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Profilbild von Binoy George DATA SCIENCE ANALYST & STATISTICAL MODELER aus Cologne
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Profilbild von Binoy George DATA SCIENCE ANALYST & STATISTICAL MODELER aus Cologne
Machine Learning / AI
Data Visualization
Data Mining
Statistical Modeling
Digital Marketing
Customer Insight
Cloud & Distributed Computing
Hadoop/Big Data Concepts
Business Analysis
Project Management
Experience (top 5)
Data Science Analyst & Statistical Modeler
Self Employed
2016-May - Present
  • Performing Machine-Learning modeling on large datasets to perform statistical analysis & create predictive models.
  • Developing data science use-cases.
  • Use descriptive analytics to find new observations, product possibilities and business opportunities.
  • Creating interactive dashboards and data visualization using Tableau.
  • Performing data extraction from various sources.
  • Performing data exploration activities-
    • Uni-variate & Bi-variate Analysis (R Statistical Programming).
    • Missing value treatment on the data using various statistical and predictive methods.
    • Outlier detection and analysis of data.
    • Feature Engineering of data to extract more information from existing data.
    • Variable transformation for changing the distribution or relationship of variables with others.
  • Hands on experience on various statistical models/machine learning algorithms including – Linear-Regression, Logistic-Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest, K Means Clustering, KNN – Classification.
  • Analyze data related to user behavior, marketing campaigns, and product usage to identify opportunities and recommendations using descriptive statistics.
  • Assess impact of marketing strategies and tactics, and provide clear articulation of assessment to support optimization and future decision making.
  • Prepare presentations and clearly communicate findings, implications and recommendations.
  • Additional Capstone Projects Undertaken:
    • Build a Machine Learning Model to predict outbreak of an emerging disease in a region by analyzing records of patients reporting to emergency rooms with particular sets of symptoms, volumes of daily sales of certain types of nonprescription medications, lab test requests, and ambulance requests along with geo spatial information.
I used a detailed Multi Variate analysis and Logistic Regression to build this predictive model.
This model could provide early warnings to the public health officials and provide them with valuable time for responses and to reduce the impact of the crises.
    • Predictive Maintenance Model using Anomaly detection mechanism for a factory machinery data. This model can predict whether a machine is approaching its maintenance window or if failure is imminent. This model uses a supervised training mechanism. It was trained using historic sensor readings data to learn the pattern of earlier machine failures. The model can then predict maintenance issues early on, letting the company handle repairs at a time when overall impact to the system is minimal.
Industry Consultant & Data Analyst
IBM (India, Netherlands)
2009-Oct - 2016-May
  • Use descriptive statistical analysis to find new observations, product possibilities and business opportunities.
  • Build a machine learning algorithm for predictive Fraud Management system in a Telecom sector. This model continuously learns from the already confirmed fraud cases to more precisely predict the new fraudulent cases, in turn reducing the revenue loss due to fraudulent transactions.
  • Leading Business Analysis function which included delivery of BRD, Solution design documents, driving customer engagement discussions.
  • Functional/Non Functional requirement gathering from the business also translating it into high level technical design and proposing possible solution for implementation.
  • Acting as SME layer between the Business & Technical Teams on a daily basis to support business operations.
  • Liaising with end user to understand and validate the requirements by various means (workshops, one on one).
  • Supporting in RFP response for BSS Applications with
    • Estimation and team sizing
    • Defining the Org structure for operations team that will best fit the governance model.
    • Functional solution inputs for operations and innovations in a factory model activities.
Fraud Management Consultant
2008-Jan - 2008-Nov
  • Fraud pattern identification for various types of telecom frauds.
  • Build fraud alarms for detecting the telecom fraud cases.
  • Analyze the detected cases for false alarms.
  • Take action for confirmed fraud cases.
Telecom Billing Consultant
Comverse (Singapore, AUSTRALIA, UK, INDIA)
2007-FEB - 2008-JAN
  • Played key role in the Kenan FX Subscriber Management System (SMS) Implementation, which included Order fulfillment, inventory management and Billing for Foxtel (ViVA) Australia.
  • Performed migration analysis of source data.
  • Performed various configurations in the BP Module, including products, promotions, one time charges, usage, payment types, journal codes, item types, milestone mapping etc
  • Performed testing of various Kenan BP configurations (RC, NRC, Usage data).
Revenue Assurance Consultant
Consistel (SINGAPORE)
2006-MAY - 2007-FEB
  • Analyzing various Revenue Assurance data streams for revenue leakage use cases.
  • Build Revenue Assurance controls for telecom Order to Cash flow.
  • Monitor the RA controls for revenue leakages and timely reporting of the activity.
  • Take action on the revenue leakage cases detected.
  • Reporting based on RA KPI’s.
Open to travel or relocate anywhere in EU.

Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics
IGNOU, India
2018-JUL - 2019-JUL

GNIIT Software Engineering Certificate Program
NIIT, Bangalore, India
1998-FEB - 2000-JAN

Bachelor of Science (BSc. Physics)
Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam Kerala, India

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