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Serhii Zuiev

Front-end Developer + layout

Profilbild von Serhii Zuiev Front-end Developer + layout aus Kyiv
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Profilbild von Serhii Zuiev Front-end Developer + layout aus Kyiv
Living, learning & leveling up with each passing day...
Ambitious, friendly, flexible and communicative. Quick in learning new information and able to solve complex tasks employing effective methods and creative thinking. Have considerable experience in the theory and methodology of website development and comprehensive expertise of HTML, CSS (SASS), entry-level in ECMAScript, UI/UX.

About Me
Greetings, my friend!
Since the beginning of my journey as a front-end developer for more than 6 months, I have been diligently studying and improving my skills in this direction to become a guru here. I have managed to get maximum from my education, so now I am a professional in coding, turning plane things into beautiful ones and solving challenges, that appear during my work on any project, and, of course, being a happy user - is a cherry on the cake. It is my considered opinion, that we can create websites and web applications, that will not only look really cool, but will also be interactive, attractive and useful to every user. I will employ all my knowledge, skills and soul to my future projects, because I like what I do!

Below is a list of technologies, that I have mastered andcontinue to develop in order to improve and expand my knowledge:
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • API
  • SASS
  • UI/UX
  • AJAX/Flexbox
  • PhotoShop
  • JS/JQuery
  • Git and GitHub
  • Chrome Dev Tools/Gulp
  • Cross-browser layout
Telegram: @ice2me
Tel: +380669696402
Viber: +380669696402