some junior colleagues who worked as help desk operators to solve incidents concerning CO and PS.

March 09 –
Nov. 08 Try Be SpA (SAP Senior Consultant)

He worked for Salumificio Scarlino Srl (Food) as senior consultant and team leader for the implementation of CO-CCA, CO-OM, EC-PCA, CO-PC and CO-PA.

Nov 08 –
Jan 06 ICM Italia SpA (SAP Senior Consultant)

He worked as Senior Consultant and Team leader for different implementation projects: Rockwood SpA (Chemical), Sidi Gas SpA (Utility), Rigamonti SpA (Engineering and Constructions) Selex Communications (Telecommunications). For these customers he did analysis and customizing of SAP CO and PS. For Rockwood he particularly designed the product costing process. This is an Enterprise whose headquarter is in the USA and produces pigments of all kinds and it is one of the most important in the world for this sector. Together with the SAP PP-PI consultant he was able to define how to calculate the standard prices for each products. Rockwood was also interested to know the Gross Margin for each customer and product. So the analysis were also focused to activate CO-PA, in order to produce some report painters.
For the other customers he worked to implement CO-CCA, CO-OM, PS (Rigamonti), IM (Selex Communications).
During this job experience he also did application management for the following customers: Ferretti Casa, Metzeler, Balconi, Pierrel, Trelleborg, Merck and Zobele

Dec 05 –
Feb 03 Atos Origin Italia SpA (SAP Senior Consultant)

He worked for an important customer such as Agip (oil company). Actually he took part to a roll out, in partnership with Enidata SpA, for all Nigerian Agip Companies (NAOC, NAE, AENR). In this project he followed CO, PS and AA doing at the same time training for the key users.
He also participated to an internal project whose purpose was the implementation of SAP within Atos Origin Italia. The modules and sub-modules he installed were PS, CO-CCA, EC-PCA.

Feb 03 –
Jan 99 Sidi SpA (SAP Senior Consultant)
SAP Business Consultant

The permanence in Sidi was very long and he had the opportunity to enhance his knowledge of SAP. The customers he worked for are the following: AMSA, Omnitel, BeL, Eldor, GESI del gruppo RAS, Techint, Plastam, Università Bocconi, Comit Asset Management, Ambach Ali, Poste Italiane, Cartasì and Enel.
Ambach, belonging to Ali Group (food services), was one of the most important and produces professional fitted kitchens and gas cookers for restaurants and hotels. For Ambach Salvatore implemented CO-PC, CO-CCA, CO-OM and EC-PCA and wrote analysis and business blueprint as well.

Jan. 1999
Jan. 1998 Speed SpA – KPMG Group (SAP Junior Consultant)

He worked for this consulting company just for one year. The customer he worked for was Grazioli SpA, a company producing garden furniture and toys .
This company wanted to have SAP implemented in order to manage their processes better and easily.
There was a good synergy between Salvatore and his SAP PP colleague to design the production costing process and that allowed him to learn better CO-PC.
All other sub-modules were CO-CCA, CO-OM and EC-PCA.

Jan. 1998
Nov. 1996 Condea Augusta SpA – (IT Employee)

Condea was a oil company belonging to RWE-DEA Group. It produced semi-finished products for detergents.
When this company took Salvatore, some consulting companies were implementing SAP for it. So this was the opportunity to learn SAP and the most important processes of an oil company.
Salvatore was said to learn CO very good and particularly all processes concerning product cost controlling and production order management.
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