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Profilbild von Sascha Teske Software-Entwickler/Architekt aus Hamburg
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Profilbild von Sascha Teske Software-Entwickler/Architekt aus Hamburg
Profil in Englisch
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in Klammern meine Selbsteinschätzung von (-) gerade mal erwähnenswert bis (+++) Expertenwissen 
Golang (+++), Ruby (+++), Nodejs (++), JavaScript (++), C (-)
Web Technologies: HTML5 (+), CSS (+), HTML preprocessors e.g. html/template, pug or haml (++), CSS
preprocessors e.g Less, Stylus or Sass (++), Webpack (+), Browserify (+)
Web Frameworks / Libraries: Rails (++), Gorilla (++), Vuejs (+), Backbonejs (+), JQuery (++)
Persistence: PostgreSQL (+++), MariaDB/MySQL (++), Redis (++), MongoDB (+), CouchDB (-), BtrFS
(++), AWS/S3 (++)
Systems & Tools: Unix (+++), Docker (++), Kubernetes (+), Bash (+++), Git (+++), Shell Scripting (+++),
Make (++), AMQP (++), MQTT (++)
Human Languages: German (native), English (+++), Spanish (-), Chinese (-)
Xing Marketing Solutions GmbH
Backend Developer, Internet
2017 — 2018
Development for General-Data-Protection-Regulatory (GDPR) compliancy. Go development and coaching since it has just
been introduced to the team. Change deployment-strategy to Kubernetes
Microprojects GmbH
Managing Director, Software development and project consultancy Hamburg
2017 — Present
Small interim jobs, Software development and project consultancy Hamburg/Berlin
2014 — 2016
My own company. The idea is to help you to develop your ideas to become fully usable products and also create some own
tools on occasion. Where it is needed we will book additional freelancers to get the expertise necessary. So you don’t have
to worry about technicalities and concentrate on the business side. We are an agile firm therefore you are involved in
every step and be able to steer the development at all times
Here my role was simply implementing User stories and do bug fixing for web based applications. Used tools & technologies
were Ruby, JavaScript/nodejs, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, Git, Jira, Capistrano. It was
either as a fill-in for someone on leave or for a specific problem noone in the team felt able to solve.
Alpha Internet Ventures S.L.
Software architect, wellness and beauty treatments
We started as a team of two backend and two frontend developers. The goal was to define a ”minimum viable product” for
the booking of wellness and beauty treatments within 6 months. We picked Kanban as the process. Our techstack was
JavaScript/nodejs, HTML5, CSS, MongoDB, Git, Capistrano, Linux
Talkyoo Telecom
Lead Developer/Agile Coach, Telecommunication Hamburg
2012 — 2014
Senior fullstack developer, Television and entertainment Berlin
2011 — 2012
I helped the team with the introduction of agile methodologies. We ended up with a Kanbanish process. The product
owner also needed guidance to learn how to construct and prioritise user stories. Meanwhile I was working in frontend and
backend development and helped grow the team. The technical base was Linux, Ruby, JavaScript/nodejs, HTML5, CSS,
Bootstrap, MySQL/MariaDB, Capistrano, Git, Jira, Linux, RabbitMQ/AMQP,
Establish agile methodologies, construct user stories for their Web platforms Role Agile guide, Frontend and backend
developer for web based applications Ruby, Kanban, JavaScript/nodejs, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, MySQL/MariaDB, Git,
Jira, Linux, RabbitMQ/AMQP
Gourmeo GmbH
Senior fullstack developer, Gastronomy
We as a Team of 5 defined and implemented user stories for the “minimum viable product”. It was meant to proof that
restaurant table booking with a webapp can be profitable. Our techstack was Ruby, JavaScript/nodejs, HTML5, CSS,
Bootstrap, MySQL/MariaDB, Capistrano, Git, Jira, Linux, RabbitMQ/AMQP The process was Scrum
Scrum master, Frontend and backend developer, Behaviour targeting
Hamburg and Berlin
2007 — 2010
We established Scrum in a growing team (5->20). The webapp was written in Ruby on Rails with more and more parts
written in the frontend using Javascript. Our techstack was Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Prototype, JQuery, Capistrano,
MySQL/MariaDB, SVN then Git, Linux
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