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Maria Anna van Driel


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Freelance Investigative Journalist, Reporter and foreign correspondent

Firma: The Next Truth
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I am an Investigative Journalist & Reporter (published in Germany, the Netherlands and USA), a published Author & Writer (books, articles and short stories), a Correspondent (PU Radio) and Theoretical Physicist having e.g. a MA in ancient Alchemy and a BA in Metaphysics.
Besides articles, books and radio, I also conduct written interviews as well as interviews in front of the camera in where I cover non-fictional stories of the everyday reality by peering behind the screens of e.g. Military, Medical and Scientific institutes, in which people are the point of focus.

At the CERN, project CMS: 21/7/2017

Are gluon plasma's or QGP's the cause of all life forms on this globe?


Cheryl Knight (Editor); PU Magazine/PUG Radio, USA Roland Roth (Editor); Q-PHAZE Magazine, Germany Niels Brummelman (Editor); Paravisie Magazine, The Netherlands

Zeitliche und räumliche Verfügbarkeit

Cavertitz, Sachsen

Sonstige Angaben

“Brilliant Scientists are Open-minded…So why not You?!”

Over the years I had the privilege to speak with many interesting people who have no everyday functions and did hinted in the directions of technologies that was present at e.g. 911 but not known by most of the people in that period of time.
Today we are (almost) used to it and we do not lift our eyebrows if a 3D holographic projected conference is held, something that appeared to be fiction in 2001.

It is being said by some that thanks to the efforts of literally thousands of scientists, we no longer have faith in paranormal events but for those who are willing to let their imagination roll, there is a glimmer of hope in at least one place.
It is where space, time and the nature of existence itself meet inside the biggest and most complex machine ever created by man.
It is the newest tool used in physics called The Large Hadron Collider having the role of studying the frontier of physics.
A machine that is expected to fill in the blanks and maybe one day will lead us to new laws of physics…

Now whether one is looking for a scientific explanation concerning the unexplained or not, science doesn’t explain or debunk neither ones experience nor ones faith, it helps to understands how real the unexplained is … and even it is being a rare phenomenon, it’s more real than most people think it is.

Keep an open mind and look beyond the point of focus because there IS a criteria for the plausibility in truth!